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Fashionable trends spring - summer of 2010: new and well forgotten old

Judging by the models presented on world podiums in September and October within Fashion weeks of a season spring - summer 2010, a number of the trends which for the first time appeared even in the fall will remain actual and in the future spring: the raised shoulders, the asymmetric cut emphasizing a dress figure. Perhaps, bright colors - from coral and pastel shades to courageous neon and sweet, “candy“ tones became the most noticeable innovation.

Most of the designers who showed the collections within a Fashion week in New - York, continued to operate the main trends of fall and in new spring collections which basis they became fate - N - rollny chic, asymmetry and geometrical prints, high shoulders in style of the eightieth and a set of short dresses.

Only units (for example, Marc Jacobs and Diana von Furstenberg) decided to refuse from “well forgotten old“ in favor of new, it is romantic - the natural image of next spring reflected not only in clothes, but also in a natural make-up and a flowing hair of models.

Not less noticeable trends of a nu - a York podium became abundance of ensembles in style of a safari, shades khaki (especially in Alexander Wong`s collection), bright flowers, in particular shades coral, and the elements of ethnic style embodied in Diana von Furstenberg`s collections and Rodarte. Marc Jacobs for inspiration for a new spring collection addressed culture of Japan, having let out on a podium of models in images of geishas with the corresponding hairdresses, a make-up and footwear.

the London designers, having divided vision new to the veseena - a summer season with a nu - York colleagues, introduced an original stroke in spring images. In particular, on the London podium bright, original headdresses and jewelry for hair and finishing by lace dominated.

the Italian fashion brands which showed new collections of a season spring - summer of 2010 within a Fashion week in Milan, addressed to not growing old and always to successful classics. The Italian models were, as always, traditional and elegant, with several modern interpretations classical to the veseena - a summer flower print and sports style.

the Capital of world fashion, Paris, were won by the trends of an era of the eightieth which before recent time were considered rather vulgar than though how many - nibud actual: overalls, bright, almost neon colors and other recognizable signs of style of the eightieth, including the notorious high shoulders dominating in a set of collections. Return of sports style to collections of the largest fashion houses - from Hermes to Louis Vuitton which models tried on bicycle shorts in combination with dresses and skirts became one of the brightest trends. Designers of Anne Valerie Hash refused traditionally high heels in favor of sports gym shoes, and Jean - Paul Gaultier heading Hermes turned a podium into similarity of a tennis court, having let out models in the dresses and skirts reminding a uniform of tennis-players.

Besides, noticeable trends on the Parisian podium.

Ideal purchase for the future season spring - the summer of 2010 will become a short dress of bright color - such dresses can be found in collections of almost each fashionable designer.