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Deadly fatigue of

Sometimes, that the person who is in the prime of life without any visible reasons absolutely suddenly loses all interest in life. In the morning he by inconceivable effort of will forces itself to get out of a bed, in full despondency trudges for work, dreaming only of one - somewhat quicker to come back home, bury in a blanket and to see nothing. There are no forces not only to work or take part in household chores, but even to think.

Fatigue of fatigue - discord

knows to All that even insignificant increase in any kind of loadings, both physical, and intellectual, inevitably causes fatigue in the person - it is quite natural reaction of an organism. In such cases happens rather a little to have a rest, take a heat bath and for the night to drink several drops of valerian drops or a cup of herbal tea. As a rule, it helps, and the person for the morning wakes up freshened up and full of strength. Absolutely other business when neither rest, nor change of a kind of activity, nor positive emotions, nor the medicines accepted usually in such cases which are not able to restore former cheerfulness, and feeling of irresistible exhaustion and weakness pursues the person constantly.

the Diagnosis similar to a sentence

In the history of medical practice isolated cases of pathological fatigue were noted by

in the first decades of the last century, but to them, as a rule, never treated with due consideration. The status of an illness came into a similar fortune only in 1984 after in one of American states the whole series of unknown and inexplicable diseases flashed. Doctor Paul Cheney practicing at that time in Nevada faced the mass causeless breakdown which suddenly struck more than 200 people living and vacationers in the small resort town on the lake Tahoe at whom were practically at the same time noted deterioration in mood, not passing physical weakness, irritability, sharp decrease in intellectual potential. Patients unanimously characterized the state not differently as deadly fatigue. And this fatigue beginning at all in general suddenly, gained after a while character long, passing into chronic. How to find disposal of this illness, doctors just did not know, but the developed clinical picture clearly demonstrated that there came the moment when it was necessary to isolate a similar kind of fatigue and to allocate it in an independent illness. Actually, and the name was given it corresponding - “a syndrome of chronic fatigue“, or mialgichesky encephalomyelitis (myalgic encephalomyelitis).

Who is guilty


Probably, absolutely not incidentally the first mass flash of SHU happened in the United States of America - one of the most advanced technically and the richest country in the world. The serious observations made for those to whom the diagnosis “a syndrome of chronic fatigue“ was made gave the grounds to claim that this hardest disease - no other than natural generation of escalating domination of the technocracy getting into all components of modern society, a separation of the person from his natural roots and aspiration to imaginary social wellbeing, and at any cost.

you Judge

: on statistical data, suffering from a syndrome of chronic fatigue in the vast majority are aged people from 30 to 45 years, as a rule, engaged in active brainwork, ambitious, in recent times - successful, with pronounced call of duty, seeking to make not only what from them is required, but also it is much more than that, persons interested by all means, always and in everything to be the first, and, above all - not daring to have a rest fully, even from time to time to relax. And women are subject to this disease much more, than men.

Probably, a commitment to excellence - a thing laudable, but the matter is that possibilities of a human body are not boundless. It is possible even for several years, without feeling almost any discomfort, to work without cease, but, unfortunately, each of such inveterate workaholics in one not fine day risks to fall the victim of “deadly fatigue“, and the victim - not innocent. Undoubtedly, the syndrome of chronic fatigue is not always a consequence of full carelessness on own health. It is capable to be caused as well other factors, but all - inability, and often and the unwillingness is reasonable to dispose of such gift of the nature as Life, - the main reason of all our troubles and including this hardest disease.

Insidiousness of SHU

the Most unpleasant factor in development of this illness is what affected with this illness does not even come to the majority to mind to see a doctor, just awkwardly happens to distract it for such, apparently, trifling reason. The beginning of this illness always looks is extremely banal and is perceived not only the diseased, but often and doctors as an acute respiratory disease. Its main symptoms are: unmotivated general weakness, temperature increase, a headache, insignificant increase in lymph nodes and an ache in joints. Temporary release from work and reception of a standard set of drugs do not yield positive result. The fatigue exhausting, beating out lives from a habitual rhythm takes such form that neither a night dream, nor rest on the weekend, nor holiday is able to restore organism forces.

the Nature of a syndrome of chronic fatigue still is sufficiently not studied by

, and the reasons of its emergence continue to remain at the level of hypotheses. Many experts consider that the viral infection, for example such as herpes can be the cause of developing of a disease. The virus which for the time being is in organism cages in the latent form can not prove a long time in any way, but once under the influence of the adverse conditions often connected with a bad ecological situation or a severe stress, it begins to become more active. If the immune system of the person is weakened, and biological activity of a virus is high, the organism cannot provide permanent protection against alien proteins and an illness, coming into force, begins to gain steam gradually.

Other version of the reason of emergence of SHU is based that patients have a violation of regulation of the central nervous system, and especially it visochno - limbic area which is responsible for memory, working capacity, and also for communication of the central nervous system with system vegetative which “operates“ activity of all internals. These functions are also broken at a syndrome of chronic fatigue.

One more assumption is connected by

with possible impact on immune system of toxin of an arabinol which is emitted by the special barmy fungi (a sort Candida) which are in an organism. If immunity rather resistant, this toxin to the person is not terrible, but if it is weakened, then risk to ache with SHU is rather big.

I nevertheless, nobody still authentically knows that he is the cornerstone of a syndrome of chronic fatigue. And even in the presence of full “bouquet“ of the signs characteristic of this disease to distinguish chronic fatigue very difficult. Itself should not make the diagnosis at all and to self-medicate. Disposal of this illness is the whole complex of actions which is individually picked up by the attending physician.

What to do?

As the reasons of emergence of a syndrome of chronic fatigue so far are up to the end not found out by

, treatment of this disease of the available medicamentous preparations is followed as well by the whole range of all-therapeutic measures. Medical preparations are based on hydrocarbon in which atoms of carbon are located the same as in a crystal lattice of diamond, and therefore the drugs helping with treatment of a syndrome of chronic fatigue are called adamants (from Greek adamantos - diamond), this group includes such preparations as bromantane, kemantan and similar to them. Medicamentous therapy is usually combined with such means as hypnosis, a reflex - and acupuncture, autogenic trainings. In addition, also tranquilizers, somnolent preparations and the strengthened rate of vitamins, such as In 12 , And, With, And, selenium, iron, zinc, sulfate of magnesium and others, and also mineral additives and vegetable preparations - extract of garlic, a ginkgo, ekhinatseya, bromelayn are necessary. Besides, it is impossible to forget also the fact that good rest is absolutely necessary for sick SHU, and it is desirable active - with the dosed physical activities and it is obligatory with positive emotions. And still it is necessary to adjust itself on to aspiring to unattainable heights, and that it is absolutely necessary to learn to switch the consciousness to the positive moments. In other words, as it will seem banal, any illness including a syndrome of chronic fatigue, it is much simpler to warn, than then to get rid of it.

Main symptoms of SHU

  1. Ultimate more than six months condition of fatigue and weakness.
  2. the Increased temperature
  3. Muscular weakness
  4. Sleeplessness
  5. the Migrating joint pain
  6. Increase in cervical lymph nodes
  7. Neyropsikhichesky frustration: hypersensibility to bright light, forgetfulness, block, irritability, decrease in cerebration and inability to concentrate attention
  8. the Pronounced depression