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When noses snuffle...

At the child cold happen about four - eight times in a year. And it means that the risk of emergence of complications against respiratory diseases at children is much higher, the immune system of the child which is not created yet also disposes to them. How to protect the kid from complications? Questions are answered by the manager of department of children`s otorhinolaryngology, professor, the doctor of medical sciences Elena Petrovna Karpova.

according to Elena Karpova, now the problem of timely treatment and prevention of diseases of the top airways at children very much is particularly acute. Children with chronic the ENT SPECIALIST - diseases need special attention. It is important to know about the possible risk factors capable to cause an exacerbation of an illness. The sharp respiratory infections (SRI), repeated sharp diseases of the top airways and an ear belong to their number.

- Elena Petrovna, you could not explain whether really cold at children is so dangerous?

- Cold is an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a cavity of a nose. At first sight is a harmless disease. However it not absolutely so: the mucous membrane of a nose and a throat is the main barrier and the filter protecting a human body from harmful effects of external environment. Development of sharp cold leads to changes in all organism and can become the beginning of chronic, and also allergic diseases of bronchopulmonary system. In case of prolonged sharp cold it is extremely important to prevent transition it in a chronic form.

- How to define to parents, cold it or already something more serious?

- first of all complaints of the child to difficulty of breath, a nose congestion, headaches, pain are characteristic Of antritis (sinusitis) when pressing on okolonosovy areas. Most often these complaints arise on 7 - 10 days of a viral infection sharp respiratorno. At children the sleep and appetite is interrupted, fatigue increases. At emergence of these signs it is necessary to see a doctor.

- whether Correctly I understand that chronic respiratory diseases can affect both progress, and development of the child?

- Chronic cold (rhinitis) and sinusitis (antritis, plays the dandy) meet quite often at preschool and school age. As nose diseases at children lead to violations of nasal breath, and it influences physical, intellectual, mental development of the child. Also it is necessary to try to prevent possible complications together with the doctor, and more than a half of successful treatment depends on parents.

- Elena Petrovna and what complications most often happen at children at cold and sinusitis?

- Most often this inflammation of a middle ear (average otitis). It arises usually as complication of infectious diseases (flu, measles, quinsy, etc.) ; manifestations - ear pain, hearing impairment, are more rare - a gnoyetecheniye from an ear. Under adverse conditions average otitis can pass into a chronic form. Certainly, sharp respiratory viral diseases are the main reason of average otitis at children, adenoidit. The average otitis caused by an infection develops, as a rule, after damage of a cavity of a nose, that is behind cold and the respiratory phenomena from the top and lower airways.

- it is good

, parents saw the otolaryngologist who appointed inspection, made the correct diagnosis, established the reason and what to do farther? How to treat?

- Today in an arsenal of the doctor a large amount of medicines is available. Now views of application of antibiotics change. Their advantage of application at various diseases of the top airways under a big question, and here harm is obvious to the child. You should not abuse local antibiotics and antiseptics. Normal the nasopharynx of the healthy child has the microflora presented by various bacteria which control quantity of harmful microorganisms. Unjustified application of antibiotics and antiseptic preparations destroys this community, suppressing local immunity. Therefore such means should be applied only after consultation with the doctor.

- As far as we know, phytotherapy is already for a long time used at treatment of diseases of the top airways. And what your opinion in this respect?

- Yes, of course, knows to

already of centuries-old use of herbs for treatment of various diseases, also diseases of the top airways are not an exception. But now, thanks to development of pharmacy and production technologies, there were medicines conforming to the international standards of quality, developed on the fitoniring technology (from “phyto“ - a plant and “engineering“ - applied science, engineering art). The phytopreparations conforming to the standard of a fitoniring have high therapeutic effect and good tolerance. “Sinupret“ of production of the German pharmaceutical company “Bionorika AG“ treats such preparations.

of “Sinupret“ - a preparation for treatment of cold, a rinosinusit (antritis) and prevention of complications. He eliminates hypostasis and an inflammation mucous a nose, removes a congestion.“ Sinupret“ possesses antiviral action and increases protective forces of an organism.

contraindications Are available, before application it is necessary to study the instruction.

Vegetable medicines take rather significant place in treatment the ENT SPECIALIST of diseases. High therapeutic efficiency, a minimum of side effects and contraindications, a possibility of appointment to small children, and also combinations to reception of other preparations does these medicines in some cases by choice preparations.