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Extensions: it is necessary to fight, but how? Welcome

, there is no woman who with approach of pregnancy did not think of the figure and about that what it will become after the delivery. If extensions on your increasing tummy did not appear, allow to congratulate you, you were lucky, but what to do to us suffering from these opposite strips on skin which so spoil appearance and do not allow to put on an open bathing suit...

of the Extension (the everyday name “striya“) are represented by the small shramoobrazny strips on a body reminding traces from blows lashes. They appear as a result of damage of the fibers of collagen which are responsible for support and resilience of skin, and ruptures of the elastin fibers subjected to severe stretching on which elasticity of skin depends. At first extensions have an appearance of grooves rozovato - violet color, over time they change color on perlamutrovo - white, and also take a form of oblong parallel folds from several millimeters to one centimeter wide.

of the Extension appear, mainly, on a breast, a stomach, hips and the top part of buttocks and almost always happen multiple and are symmetrized. On their place secretion of skin fat and release of sweat stops, hairs disappear.

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of the Reason of emergence of extensions. There can be a certain hereditary predisposition which is increased by the following factors: pregnancy, stretching of the integument connected with sharp fluctuations of weight, the pubertatny period - the puberty period, also striya appear at endocrine diseases and prolonged use of a row honey of preparations.

Of course, emergence of extensions is easier to warn, than to fight against them (that is to restore process of synthesis of collagen and elastin in our skin). Alas and ah, still any of the congresses on cosmetology or surgery does not do without report on fight and prevention of emergence of striya, but the method allowing to get rid completely of this misfortune does not exist. In the operational way postnatal extensions cannot be removed. There are only treatment methods directed to their reduction up to disappearance, but only at an insignificant site of defeat. At surgical intervention, for example at an abdominoplastika, the restretched skin together with extensions is eliminated, but at a significant amount of extensions completely they cannot be removed. In treatment of extensions also laser polishing which can be carried out in combination with a peeling of skin is used. Also at extensions retinoida are applied (Retin - And, Avitus).

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For the prevention and reduction of already appeared extensions house means, such as olive oil, and also special creams which part the following components usually are: the essential oils, collagen and elastin strengthening skin, and also extracts from plants.

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of Galenik Laboratory were developed by two means - cream from extensions “Spesifik Verzhetyur - Specific Vergetures“ (containing nutritious fabric extracts of a sea origin and oil of a thistle) and a concentrate from extensions “Redyuktor Verzhetyur“ (whose part are: glikolit a guanidin, pure extract of a blue fresh-water alga, a zinc gluconate). These means were tested on pregnant women and showed good results.

the Lierac Laboratory offers

a series of means “Phytolastil“ (ampoules and gel). The active plant extracts which are a part of “Phytolastil“ stimulate production of new fibers: it is proved by profound scientific tests which were carried out in clinical conditions on 250 - ti women.

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For smoothing of already appeared extensions ampoules of “Phytolastil“ continuously during 8 - mi weeks, on one ampoule in the morning and in the evening. Then the course can be continued by Phytolastil gel until it yields results, on condition of one application a day. Experience shows that results begin to be shown usually on 20 - y day of application: extensions gain the color close to natural skin color their width decreases, on skin there are only thinnest streaks.

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as a prophylactic is applied once a day, on the sites traditionally subject to formation of extensions (a breast, a stomach, hips, the top part of legs), since fourth month of pregnancy up to childbirth.

Means of “Biovergetures Stretchmark Smoothing Concentrate from Bioterm“ represents cream - the gel promoting reduction of already appeared extensions, and also which is used as a preventive measure. It contains the moistening components, vegetable oils: oil shi and soy, and also extracts from plants.

Cream from “Yves Rocha“ with extract of an ivy is also called by

for fight against extensions.

of “Vichy“ developed special massage cream “Action Integrale Vergetures“ against extensions on skin. It is the silikonosoderzhashchy cream enriched with natural elastin and fabric extracts, it is intended for preservation of elasticity, moistening and a raising of a tone of skin, and also providing high resilience to stretchings.

the Crema Anti-smagliature Cream, an emulsion and Mamma Donna gel (“Chicco“) containing horsetail extract, vitamin A, extract of a tsentella Asian and active glycoproteins, do skin elastic and intensify natural synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Thanks to extracts of a butcher`s broom, an ekhinatsea, ginseng and horsetail firming cream from extensions of the Italian firm “L`Erbolario“ helps to keep elasticity of skin, to begin to use this cream it is possible from third month of pregnancy.

Hypoallergenic means from a series cosmetics of “Avent“ for future mothers contain natural oils, extracts of seaweed and vitamins. They will help you to resist to tests and to keep great shape.

When using any means the most important - a regularity, persistence and patience. We want to be better, means it is necessary to find for himself more time - we are worthy it, we are young mothers!

Well that - good luck to you, dear mummies!