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The most valuable present - health of

the Most great German philosopher Schopenhauer told:“ Health outweighs all other good things of life before that really healthy beggar is happier than the sick king“. The best gift is health! Though only the one who needs it can understand it... And if it is little children who were born recently, and to them already to have to accept all burden of life.

We do not think of how is to people who cannot see this world rich with paints and flowers. They just do not know how pigs with the pink patches funny look as touchingly the cat looks after the kittens as buds of the blossoming flowers are beautiful and there are a lot of - much still what in this life! How to be that who cannot walk barefoot on a sand, feel its heat, with running start to jump to the small river and to bathe to blue because to bathe hunting, and early in the morning to be run on a grass with silvery dew which tickles patches... And as it is sad when it is just impossible to hear all sounds of the world. . A spring thaw behind a window, a rustle and rustling of leaves, a nightingale trill, and even just words of love.

We also do not reflect, our world because once already presented us a gift under the name “health“ is how beautiful. Therefore my article is, probably, cry from the heart for those who are deprived of this happiness. There is a lot of such people, and I very much would like that they were happy... Also received the long-awaited godsend!

, unfortunately, I cannot present to

Ya such gift, but I will be very glad if today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow one happy person becomes more. Let`s not to forget that health is a condition of full physical, mental and social well-being, and not just absence of diseases and physical defects. Let`s appreciate our gift, our invaluable health about which we quite often at all forget.

Protect the children, you appreciate the family as you will not buy health, from - for borders you will not bring. It is presented to us since the birth, and it is the best gift what I would like for the child!

We even do not think what consequences when we abuse the health can be, we do not think that it from us, such ungrateful, can slip away sometime very quietly. To take and leave us, weak and just useless when we just are not ready to it. Therefore health is an active life both physically, and intellectually, and socially. Not for nothing speak:“ A sound mind in a sound body“.

Though, I repent, I also, am, I do not appreciate the health. Happens, I sport in the winter without cap, well as, I speak to myself, beauty demands the victims, not for nothing I did laying forty minutes... And then to me this beauty also turns in a side, or rather the sick-list. I, in principle, made what I wanted to tell you. And, friends, good luck!