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Fly - a tsokotukh and the multiplication table of

On occupations with children with violation of intelligence it is very useful to use entertaining material as it not only causes interest in a subject, but also develops the speech, attention, memory and thinking.


Main - the correct attitude towards children

the basis for work with mentally retarded children are the developed ideas of structure of defect where into the forefront violation of intellectual activity acts, and on its background there are secondary deviations which consist in an underdevelopment emotionally - the strong-willed sphere, in physical weakening, violation of behavior, the speech.

Important conditions of the correct relationship of the teacher with children for education of interest in studying of mathematics are:

the Purpose of work on development of interest in mathematics in children with violation of intelligence - acquisition of the knowledge, skills necessary for independent (partially independent) and independent (partially independent) life further.

to the Person should operate with arithmetic expressions, to carry out the account and various actions with numbers. Development of mathematical knowledge in mentally retarded children is of exclusively practical importance. It is proved that the child who seized mathematical representations and concepts quicker and more successfully has a socialization.

Mathematical knowledge at children with violations of intelligence has the originality connected with features of their mental development. Into the forefront weakness of cogitative operations when performing elementary mathematical tasks acts. At them processes of generalization and abstraction, the analysis and synthesis suffer, inertness, stagnancy of thinking are observed (L. S. Vygotsky, L. V. Zankov, Zh. I. Schiff, etc.) .

Domestic psychologists consider that the main defect at mental retardation - an underdevelopment of cognitive activity. Such activity is based on perception, memory, thinking and the speech which are closely connected among themselves. Formation of cogitative representations promotes correction most of weakness of mental activity of children with violations of intelligence, to development of various parties of perception and thinking, so, all cognitive activity in general. Level of formation of mathematical representations at children of our rehabilitation center is various. I try to perceive each child as the person with a certain potential and to accept it what it is.

Carrying out by

correctional work, applying an individual approach to children, I tried to cause as it is possible bigger interest in various activity. Also it was convinced that with sick children the thicket needs to apply not severity, but caress, a pertinent joke, the fairy tale, a game situation. I sought to respect ignorance and misunderstanding of the child, trying to find their reasons, but not to demand unconditional execution of tasks. The knowledge acquired without interest, not painted by own positive relation and emotions does not become useful.


Entertaining - the assistant to training


to the Child on occupations is necessary the vigorous activity promoting increase of its vitality, satisfying its interests, social requirements. Entertaining material influences formation of any attention and memory. The need for communication and elementary encouragement compels the child to purposeful concentration and storing.

Entertaining material exerts

impact on development of the speech. If the child cannot state the wishes, understand the verbal instruction, he cannot perform also a task.

Through such material development of personal qualities of the child goes: he learns to behave correctly in everyday situations, learns standards of behavior. In the course of use of entertaining material arise and interest and respect for work are cultivated, the horizons are broadened. This material gives to children pleasure.

through it the knowledge and abilities received on occupations are reflected and develop, interest in a subject is formed, defects of development are compensated.

During the work with children of younger age interest in mathematics is provided to

more with use of fantastic plots, and then children are transferred to the world of magic. They perceive the offered task as a real event.

Frequent guests I on occupations have Buratino, Malvina, the Snow White, the mail carrier Pechkin, Mucha - a tsokotukha, the Little Red Riding Hood and the Baba-yaga.


by means of these characters create situations with tasks, the dictionary of children becomes more active, estimated judgments are cultivated in the analysis of moral acts.

occupation Subject:“ Multiplication on 2“

Listening to audio recordings, children learn who is invited to birthday to Mucha - a tsokotukha. On drawing it is necessary to find out how many on a holiday of guests. Dance in couples (bugs, flea beetles, spiders). The multiplication table is fixed. Guests prepared gifts - several napkins, on them on 2 flowers. How many flowers?


On the same occupation realize also moral tasks - as it is necessary to give gifts as to receive them. Children have to choose from three offered one answer - words of gratitude for Mucha - tsokotukh for the received gift - boots.


of Anything to boots. Where you them got
, flea beetles?
B them down the street to walk
Or to put in a box?


U me is boots,
I is better than these, flea beetles, them I will give
to the sister,
That lives on that mountain.


to you thanks, my flea beetles,
For fine boots.
Oh what grief,
If to me they not just right is!

Any game situation is subordinated by

to an occupation subject therefore it yields good results.

Here on a path the Little Red Riding Hood runs, hurries to the grandmother (on a magnetic board the colourful image). She put pies in a basket in advance and put quicker - couples (the multiplication table on 2 is fixed). The wolf decided to overtake the girl. On a magic tree it is necessary to find examples with the answer of 20 (fig.) . Found. But here again obstacle: the bridge, on it already more difficult examples. Solved and came to the grandmother. But how to address it? Dug camomiles and politely presented a gift.

You, a babulechka - a simpapulechka,
Ya came not to eat you,
only tasty to sit down At pie,
Came to you with a garmoshechka
Under your window.

A “baked“ then pies and at the same time solved a problem. And at this story there is an educational moment: character at the Wolf improved. It became kind and tender...

I use

Next time in work of a riddle which are always interesting to children. They develop inquisitiveness, attention, memory, thinking. Also are very necessary at occupation installation, definition of mathematical situations.

Subject:“ Number and figure 11“

That for a miracle this house?
of Passengers is a lot of in it,
Wears shoes from
I rubber eats gasoline.

Children during conversation say that in our city the bus under № goes; 11 also stops nearby. The teacher asks where still they met this figure.

On other occupation I suggest to solve examples and to fill a crossword puzzle.

19 - 9 - 9 = 1
1 + 8 - 7 = 2
12 - 10 + 1 = 3
7 + 2 - 5 = 4

Answers are closed by plates, on a reverse side of the word: 1 (hare); 2 (wolf); 3 (bear); 4 (fox) . The order of examples coincides with a word order in a crossword puzzle, having filled which we recognize the invited guests. These are animals from circus.

On one of occupations even the Baba-yaga was p>

. Children so were fond, proving that she incorrectly decides examples that that begged:

Here that I will tell, friends: Children examples, problems solve
offend Nobody.
Ya I will go to an izba now, books I Will read
there, I Will become
the kind old woman, to all of you I Will help

Is undoubted

, successful use of entertaining material for education of elementary interest in mathematics is promoted by the skillful pedagogical management. The teacher the behavior and an emotional spirit has to cause the positive relation to material, only then there is a cooperation providing desire of the child to work together with adults and to achieve positive results.