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Whether the mysticism and aromas of

Can create aromas the magic, mystical, magic atmosphere? Whether there are aromas today, primogenitors of modern perfumery who were used by priests at commission of solemn rites? What smells are associated with meditation and relaxation?

Esoteric essences

I in fashion, and in perfumery to brands is pleasant to add a mysticism element to the creations. The sustainable development and honest trade they bring up more responsible buyers, and adding elements of a riddle and spiritism to advertizing and the concept of the products, they come further away, literally bewitching the public. Besides, in the world where new aromas appear almost every day, attraction of mysticism for advance of goods is an unusual way to stand out from the crowd.

From the very beginning the perfumery was connected by

with something sacred, sacral ceremonies and rituals. Several brands already built the concepts on these ancient images. The last aroma from the Armani Prive collection represents the wood unisex devoted to gods of the Mediterranean. It is called Cedre Olympe in honor of the mountain of Olympe which was a habitat of gods in the Greek mythology. Less famous brand of Parfum d “Empire has “a sacred wood aroma“ of Wazamba, more spicy and pitch too, than at Armani.


Krom of a subject of gods, widely use the concepts based on magic and the different paranormal phenomena. The last perfumery collection from Dolce & Gabbana is inspired by Taro Marseille pack. This pack consists of the 22nd main a lasso among which “A fate wheel“, “Sun“, “Justice“ and others. Also aromas are called by these names.

Perfume often uses images of magic elixirs and potions, bragging of the content of ingredients which were once used in alchemy and sorcery, for example, of a wormwood, a boligolova (Boudicca, Ormonde Jayne, Ego Facto) and mandrakes (Annick Goutal).

Among other esoteric influences - energy of jewels and crystals. This tendency is used in perfumery creations of the new Valeur Absolue brand. Semiprecious stones are placed in bottles with their compositions. Besides, it is worth to remember the well-known Angel and Alien from Thierry Mugler.

In the world of cosmetics the small Ainy brand making organic cosmetics from sacred plants which were used by shamans in the ceremonies exists. The same idea is used also in aromas of the Swiss Shantara brand: man`s Shaman and female Reve Etoile are completely made of natural ingredients and invite us to indulge itself with return to ancient spiritual roots.

Divine intervention

Spiritualistic, sacred, mystical, magic, shaman... Many brands offer the buyers aromas which are distinguished not only composition and ingredients, but also special value and the hidden implication.

Use in aromas of an incense and myrtle returns to

perfumery to its sources. These pitches with balsam smells are known since bible times: they, along with gold, became gifts of Three Kings. In perfumery of a trio gold - an incense - a myrtle was used not once. The Les Orientalistes collection from Annick Goutal began with aromas of Encens Flamboyant, Myrrhe Ardente and Ambre Fetiche (ambergris in this case symbolizes gold).

Key ingredients of new men`s fragrance from Dior - Fahrenheit Absolute - also are: incense, myrtle and... wood ud. In the Arab countries where aromas are strongly connected with religious practices, wood ud is considered very valuable, almost like gold so it is no wonder that its dark, wood, smoky and balsam smell is used in many aromas.

the Mythical trilogy can be found

and in aroma for the house of Or, Goa brand Myrrhe et Encens - in this composition the place of gold is taken by a saffron. One more example - this time for kitchen - the flavored Tresors Mayas cocoa (“Treasures of the Maya“) which contains essences of an incense and a myrtle, and also a part of gold.

Besides, aromas played a key role in ceremonies of India and the people of Africa. During creation of mystical and sensual aroma of a candle of Saint des Saints (“Inner sanctum“) for Frederic Malle Carlos Bineym used special technology to carry out the perfumery analysis of several Indian temples and to reproduce their aroma. Except an incense, these temples were full of smells of fruit and flowers which were brought as gifts to gods here.

Hints on divinity and sanctity often are present also at advertizing of perfumery. For example, on a poster of L “Air du Temps from Nina Ricci aroma is held in the hand by an angel, and in the advertizing Narciso Rodriguez Essence the hand raised to the sky symbolizes proximity to god.

Names and stories

Even if in composition or advertizing of perfume are not present anything mystical, then is frequent the name of aroma or its history hints at some riddle or sanctity.

of Story about the idols esteemed by different tribes were presented by names for a warm wood unisex from Lubin and the last aroma from Giorgio Armani with pryano - a flower bouquet.

of Parfum Sacre (“Sacred perfume“) from Caron are represented by nectar from flowers and spices with addition of honey and balms, and aroma of Cardinal from the designer of James Heeley is constructed on a note of an incense and intended for “the ideal young priest“.

Sometimes communication of aromas with religion happens too affected or even kitschy, as in a case to Krishna perfume from the American Rich Hippie brand or aromas of the scandalous Etat Libre d brand “Orange. Its aromas Messe Rose (“A pink mass“) and Encens & Bubblegum (“An incense and a chewing gum“) draw mad pictures of the Madonna inflating bubbles from a chewing gum during a crucifixion.

Aroma of Cacharel Eden in the name refers to the well-known garden Eden which is paradise synonym. Also magnificent aroma of Bois de Paradis (“A paradise tree“) from the Californian DelRae brand contains the same idea. Having followed on other way, L “Artisan Parfumeur called the aroma Passage d“ Enfer (“Road to hell“) - the street in Paris where there was a staff earlier - the company apartment quite so was called. The street, in turn, received this name from - for the fact that it many years ago was very criminal place.


It is interesting that in some countries of the name of aromas are changed not to tread on corns of believers. For example, in the Arab countries drevesno - flower Ange ou Demon (“An angel or the demon“) from Givenchy is called Ange ou Etrange (“An angel or the Stranger“). In some countries instead of AMen from Thierry Mugler the name Angel Men is used. In general, at Thierry Mugler almost all aromas are anyway connected with mysticism or divinity: let`s remember Angel or Alien in a bottle in the form of “philosophers` stone“. And in the last advertizing campaign of Alien the mystical image of the goddess in an environment of gold aura is used.