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Its majesty the Samoyed of

Looking at these magnificent snow-white fluffy dogs with cunning smiling expression of a crafty muzzle, cheerful, hazardous, active, vigorous, fervent, with small peaked ears, the tail rejoicing to the sky, snow, people, the river, the wood which is cheerfully wagging on a back - to everything that enters the concept “Life“ - involuntarily first you reflect:“ And why “Samoyed“?

I it is the first question at the people who for the first time saw this breed of dog.

we Will try to explain

the Samoyed - a northern draft dog. Strong, strong, hardy. Possesses the rich wool cover consisting of two layers: the dense underfur allowing to create the peculiar thermal pillow promoting optimum to keep heat in the conditions of severe climate of Far North - the Homeland of Samoyeds, and an ostevy hair, longer and rigid, promoting full-fledged balance of thermoregulation of a dog.

Elements of the Samoyed - winter. As they love snow! Bury completely in snowdrifts, stamp to themselves a rookery on snow, dig dens, bathe in snow.

Feature of wool of the Samoyed is that than air temperature is lower, the frost is stronger, the perpendikulyarny to a back the hair and on tips of each hair rises ostevy as if light up pass - the Bengalese sparkles, and the Samoyed just all shines and sparkles also against the happy smiling muzzle - the real Christmas in a live look!

But at the same time the Samoyed is not divanno - the applied dog capable only to play, smile and caress.

It is the excellent hard worker. The dog working in a team.

Now - that we also approached

the name of breed and from where it appeared.

About stories of the Samoyed

the Country of origin - Russia. Allegedly, it is one of the most ancient known shpitseobrazny breeds. The tribe of Nenets - Samoyeds on the coasts of the North Sea led a nomadic life, moving with the cervine herds and dogs. Dogs helped with the house. Claim (the truth, there are no proofs) that there is no impurity of wolf blood in veins of Samoyeds and that this breed embodies one of types of the most ancient domestic dogs in purity.

For the millennia of communication with the person in breed the thin understanding of the person, need for contact with it, sensitivity developed, and the hard work made Samoyeds hardy and unpretentious toilers. Samoyeds participated in great Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Nineteen dogs and nine a bough, entering Fridtjof Nansen`s team, in extremely severe conditions of the North dragged sledge with the freight surpassing their body weight by one and a half times day after day. Dogs of this breed participated as draft practically in all large expeditions; not without their help Rual Amundsen reached in 1911 the South Pole.

Samoyeds got to England about hundred years ago and at once drew attention to themselves. The queen Aleksandra like special love to them, and descendants of her Samoyeds meet almost in all genealogical thoroughbred dogs from England and the USA now. There are data that in England Samoyeds were delivered through Australia, and there appeared after “development“ of Antarctica. As it became clear, representatives of this breed well adapt to hot climate, perfectly feel both in the city, and in rural areas.

I Will provide several statements of judges and admirers of Samoyeds:

“The dog who passed through centuries whose history and features so bewitch as breed“, “character, unique in the dog world“ “in each Samoyed is felt that happy, childly naive perception of the world which is peculiar to the people which created breed“, “causing delighted amazement, attracting all eyes a big white dog with the “smiling“ muzzle and dark, wise eyes to itself, with the strong, strong body which is surely standing on quick legs the Samoyed is, perhaps, the most beautiful breed from all nowadays existing“.

“Is magnificent watchman (be not to confused

to the security guard! This is not a security dog!) but gentle, delicate and sociable; he will never start a fight, but will manage to stand for himself; independent thanks to uncommon mind, it wins hearts the loyalty in relation to the favourite owner. Noble properties of the Samoyed are found already in puppies - “little polar bear cubs“. Delicate, kind, hardy, the Samoyed always bears in the heart and in expression of a muzzle spirit of a winter Christmas holiday“.

Today very few people use these dogs as truly working more likely as partners in a mutual hobby (participation in competitions in riding sport - summer and in winter types), the magnificent partners, with unusual responsiveness answering any desire of the owner:“ On skis - please! On the sledge - please! On sledge - please! By bicycle - please, only a wheel manage to turn! On fishing - please! Only far away hide a small fish, and you will not catch that to be in time. For mushrooms in the wood - please! To bathe on the small river - hurrah“!

Only that is not taken out by Samoyeds, - loneliness.

alone they grieve and feel inconveniently. The loneliness is impossible all their essence. But for this purpose there is an alternative - the second Samoyed! Here in brief you also got acquainted with the sweetest cheerful white Arctic dog with the scary name “Samoyed“.