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Space ergonomics or whether there is life in the small-sized apartment?

the Golden rule of the choice of any premises say that each family member has to have the personal space, and it is better - the certain room. In days of the Soviet power from us in every way beat out aspiration to isolation and a privacy - in scales of the whole country. There were communal flats, “five-storey apartment blocks“, fifteen-meter apartments... And still we not in forces to resist to narrowing of personal space. It is more and more people, and the place - less. Especially difficult it is necessary those who are forced to raise kids in small-sized apartments. All know that children need light, a scope and the corner in which they will be able to retire, have a rest, think and to go about the own business.

Having decided to bring the child, future parents understand that they are waited by inevitable shift in the house. One are content with this minimum, but it is necessary for some more and then future father and mother start repair, arrangement and expansion of the housing. The sizes of our apartments not always conform to our desires and requirements therefore it is necessary to look for original planning solutions to make room maximum, to let in a maximum of light and at the same time not to offend none of family members including future replenishment.

the Authorized dump

At Italians can begin with

New year with ejection of old things in a window. Of course, once such serious trials put neighbors from below, but, nevertheless, this tradition - a remarkable way to begin to change life and life of a family. So the first from what it is worth beginning shift or repair - with moving of various second-hand articles from all secluded corners of the apartment straight on a garbage can. However completely to get rid of old things all the same it will not turn out. One thing raises a nostalgic smile, the second got in inheritance from the three times removed great-grandmother of your husband, the third can “be useful suddenly“ etc. Therefore it is necessary to allocate for this junk a plush job. Let it will be a box, an old bedside table or a box on a balcony. Then all stuff will be stored in the specially allotted place and will not creep away more on the house. There is one more plus - sooner or later in a box (a bedside table, a box and so forth) the place will end and then all - it is necessary to solve a problem that from these second-hand articles has the right to become dusty further and that - no.

Important rule: do not make multiple copies the authorized dumps in separately taken apartment! The place for stuff has to be only one!

to the Big family - big zones

Functional minimalism - style of an interior which is very popular in Europe. He assumes use in the apartment (house) only of the most necessary pieces of furniture and an interior. Certainly, the European apartments, even the tiniest, significantly differ from Russian, but if to make some efforts, then it is possible to achieve the stunning results. The quantity of free space, both real, and visual directly depends on competent design that too is important.

it is especially fashionable to p to unite rooms Recently, taking down “excess“ walls. However such decision - a two-edged sword. Spaces, certainly, will be more, but inhabitants of the apartment can have problems of psychological character as sometimes all - is required to each of us the corner. Besides in a big family it is absolutely inconvenient to unite, for example, a bathroom or the room with kitchen. It is necessary to apply in our small-sized conditions other modern decision - zoning.

the Basic principle of zoning are a division of all inhabited space into two zones - private and the general. Therefore if conditions allow, the kitchen and the dining room can be made, of course, uniform space, but then this zone will be the only general, the others - private. As a rule, in a family with children it is possible only in the presence of three rooms in the apartment. If rooms only two, then use of cases - a compartment and folding sofas allow to turn if necessary the easy movement of a hand a private zone (for example, a bedroom) into general (drawing room). And if the room only one, then a drawing room it is necessary “to move“ on kitchen. The modern built-in equipment and compact kitchen furniture allow to use the space which is available at our disposal to the maximum. It will be necessary only to solve a problem how to divide the only room into the nursery and a bedroom.


Here - that also comes to the rescue the second principle of zoning - semantic transition from one part of housing to another. It is good if zones have a certain division - a partition, a narrow rack, an original curtain (from a bamboo, feathers, glass prisms, copper coins and so forth) or low podium. As a last resort, semantic transition from one zone to another can be issued by means of color and light. For example, use of wall-paper of different flowers or different invoices allows to achieve the necessary effect. However it is worth remembering that the contrast furniture and in general contrast colors visually narrow space. Therefore if you want to keep it, then try to use warm and close to each other tone: white, light yellow or gray, beige, cream or pink. Too it is the best of all to refuse bright flowers and saturated drawings. Wall-paper it is the best of all for p to choose

with the rare and light pattern located vertically or in general to do without drawing - it will allow “to move apart“ walls and “to ennoble“ a ceiling. It is possible to use mirrors (from a floor to a ceiling) or to put a mirror case - a compartment. Each of zones can be lit in the different ways: by means of compact chandeliers, a sconce and dot lamps.

It is not less important to p “to open“ windows. For this purpose it will be required to offer grandmother`s heavy curtains, it is better to replace them with blinds, curtains from fabric of light tones or with a beater - curtains. Then you will win one more piece of space behind a window which is earlier hidden by weighty fabric.

All these receptions the real space and two will help you to keep

to increase visual.

the Balcony - the authorized dump or a functional zone?

A that at you on a balcony? Unauthorized dump? Warehouse of unnecessary things? So get rid of them. If on a balcony also there is something necessary (skis, the sledge, a pickles - marinades and so forth) all this can find other place. For example, mezzanines, the storeroom or some low-perceptible niche from which it is easy to build pass - a warehouse for the things demanding long storage. If in the apartment there are no mezzanines, then they can be made independently and it is not obligatory to use for this purpose already colored corridor at all, mezzanines have the right for existence and in the room. It not only the piece of plywood beaten under a ceiling and covered with a dusty curtain. Modern designers managed even such attribute of our “sovok“ childhood to turn into the real element of a decor hiding a set of useful things and expanding space over the head.

Thus, the balcony (or a loggia) will become functional part of the apartment of which it is possible to make a seasonal recreation area, the small warmed winter garden and even a summer bedroom if to suspend a good Brazilian hammock or to put a compact folding bed.

If competently to warm a balcony and to take out on it the battery, then it is quite possible to remove a window and a balcony door and to receive for emergency a little more useful space. But it is very important not to forget to register the balcony innovations in BTI, otherwise you will be fined for illegal re-planning. More simply than subjects who has an apartment in a new building. In the majority of modern houses of the battery and double-glazed windows are already included in the basic package of a balcony, and here in old houses on such “repartition“ the corresponding permission is necessary.

is Sparta!


For the correct growth and development to each child (and not only to the child) needs sport. You should not be upset if it is impossible to find room for the whole sports corner into the small-sized apartment. It is quite possible to manage its separate parts which are on sale in many sports and children`s shops. In it there is even the advantage - separate parts of a sports corner cost, as a rule, cheaper, than all complex.

the Swedish walls which fasten vertically to a wall from a floor to a ceiling are very convenient to

For small-sized apartments, take not enough place and allow “to hang“ other shells, for example, a board for a press, a removable horizontal bar, a basketball ring. Besides the horizontal bar attached to “wall“ can be rearranged on height in process of growth of the child, as well as a basketball ring. One more advantage of “walls“ - it is easy to make them and therefore many producers produce models of the non-standard sizes and under the order.

If does not have

an opportunity to put the Swedish wall, then the horizontal bar can be placed in any doorway. Until the small child, on a horizontal bar conveniently hangs up a swing and to fix prygunka and when the kid grows up, then it will be possible to use a crossbeam directly and still to fix to it rings, a rope with knots or a punching bag. Also do not forget about a mat! If properly to look, then it is possible to find compact mats of the small sizes in sale.

In many sports shops also folding racetracks are on sale. Such exercise machine will relieve all family members keeping sportswear of need to look for a “green“ zone on proximity, and will give the chance to be engaged in run at all seasons of the year in any weather conditions.

Important not importance

Further all in questions of ergonomics of space Japanese left. Under half of the houses they store a set of various things, for these purposes they thought up the whole system of mobile and confidential boxes which move on specially designed runners like “tag“.

to us to Japanese, of course, far, especially if to consider that our houses build of concrete according to standard projects more and more and do not provide such designs in any way. But if you are allowed by high ceilings (in “Stalin“ houses, for example) and the far immodest budget of this action does not confuse, then it is possible to try to order such system for the house straight from the homeland of this invention.

If your budget is more modest than

, it is necessary to address more congenial manufacturers and to trust in their decisions. By the way, most of developers do not think out the new sizes just for decoration of economy class for a long time. As a rule, its main objective - to save space. Therefore all most convenient parameters of furniture and distance between it are counted long ago and look as follows:

a lot of things depend On interior design whether there will be your housing comfortable, light and cozy or on the contrary - small, oppressive and gloomy. Therefore if you cannot plan space, then it will be more expedient to invite the expert. There is an opinion that designers on interiors work only for the benefit of well wealthy citizens in smart mansions and dimensionless penthouses. However practice shows that true professionals do not jump aside also from small-sized apartments. For some experts a problem “as to squeeze out an advantage maximum of a minimum of a scope“ is a peculiar gambling, something like “outwit space“. Therefore true professionals will be able to think over design of your small-sized housing to trifles and to create the most comfortable and original housing from the small apartment.