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Sleep my pleasure, fall asleep

the Healthy sleep of the newborn baby promotes knowledge of world around

Newborn children sleep to 16 - 18 hours in day are twice more, than the average adult. Quiet sound sleep of the kid is a Gold Dream, at this time they grow, process visual, sound and motor impressions, fix the skills received for time of wakefulness. If children have a sleep right after obtaining new information, then will remember it much better. The first half a year of life the dream works also as the barrier which is not allowing information overload. The dream helps children to acquire more effectively examples of behavior and improves their ability to understand the emotions, impressions and thoughts.

Night is time when your child strenuously builds up the relationship with world around, during the pacified night dream he anew endures what it was involved during the day in. As a result the kid learns to communicate with the people surrounding him more productively. At children who well sleep, usually quieter temperament.

the Gold Dream of the kid strengthens immune system

Some experts believe that the sleep debt and bad quality of a dream weaken immune system of the kid owing to what it becomes more vulnerable for diseases. The quiet dream provides full development of immune system of the baby, reducing risk of developing of diseases and accelerating recovery process. Not for nothing popular wisdom says:“ All diseases pass in a dream“. The quiet dream during the night also reduces risk of receiving a trauma by the child: well slept child is more vigorous and behaves less impulsively. The dream allows even to regulate the weight of the kid: children who sleep in infancy less than 12 hours a day on average school age more often than the peers face a problem of excess weight.


Results of poll

In December, 2009 - January, 2010 conducted survey * mothers of Russia and Ukraine who answered a question: “How you consider, your child how well sleeps?“ .

Most of mothers - residents of Russia and Ukraine answered

“rather well“, the answer, the second for popularity, - it is “very good“. At the same time research showed that their children wake up in a night from one to three times. And the average duration of a dream between awakenings makes of 5 - 7 hours.

the Main reasons of awakening is called (answers are located in process of popularity reduction):

  1. wants to eat;
  2. wants
  3. that someone was near;
  4. by
  5. cut teeth;
  6. stood / hot;
  7. lost a toy / pacifier;
  8. to the child it is inconvenient
  9. : the diaper blotted or was soiled;
  10. other reason;
  11. wants
  12. in a toilet (for kids of 13 - 24 months).

according to parents, the Gold Dream for the child it:

  1. awakening with a smile;
  2. warm and cozy bed;
  3. a diaper which remains soft and dry for all night so far the kid sleeps;
  4. a dream without awakening during the night;
  5. the pleasant “ritual“ of withdrawal to a dream preceding falling asleep.

So to make to put the child to bed and protect his quiet sleep during the whole night?

Most of children fill up

better after 30 - 60 stay minutes in the muffled light and gentle, quiet music. It allows them to relax and to plunge softly into a sweet dream.

Newborns need not freedom, and safety and protection. Excellent protection of skin against irritation during a dream is provided by a qualitative diaper.


to Small children in general very much likes constancy, something repeating from - zo day a day, introducing comfortable predictability to the chaotic world. Think up the ritual of withdrawal to a dream.


In - the first, we recommend to you to feed the kid. Because, milking the child at night when he cries, you as if reward it for the fact that he woke up. On the other hand, when you feed the child before going to bed, you give him necessary calories, without inducing him to that he woke up independently. Then muffle light, offer the child the calming game: shake it, sing a lullaby or make soft massage, using natural oil (almond or sesame).

Quiet to you night and good dreams!