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New Year`s godsend of

you never thought of why we make rash, sometimes reckless acts? Perhaps just the destiny directs us?

This history happened to me in 2005. About New year there were two weeks, and I did not know where and as I will celebrate it. At heart it was sad. Also day was not taken since morning: was late for work, in the dining room hooked and tore tights, a salary detained. Suddenly the girlfriend called and suggested to go in the evening to club, I agreed. Itself I do not know why. I did not believe in club acquaintances for a long time and considered that nothing acceptable never leaves them. Therefore went for maintenance of the company, so to speak.

In club one more girlfriend who joyfully something chattered about the guy with whom she wanted to get acquainted long ago and showed it to us on a dance floor joined us. I translated a look and stiffened.“ Here it“, - rushed at me in the head.

Further everything rushed, as in the book novel. Girlfriends for some reason dropped out of my sight, and I already sat near a bar counter with the new acquaintance. He was called Alexey and as it became clear in conversation, he did not love clubs, and today just with the friend came around to play billiards.

After wonderful evening he took me home and told that he goes to St. Petersburg in business trip even to the 30th. I was upset, thinking that we will hardly meet still. But it, having kissed me at parting, asked it to wait! Days flew imperceptibly, and suddenly the 30th since morning the call was distributed...

It! “Hi! I suggest to celebrate New year together how you look at it?“ - I in a tube heard a familiar voice. I did not know, as to answer, we got acquainted recently. Mother who told that sometimes it is necessary to change something in the life came to the rescue. And I agreed. Now I can tell that it was my best New year in life.

we Marked out him in a beautiful country house (it was giving the friend Alexey), in the chimney hall under Elvis Presley`s songs, and behind a window big flakes fantastic snow fell! That night under peal of bells I thought always to be near Lesha. You want - believe, you want - no, but already 4 years we together, and recently we had a kid.

I do not know

that then occurred - magic, a miracle or just combination of circumstances, but one I can tell with confidence: “New year sometimes presents us the gifts packed into beautiful brown paper, having developed which, we sometimes find even the destiny!“