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It is necessary to make gifts with love and pure soul of

the Best gift is children! I have no children, but there are the best goddaughter and the niece Ulyana!

you Know

when you come home after difficult day, and to you the child who started walking just a month ago runs... Runs and smiles, and something on the scribbles! Also it is visible that this big blue as the sky of an eye shine from the fact that you just came that you just are! Pulls the gentle handles! To her Bor on hands. Ulyashka embraces for a neck and puts the head on a shoulder. In it you feel the moment that all bad somewhere quickly disappeared, all problems are easily solved! Also you understand that all what becomes, all this for such angels as Ulyashka! And all should be done with love and pure soul!! Not for nothing there is such saying:“ Children life flowers“. Here and the best gift is children, their smile, pure pure soul! Children - the most valuable presents for adults!!

For crumbs happiness and the best gift are that mother and the father were always near that the family was amicable, the atmosphere in the house kind! Children, of course, do not understand sense of gifts and holidays, but they understand and perfectly perceive the atmosphere in the house. And the quiet, quiet happiness of all family does them happier!

Gifts for adults can consist in many respects. Here, for example, that I gave to the darlings. On 50 - the anniversary I presented to the father research of its surname - from where it occurred, since what century or a sort from whose name or a surname and many other things. I presented such gift with words: “The beloved daddy, I madly am proud and rejoice that I am your daughter and that our such surname! For this reason I want to present such historical gift!“

the father presented to

For 51 year 3 silk flags with his images. On the first he is a house, simple daddy, on the second - in an embrace with an elephant, on the third flag it in an image of the strict, but fair chief!

For the 26th year of a wedding of parents we was presented to them by a big canvas on which the father and mother in style of times of Romeo and Juliette were written! Everything is written by paints, and all this inexpressible beauty! Now this picture hangs at us in the hall.

Mother on anniversary presented to

a professional photoshoot. On a photo mother in an image of an angel, the pirate and most beautiful mummy!!