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We study a diaper. What will tell a chair of the baby about?

With the child`s birth at mother appear the mass of the fears connected with health of the kid and correctness of care of it. It is simple to dispel these fears.

Young parents with interest and awe examine contents of a children`s diaper... Familiar picture? The chair often causes concern in mother and is really capable to tell about health and an illness of the kid - it is necessary only to be able “to read between lines“, that is to understand organism signs.

we Will get acquainted with norm

So far the kid lives and develops in a maternal womb, in his intestines meconium collects . It represents homogeneous tar-like mass darkly - olive, almost black color, almost flavourless. The condensed cages mucous intestines, the amniotic waters swallowed by the kid and so forth are his part. Normal meconium begins to be emitted from intestines of the baby after the birth and therefore is called still a first-born stake (sometimes meconium is emitted vnutriutrobno: at the adverse course of childbirth or at the very end of pregnancy oxygen starvation of a fruit is the reason of premature depletion of intestines, in this case meconium gets to amniotic waters and paints them in green color). The chair of the kid is presented by meconium usually to the first two there are three days, that is until until at mother arrives a large amount of milk. Sometimes it happens so that after an otkhozhdeniye of bulk of meconium, say, within the first days, before stay at mother of milk, a chair at the baby in general can not be. It is connected with the fact that colostrum which the baby in the first several days eats is acquired by an organism almost completely so in intestines there is no slag left - so, there is nothing to be allocated outside.

After establishment at mother of an active lactation the chair of the kid gradually becomes mature, as a rule, passing through a stage of transitional. Transitional call a chair which the calla and a mature chair combines lines first-born, it has a kashitseobrazny consistence, is yellow - green color and a sour smell. Mature a chair differs in pure yellow color, a uniform kashitseobrazny consistence (it often compare to rather thin sour cream), a smell of sour milk. Frequency of its subjects is higher, than the child is younger: in the first weeks after the birth depletion of intestines can happen practically after each feeding, that is per day reach 5 - 8, and sometimes and 10 times.

Gradually the chair urezhatsya by

approximately to 1 - 3 time in days, however there is a rare option of norm when maternal milk is so fully acquired by an organism of the kid that in his intestines the undigested rest almost does not collect. In this case depletion of intestines can happen 1 time in several days, sometimes even once a week. It is connected with the fact that only sufficient filling of a large intestine waste (the undigested remains of food) is a signal to the reductions of walls of a gut leading to depletion. For this reason intestines have to “save up“ at first the remains then to throw out them outside. As a rule, such feature of digestion of maternal milk becomes obvious at kids not earlier than of 1,5 - 3 months. we Will make a reservation: frequency of a chair of 1 times in several days can be considered as norm only at observance of three conditions: at completely natural feeding (that is the baby does not receive anything, except maternal milk), age not less than 1,5 months and lack of any signs of an illness - pains and swelling in a stomach, discomfort and difficulty at depletion of intestines, - that is when the baby well eats, correctly grows fat and disturbs nothing him.

the Chair at the artificial or mixed feeding can differ in nothing from a normal mature chair when breastfeeding or have more “adult“, putrefactive smell, more dense consistence and more dark, brownish color. Depletion of intestines at the mixed or artificial feeding has to happen not less than 1 time a day, all other is considered a lock.

Now when we got acquainted with “ideal“ course of process, needs to get acquainted also with possible deviations from that.

Greens in a chair

Quite often happen that the “correct“ type of a chair long is not established, and the kcal even against an active lactation at mother long keeps lines transitional, that is has an obvious greenish shade, sometimes in it slime is also found. The reasons for this purpose it is possible to allocate a little.

What to do? in the presence of greens in a chair should exclude malnutrition of the kid first of all. Certainly, besides violations of a chair also other symptoms will be noted at the same time: the kid can show discontent at a breast if milk is badly emitted from a nipple, he does not fall asleep after feeding and/or never maintains more 1 - 1,5 hours between feedings, it reduced the speed of a set of weight and growth. At the expressed malnutrition at the child the quantity of urinations (normal it makes not less 6 - 8 per day) can decrease, urine can be more concentrated (normal it is almost colourless and has only an insignificant smell). Further it is necessary to arrive on a situation: at an insufficient lactation - to pass to feedings “on demand“ or “on the first shout“, to put the baby to a breast more often, to allow it to be at a breast so much how many he will want, to give both breasts for one feeding, it is obligatory to nurse during the night, to accept the preparations stimulating a lactation. If the reason of malnutrition is covered in irregular shape of nipples, perhaps, it is worth applying special overlays for nipples during feeding. Anyway at suspicion on insufficient food of the baby it is better to address the pediatrician, and also the consultant for breastfeeding.

At artificial feeding locks meet much more more often.

should check Further a mother`s diet carefully. All products containing synthetic additives in the structure are subject to an unconditional exception. It is worth to remember that often the reason of an intestinal inflammation the baby can have also synthetic vitamin preparations accepted by mother (including for pregnant women and feeding) therefore it is necessary to exclude also their reception. Also it is necessary to take care of that the amount of fruit and vegetables in a diet did not prevail over other products (these “gifts of the earth“ contain a large amount of acids which excess in breast milk can cause an inflammation of the mucous baby in intestines in the structure).

Now when we created all possible prerequisites for healthy nutrition of the baby, should be guided by his health. If the kid well gathers in growth and weight, he is not disturbed by belly-aches and allergic reactions, he in general is healthy and cheerful, is interested in world around according to age, then - green coloring of a chair - it is possible not to pay attention to the only symptom: most likely, it will reflect consequences of a hypoxia or presence of intestinal dysbacteriosis at the kid. In the human body which was especially recently born everything goes under the laws and with an individual speed. Settling of intestines the “correct“ microbes - process not of one day and even not one week therefore even at absolutely healthy children the transitional chair can remain about one month and even more. If it does not prevent the kid to develop normally, it is possible not to interfere with this process. All the same the preparation from dysbacteriosis better, than maternal milk is not created yet. The only thing that does not prevent to make at prolonged symptoms of dysbacteriosis, - to hand over maternal milk on crops to make sure that it does not contain pathogenic microbes (at detection of those surely define their sensitivity to antibacterial preparations, then treatment of mother is carried out by the most effective antibiotics for this case - for this period breastfeeding is stopped, as a rule).

If in health of the kid not everything is safe

(for example, he is tormented by intestinal gripes, or skin allergic reactions are noted, or he grows fat and growth insufficiently), then it is necessary to make some tests - a koprogramma and the analysis a calla on flora (or as speak, on dysbacteriosis). Koprogramma will show how there are processes of digestion in intestines, and can confirm existence of an inflammation mucous (sharply sour reaction, availability of the hidden blood will testify to it increase of number of leukocytes in Calais). In the analysis on flora the main attention needs to be paid to existence and/or quantity of pathogenic microorganisms - that which normal should not meet in intestines or the number of whom should not exceed certain limits. The number of “friendly“ microbes can be absolutely unrepresentative if kcal underwent the analysis after two hours after collecting. As quite so also happens in most cases, on quantity of normal microbes in this analysis it is possible not to pay special attention. Detection of pathogenic (pathogenic) microbes (provided that mother`s milk was subjected to the analysis, and mother if necessary is treated) is the cause for appointment to the kid of special preparations. As a rule, treatment is carried out by phages - the special viruses which are destroying a certain species of pathogenic microbes and not influencing flora in general. Antibacterial preparations taking into account sensitivity to them pathogenic bacteria can be in certain cases appointed. Finish treatment by the preparations promoting restoration of normal microflora.

White lumps in a chair

Sometimes in Calais babies can see white lumps as if someone mixed krupenisty cottage cheese there. If this symptom is noted against normal physical development of the child (well grows fat and grows), then it is the certificate of some overeating: more nutrients come to an organism, than it is necessary for it for satisfaction of real requirements (when the breast is offered not only for satisfaction of hunger, but also any calm). In it there is nothing bad as the organism of the baby is perfectly adapted for similar “search“: he simply throws out superfluous in the form of such here undigested white lumps. Now, when it is headed for feeding “on the first shout“, most of healthy children at least have from time to time such feature of a chair. If this symptom is accompanied by a shortage in weight or in growth, especially if this lag is aggravated, most likely, the enzymatic insufficiency of digestive glands which is not allowing to digest correctly arriving nutrients takes place. In this case the pediatrician or the gastroenterologist can appoint replacement therapy fermental preparations.

Sometimes in Calais the kid can see white lumps.

of Laktaznaya insufficiency

Quite often parents can face that the chair of the kid is diluted, watery, sometimes foams, has more pungent sour smell, and in certain cases and the changed color - mustard or greenish. On a cotton diaper of such kcal leaves around itself a flood zone. Quite often the chair is allocated in the small portions even at an otkhozhdeniye of gases. Sour reaction a calla often becomes the reason of a persistent intertrigo. Such picture is observed at lactose digestion violation - dairy sugar when for some reason the amount of the lactose coming to intestines with mother`s milk exceeds amount of the enzyme of lactase necessary for its digestion, It can be or at excess of lactose in milk (hereditary predisposition of mother, excess of fresh milk and dairy products in her diet), or at the reduced production of lactase digestive glands of the baby. Undigested carbohydrates “pull together“ a large amount of water in an intestines gleam, that is why the kcal has the diluted, watery character.

Quite often laktazny insufficiency is followed by intestinal dysbacteriosis: sour reaction of intestinal contents prevents settling of intestines the correct flora, and absence of necessary quantity of useful microorganisms, in turn, reduces ability to digestion of carbohydrates. If it does not interfere with development of the kid (as we already spoke, his signs are a normal increase in growth and weight, absence of intestinal gripes and a persistent intertrigo), it is quite possible to leave this state without treatment. In most cases - laktazny insufficiency is a passing problem and completely disappears with age (approximately to 9 - 12 to months activity of digestive glands increases so that the organism of the kid without effort begins to cope not only with fermented milk products, but also with fresh milk). Heavy and lifelong violations of production of lactase practically are always caused genetically: I about such option hereditary disease it is necessary to reflect if the immediate family in a family suffers from laktazny insufficiency at adult age. For confirmation of the diagnosis, besides koprologichesky research, the analysis a calla on carbohydrates is carried out, At mother confirmed to laktazny insufficiency first of all it is necessary to adjust the diet: to exclude fresh milk, at inefficiency of this step - considerably to reduce amount of fermented milk products (an exception cheese in which there is practically no dairy sugar is). If all called measures do not make success, the doctor can appoint replacement therapy lactase.


the Lock lack of an independent chair of more than a day (certainly, except cases of full digestion of milk), and also cases when depletion of intestines is complicated is considered and is followed by considerable discomfort.

When breastfeeding locks occur rather seldom, and the main reasons at them two: improper feeding of mother and violation toishechny motility, including spasm of an anal sphincter.

Improper feeding of mother is expressed to

by tendency to products, protein-rich and easily digested carbohydrates, a lack of a diet of food fibers Therefore at manifestations of a lock at the kid mother should normalize the food first of all: to give preference to grain (especially to buckwheat, the crude rice, porridge), to whole-grain bread, to include boiled vegetables in a diet. Some products (peaches, apricots, prunes, dried apricots, a fig, boiled beet, fresh kefir) possess the expressed poslablyayushchy properties. In many cases they will allow to normalize not only own chair, but also the baby`s chair.

If similar measures do not lead

to anything, most likely, violation of intestinal motility (hypotonia or, on the contrary, a spasm) and/or a spasm of a sphincter of back pass takes place. At a sphincter spasm the otkhozhdeniye of gases from intestines is also complicated therefore the lock is often accompanied by the expressed intestinal gripes. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to fight against these states in the house ways as they are connected with violation of nervous regulation of a tone of smooth muscles and are consequences of a patrimonial trauma or the adverse course of pregnancy. If they are accompanied by other symptoms forcing you to address the neurologist (excitability or, on the contrary, block of the baby, a sleep disorder, meteodependence, violations of a muscular tone, etc.) that treatment appointed by it concerning trouble of the central nervous system often helps to improve also a situation with a lock If in the absence of a chair of the kid pains and/or swelling in a stomach disturb, it is possible to try to put an exhaust tubule that will allow to stimulate an anus softly. At artificial feeding locks, unfortunately, meet much more more often as digestion of dairy mixes presents itself a great difficulty for a gastrointestinal tract of the baby. In many cases replacement of a half of a daily diet of the kid with acidified milk formula allows to normalize a situation (gradually it is possible to enter sour mixes after 3 weeks of life). After 4 - 6 months of life can enter into a diet of the kid broth and prunes puree which help to cope with a lock in most cases.

If the called measures do not help to normalize a situation (as at natural, and artificial feeding), the pediatrician can appoint and some medicines: candles with glycerin (in the first 6 months of life the single dose makes ¼ - ½ candles), dyufalak, microenemas of “Mikrolaks“.

Here main “secrets“ which the diaper of yours of the baby can conceal in itself. We tried to teach you to distinguish some signals of an infantile organism, but we want to remind once again: and the more so purpose of treatment only the doctor has to carry out any diagnostics.