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As our daughter Emily in Germany of

Here was born and I found a little time and decided to write the story about how we had it...

We live in Germany, in Bavaria.

So, December, 2008. The bottom of a stomach sips as before monthly, but they are absent for some reason... Well, nothing - it at me happened earlier. I did not think that I could become pregnant as we with the friend were protected. On December 28, walking in a New Year`s anticipation on shops, we decided to buy the test. Came home, joked about it and decided to make the test at once, without waiting for morning. And what? Two stripes!! At the first moment I did not know, to rejoice to me or to cry. The friend asks from the hall: “Len, you where were gone there?“ As it appeared, I already half an hour stuck out in a bathroom. And I stand, I pay and I do not know, to trust or not and as to tell it to Victor (friend)... When he came to me into a bathroom, at once understood everything, embraced me and told:“ Well that you cry, I very much love you“. Well, after such words I, of course, burst out crying even more, but already from simplification that darling will not throw me one.

to be precisely sure that the test did not tell lies, we decided to descend on December 30 to the doctor. When we arrived there, the fear of the unknown so strongly seized that I already jerked back to the car to leave home. My friend only also managed to click a key to close it. I was afraid as thought that I am not ready to become a mother yet and I studied then on a last year. As a result to the doctor all of us - came, he confirmed pregnancy of 5 weeks.

my pregnancy took place

remarkably, toxicosis was almost not, hypostases too. To the doctor went once a month, and after the 30th week of times in 2 weeks. Analyses too always were normal, well, to complain there was nothing. Hostility from frequent visits to the gynecologist was not, every time he did me ultrasonography and gave the photo of our child or recorded short videos on a disk. Even did 3D ultrasonography. The doctor very good got to me.

A day before our wedding, on April 23, we at last learned who we will have. The girl, as I also dreamed. From this point began to prepare a dowry for our baby. I flew on shops to buy all most necessary. And necessary it appeared much.

the back and bones of a basin began to hurt

C 36 of week insufferably. The back ached a bit earlier, but not so. In the end I could not neither sit plainly, nor lie. The husband encouraged and said that he remained a little more.

Exactly in 38 weeks, on August 16, by the evening it seemed to

that training fights were somehow stronger, than earlier, there was a feeling later that something leaks, I told about it to the husband. He suggested to go to hospital that looked. Arrived, on hours - 23. 00. Of course, not waters appeared (probably, the daughter on a bladder strongly pressed) looked on a chair, it was a little sick. Told that disclosure only of 1 cm, the head fell, but I do not give birth yet. Then decided to write still KTG. From this point also all turmoil began.

was told At first that for half an hour, but I lay minutes 45. After that the midwife told, what`s the use from this KTG was a little, and laid me on 45 minutes, after these 45 minutes I was told to lie under KTG an hour more, that as the midwife told, the good cardiogram turned out. Only get prettier cardiograms was not, and instead of it the doctor, the chief physician, the nurse and one more midwife appeared. They, whispering, considered the cardiogram which was issued by the KTG device. I am a nurse by training, and I know that at night the chief physician just like that does not come, so something not as it should be. The uneasy husband asked why do not say to us in what there business what the doctor answered that they at first have to discuss a situation, and then all will tell us and that we did not worry. After this consultation we were told that it is necessary to write once again KTG that nothing terrible, but the child moves very little.

in the middle of KTG the midwife noticed that our crumb did not move, and decided to wake her, shook to me a stomach that, of course, was not really pleasant. After that “earthquakes“ our Emily moved a little. Probably, that left alone. After the last KTG all calmed down a little, and sent us home. Still on the way home at me easy skhvatochka began again, but we did not betray to them special value.

Arrived home hour in 2 nights, decided to sleep to lay down (to the husband - that for work in the morning to get up), but that was succeeded to have a sleep to us not really - fights at me became stronger and stronger. Decided not to go to hospital at once, the husband suggested to note time. Fights were every 10 minutes. Sick was almost not. Decided to go for a walk (about 3 o`clock in the morning!) took a walk hour 2, the picture did not change. Lay on a bed at home, and I fell asleep almost at once. Since morning, of course, no fights existed any more.

Next day we went to my doctor. Standard procedures: Made KTG, tests, ultrasonography. All at the first moment looked good, only when my doctor began to watch result of KTG, the smile from his face disappeared. And KTG was decided to repeat. Our question “why“ was answered by him to us the same, as doctors in hospital. The child moves very little, but you should not worry as it happens. The second KTG was normal, but concerned us why again doctors say that our child moves a little. In the head only thoughts turned that it cannot be normal that the child can have some deviations which doctors cannot just establish now. We with the husband began to reflect about planned Caesarian that our baby was got as it is possible quicker. Suddenly to it it became bad at mother in a tummy? And here it can be helped.

Next day we went to hospital again. Wanted to talk to the doctor about an opportunity Caesarian in my situation. But there doctors appeared not from those who cut at once, offered me stimulation. This option did not suit us, it could be long too. I was so frightened of all situation that I wanted already only Caesarian. The husband supported me.

Survey, ultrasonography, KTG. And data of KTG again not really good, this time also the baby had a heartbeat not absolutely normal. After that doctors decided to do to me Caesarian in the same evening. But as one room the next morning was made, to us suggested to choose when our child is born. Having consulted to the husband, chose morning on August 19.

I from hospital was not allowed to go home, the husband left home in the evening, and midwifes for the night appropriated me in patrimonial, for supervision. All night long I lay with KTG. Almost did not sleep all night long, worried, talked to the daughter. Only at daybreak dozed off a little.

in the Morning at 7 o`clock there arrived the husband who too all night long did not sleep. To us allowed half an hour to take a walk in hospital park, and then to come back, will train me for operation. The uric catheter was the most unpleasant procedure for me, thought, on a ceiling I will fly up.

Me was taken away to the operating room, the husband came with the midwife when everything was prepared, the blind hung. The husband sat down at my head, held me by a hand. I was in consciousness, did me epiduralny anesthesia. From the operation it was felt only as the table shakes. Well and pressure upon a stomach, but is not sick. In about 10 minutes shout was distributed. Showed us the daughter and carried away that the children`s doctor looked at once. Time was played as eternity whether everything with the daughter is normal? Or it was already carried away in reanimation?

I here the midwife returned with our crumb wrapped in a yellow towel. To me allowed to kiss her, put near my head, I considered the daughter weepingly of happiness. It is such beautiful, such small and native, and from it smells so delicious. In a few minutes the midwife of a visor of the child to process, and the husband left with them too. The daughter was weighed, measured, dressed in her first pampers. After that she was given to the father, and even minutes 40 two of them waited until I am sewn up and will bring from the operating room.

here operation ended with

I, the husband gives me the daughter on hands, and she to time begins to cry. Put it to a breast, and she calmed down.

Emily Victoria was born

on August 19, 2009 in 10. 47, weight of 2640 gr., height is 47 cm, 10/10 across Apgar.

Now our Emily 5 months, it well develops, and we with the husband are very happy that we have our princess!!