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As I became slingomamy or What is a baby sling actually

the Baby sling... As there is a lot of in this sound for heart mamsky... “And whether so there is a lot of?“ - the people familiar with a baby sling only by hearsay or not familiar with it in general will ask. So it “baby sling“? Before pregnancy I did not know at all what is it. When the daughter was born, I answered a question of a baby sling something a little intelligible: “It is such sling. As at the Indian women, for carrying the child. It is considered that it is better and more convenient than a kengurushka“. Why Indian women? Who is considered? What means “better“? I did not answer these questions. “It is such...“, “type...“ - that`s all what knew at that time. In the justification I will tell that before childbirth honestly tried to find to itself a baby sling in shop, the truth without having found, threw an invention, and about the Internet - shops I, probably, somehow did not guess. The child grew up, and I managed to be sorry and long for a baby sling, but further regrets and self-calms on “With the Second Child I Will Surely Buy a Baby Sling in Advance!“ business did not go.

Slingomama I became incidentally, is absolutely unexpected for itself and rather late - to the child here - 2 years here will be executed. My fanaticism is justified also that the daughter at me to 2 - m weighed to years 11 kg, i.e. very much and very medium-sized. “Better late than never! Stop being sorry about not made!“ - I solved and asked to bring me a baby sling one of the colleagues - consultants for GV. I was guided, actually, by three things. The first and the main: I will have to go much with the child on the city now, and the daughter everything is still is tired much and, what is more important, cannot quickly go legs. The second: we with the husband plan the second child and if I want to carry the kid in a baby sling, it is better to get it already now. And the last: becoming the consultant for GV, I consider that I am simply obliged to be able to answer mothers questions on a slingonosheniye.

So, here it... My first baby sling - a scarf! It tremendous solarly - orange color! Nothing that it absolutely even not mine, and hired, nothing that I practically do not know at all what to do with this cut of fabric slightly less than 5 meters long, nothing that it knitted and any more not absolutely is suitable for the two-year-old child... I already love it! To be fair it is necessary to tell that one way of winding, to be exact, only its name - “a cross under a pocket“ - I all - knew. I speak about it to skilled slingomama, in reply I hear: “The simple cross is suitable for the two-year-old much more, the cross under a pocket is good for newborn babies, and still it is exciting to back the two-year-old in a backpack or the Tibetan cross...“ . Yes... As much I, appear, I do not know about a baby sling yet! I ask girls to show me different ways of winding. Not so - that is simple to cope with long fabric which aims to be overwound, sag where it is not necessary, and does not wish to be tied strong on a back in any way first. Where ours did not vanish? I will become slingomamy! Here it is necessary to tell that it is very difficult not to want to carry the child in a baby sling and right there not to put on it itself when about 10 of 27 mothers came with children in baby slings, here she is the Great force of art... slingonosheniye!

Ya. Of course, I reeled up it on myself a simple cross and we with the daughter went to the car to the colleague which agreed to give a ride to us to the subway. In the car my child exhausted by games and communication fell asleep absolutely infantile dream. Still I do not know what I would do on the way home in “rush hour“ in the subway with strong sleeping child on hands if not a baby sling! The daughter did not wake up when I in a baby sling put her, and with pleasure slept at me on hands almost to an exit from the subway. Already in first ours of a baby sling - travel we with the daughter heard statements of “well-wishers“ that the child will surely choke that it has a back “wheel“ that the divorced legs disturb passengers in pass of the tram!


in the Evening, having armed with information of the websites (communities to slingoma, the websites of slingokonsultant and producers of baby slings), and also having opened the instruction to a knitted baby sling - a scarf, we with the daughter began to master different ways of winding. I was confused in long tails, slapped in these tails from a mirror to the computer, the daughter, looking at all this, had with all the heart a good time, periodically getting to me on hands and allowing to primotat itself a baby sling.

When business reached ways of carrying on a back, my baby - the two-year-old already so cheered up that climbing to me on a back, wished to ride, go to other room, to be tickled, but only to sit and wait not quietly while I primotat it in the way “Tibetan cross“, “backpack“... All ended with the fact that the child took away from me a baby sling, hung up it on a bed and told “All!“. I recognize, overdid... The most ridiculous was the next morning: the daughter brought a baby sling and declared: “The scarf to walk in is mute!“ Hurrah, it was pleasant to the child! This main thing! I quickly explained to the daughter as this “scarf“ is called and for what it with her will be necessary to us. The lesson was apprehended: my girl right there brought my long scarf, a doll and asked: “The mummy, put to me the Katyusha!“ Now and my daughter - a slingomama to the dolls!

I here to my child 2 years, I am a happy slingomama. We with the daughter go in a baby sling to shop, on affairs, sometimes even on the platform I submit it for walk from the house in a baby sling (the elevator burned down “in time“, and to the two-year-old child everything is 6 floors are rather heavy to pass, and more often on such travel on ladders on it simply there is no time). Mothers of children of the same age know how often such, apparently, already adult child asks on handles. We visit with the daughter on public transport and to walk in park, on the way back she most often falls asleep and sleeps in a baby sling to the house, sometimes does not wake up when I shift and I undress - so with pleasure and strong falls asleep, having nestled on mother. The baby sling is irreplaceable houses when it is urgently necessary to prepare something in kitchen, and the daughter requires attention (to the child more interesting on a hip) or to iron clothes (the child on a back). The sleepy temperaturyashchy child happily gets enough sleep in a baby sling while mother does something on the house. I do not know how I managed and coped without it earlier!

Of course, with the two-year-old child a baby sling more likely entertainment. Also it is used incomparably less than with less children. More than once heard from girlfriends and acquaintances: “It is already big! Why you carry it?“ With the child it is convenient to us - it is the main thing.

So, now I with pleasure and full responsibility can answer a question what is a baby sling... This convenience and comfort of mother and child. It is safety and natural development of the kid. These are mother`s free hands and time. It is a mother`s healthy back. It is the sea of pleasure and entertainment for the child without separation from mother - same it is so interesting from height of mother`s growth (but not from a floor or a chair) to look, than mother is engaged and to participate fully in her household chores. This rescue for the ill child, is much more pleasant to hurt mother on hands, the illness proceeds easier, and recovery comes quicker. These are long, easy and interesting walks in the fresh air, and also a sweet dream on the street. This free movement in transport, public places. This quiet feeding of the kid anywhere and when necessary. It is beauty and style in clothes of mother, the different nice, suitable mother on color baby slings a set!

the Baby sling is the whole world! There are mothers who do not know about it or know, but never tried to carry the child in a baby sling and do without it. There are mothers who even not its powers in hands, speak: “I will not carry, I did not like, I am not a slingomama“. But there are also convinced slingomama, skilled slingokonsultant thanks to who competent support happy to slingoma become more.

As it is a lot of

in this sound for heart mamsky? And you listen: “Baby sling, baby sling, baby sling...“ As the children`s laughter, as a hand bell, as a leg of the kid is splashed on summer pools as the first zubik knocks about a spoon...

you Love the children, look after them, bring up, you raise, you feed... You carry in a baby sling. It is so natural!