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The story about three gifts of

Ya I want to tell a story which happened to my friend Lena.

A of gifts in this history turned out much and what!

it Met one young man, and everything it seems at them was good until as Lena did not start talking about children. Oleg, her guy, suggested them to live suddenly separately, referring to huge work and employment. Lenka was depressed. Almost nobody recognized her. And it gave almost all the time to work. And at work collecting things for children from orphanage began. Lenka had a desire to help and decided to arrange to children also a concert, just like that, without holiday.

I here in the appointed day they arrived to children`s home with huge bags and with the prepared performance according to Lenina to an idea. The holiday was successful. It, is possible so to speak, became for kids from orphanage very good gift. But history on it does not come to an end. Lena noticed there one little girl whom even the cheerful performance could not amuse. By sight it was years 7. Having got to talking with it, Lena learned that a year ago when they with mother were going to go to rest, there was an accident in which mother died. The father was not any more, and the girl got to children`s home.

Lena as she told then, understood at once that they from Katyushkaya kindred spirits. And not long its decision to adopt Katya ripened. And though without husband it was heavy to it to make it, the good apartment and a good salary “helped“. In one and a half years all paperwork was finished, both Katya and Lena began to live together. It is one more gift which happened in this history - the girl found mother.

Well and there is more to come. On New Year`s Eve Lena decided to present to Katya a huge teddy bear because the girl adored such soft toys. She decided that Katya also will think of this desire to Father Frost, but nevertheless asked it to write it the letter. She put the letter under a fir-tree and in vanity forgot it to read.

last Saturday of the expiring year Lena remembered that she did not read yet the letter and when Katya already went to bed, got it. And here called a door.

I Oleg was on the threshold. With flowers, on a lap. He begged Lena all to forgive, he understood as far as to it it was heavy without her that work as work, and Lena is the dearest to it. Told that made a business trip to Germany and understood that without Lena it will not be able. And so on in this spirit. And in marriage called. I do not know how Lena reacted. Probably, was taken aback, but was from what. Then she told Oleg that it already has a daughter and as it found it. And she held that letter of the daughter to Father Frost in hand. His Lena opened, and there was written:“ I want that I had a father“.

Here such history and such gift. Happy history because Lena and Igor got married, Katya had a father, and soon the brother or the little sister still will appear.