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Why it is impossible to eat after 18 hours?

are present At the most part of recommendations about weight loss council:“ Do not eat after 18 hours“. Why also who sounded it? Most of people knows nothing about it, just thoughtlessly with fanatical belief executes “recommendation“.

A as the situation actually is? Whether the statement of bioritmolog is right that the human body is active from rising to sunset and that by the same principle it is necessary to build food? And how then there live residents of the countries with hot climate who sleep part of night and part of day? And, if the person “a day being“, then how about inhabitants of the North at whom during polar night the sun does not rise over the horizon of 23 days before half a year? They sleep all polar night or is universal are ill from - for impossibility to live “on a day cycle“?

I why a deadline when it is possible to eat, 18 hours? Usually it try to correlate to sunset time, but and here the sun? In the summer the sun sets later, in the winter - earlier therefore this figure, most likely, the arithmetic average for all seasons is simple. What is cost by such “average figures“, we can observe everywhere, for example, in tables of calculation of ideal weight: for people of thin-boned asthenic type of a constitution the ideal weight specified in tables, often, will be superfluous, and - is insufficient for shirokokostny giperstenik.

the Main proof that bioritmolog in this plan are not absolutely correct is that they completely ignore division of people into types:“ larks“ (completely corresponding to the ideal described by bioritmologa), “owls“ (at whom the period of the greatest activity comes in the evening - at night) and the “pigeons“ (who are easily adapting under any rhythm of life). Look - absolute majority of techniques of weight loss are ideally suited for “larks“! They wake up at 6 in the morning vigorous and well rested, in the afternoon actively work, at 18 o`clock have supper and in ten go to bed. And on “owls“ these systems and diets practically never work (or work with the sign “minus“).

we Will consider

day from human life - “owls“. After awakening in the morning (or in the afternoon), regardless of that, he slept or not (though is more often - the second), “owl“ does not feel any enthusiasm of sincere and physical forces. Its organism still sleeps therefore occupations by physical exercises are postponed from morning by it very hard; often after such occupations of people feels broken and tired.

Following logic of the majority of methods of weight loss, the first meal has to be dense. “Owl“ since morning almost always has no appetite, but it honestly “refuels“ (because “so it is necessary“ and in the evening do not sing any more!) .

Result: not woken up organism will process food inertly (approximately the same as if the person ate shortly before a dream) therefore the part of the eaten food will be transformed to fat and to be stored in fatty depots.

we Go further: in the afternoon “owl“ often normally cannot eat (work), and not everyone manages to come from work home till 18 o`clock. I.e. quite often the person remains practically without lunch and in general without dinner. Here no diets are necessary, and so without food days. In the evening in an organism of “owl“ there is the same that at “lark“ in the morning: all systems of an organism come to a limit of the opportunities, wolf hunger wakes up. The organism demands food, the stomach excretes a juice maximum... And there is no food and will not be! Gastric acid begins to corrode stomach walls, here and the beginning of an ulcer.

We agree

- the normal period after the last meal to a dream makes about 4 hours; at the person - “owls“ which goes to bed at least at 0 o`clock if he did not eat after 18, this interval makes of 6 o`clock. And if to it to add almost total absence of a lunch and dinner, and the fact that the period of “hunger strike“ fell on the most active time... The organism with a bigger rage will begin to revenge the person extra kilos.

the Proof - the elementary example: try to find at least one person who could grow thin, using only “not food after 18 hours“. Usually it is the whole complex:“ I do not eat after 18, I keep to a diet, I play sports“. Promodeliruyem situation: the person, having sharply limited itself in food, certainly, at first grows thin. But once it lives up to days off when he eats more, and moves less as weight begins to creep sharply up, sometimes even overtaking result prior to weight loss. And if to assume a meeting with friends, a holiday, date, a party which surely will take place sooner or later, then... Or the person will strengthen mockery at himself, entering fasting days, diets, physical exercises into the mode or will throw everything.

the Last meal (naturally, not heavy which is desirable for doing to similar to a breakfast) has to be for 4 - 5 hours to a dream, no more! Observe this principle and if you go to bed late, safely eat after 18 hours!