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Where the dairy rivers flow...

Think that any mother instinctively wants to feed the child with milk, wants to put it to a breast and to hear an easy rhythmical posasyvaniye, to feel the unique communication prolonging a condition of a single whole with the kid. Already then, after mature reflection, other thoughts come absolutely - it is difficult to feed, often painfully, troublesome, it connects on hands and on legs, spoils a figure, burdens excess weight, limits in pleasures and so forth. In all honesty - whether many doctors advise longer to nurse? What is written in the majority of grants and articles, except those, certainly, authors of which are for long breastfeeding? You feed at least to 3, at most till 6 months - after this boundary your milk does not give to the child of immunity any more, is not the most important factor of process of digestion, and after a year it is already nearly badly acquired by the child.

Having laid aside medical aspects of long breastfeeding as about them it is the best of all in articles of the pediatricians who are standing up for natural feeding by a breast, we will talk about how to combine a long lactation and normal human life of mother and a family. At once I will make a reservation - these notes are intended for those mothers who do not need to be convinced of simple truth - the kid needs mother`s milk, feeding by a breast, close and close contact, and it is not a tiresome duty, but the most sweet right and the privilege of mother - to be a source both food and physical health, and spiritual and a peace of mind of the kid. And here that important - mother who cannot feed the kid on medical indications or in view of special circumstances, but would like to do it, is capable and has to compensate to the kid shortage of maternal heat - to put it to a breast, to hold during feeding with “a body to a body“, to embrace and carry on hands.

Ya would like to address this article to those mothers at whom for one reason or another (age, hormonal insufficiency and so forth) the lack of milk is observed, and they feel at the crossroads - to feed or give up fruitless attempts. About such mothers almost do not write in books (there either about natural, or about artificial feeding), they are not really loved by doctors (listen, mummy that you rest, you pass to mixes), consultants for breastfeeding (prick hormones, differently nothing will leave), here with them to me do not understand and there was a wish to share the personal gained experience.

mother who wants and can feed the child so much how many she wants Is happy

and the child - milk at it comes on hours, there is always a lot of it, the kid puts on weight, nobody demands from this couple of regular control feeding, mother should not weigh the child every day, the kid sucks much and actively etc., the list of the positive moments can be continued indefinitely. However in life everything happens differently. I gave birth to the daughter of the house, in the quiet, weakened atmosphere, at once applied it to a breast, and the tiny being right there zachmokat sponges, having correctly taken a nipple. The first three weeks until at it the mode settled, I fed her at night, on demand, observing all advisory boards on breastfeeding, long held at a breast, drank a lot of liquid, special teas for increase of a lactation, accepted an apilaktoza (a bee uterine milk), but after a month it became obvious that I do not have milk. The situation and after arrival of “expert“ - the manager of office of one Moscow maternity hospital who is considered as the professional of “razdaivaniye“ of young mothers did not change: after three hours of its work during which I was on the back on a bed and it filled in all room with the squeezed-out milk, my daughter simply - naprosto remained hungry - and milk did not increase. It was necessary just to recognize that I have the most real gipogalaktiya, or insufficient production of milk, at sufficient stimulation of a mammary gland. I will not hide that it was the crushing blow after fine pregnancy and natural childbirth costing to me tears and bitter disappointments. Now, after nearly 3 years, I with confidence can tell - nothing terrible, there are methods allowing even to prolong in such severe conditions natural feeding, not to allow the child to throw a breast, and at the same time not to turn into the hostage of own body. However one after another.

First of all, understand whether really you it want - to continue to nurse your kid even if you should give to the kid artificial mixes whether really you want to continue breastfeeding of the kid and after 6 - 9 months until either you, or the child do not consider it necessary to finish it in the natural way. If your answer affirmative, then take into consideration (do not follow blindly, and only listen) the following councils:

  1. do not weigh the child after each feeding - this procedure costs nervous cages to both you, and him, and does not give absolutely any useful information; weigh the child of times a week at the same time, later you pass to 1 time in 2 weeks, then - once a month when you accurately see whether enough food your kid receives.
  2. Define
  3. by doctors and “clever“ books how many your kid has to put on weight monthly, without remaining at the same time hungry , certainly, calculate average amount of milk or mix and milk in day and add artificial nutrition at the rate of a dokorm, but not by the principle “from a paunch“ - instead it is better to give a breast.
  4. Dokorm is better to give
  5. not from a small bottle, and from a spoon - from personal experience I know that it is long procedure, however the game is worth the candle - it is easier to suck from a pacifier, than “to milk“ a breast, and there is always a risk that the child can try to throw a breast in the most initial stage of breastfeeding; later, when it will get stronger and will be able effectively and quickly to exhaust a breast, it is possible to pass to a small bottle - risk that he will refuse mother`s milk, will be much less.
  6. do not refuse to yourself and to the child in night feeding - night of milk comes much more, than in the afternoon (I between night and day “soldering“ at 5 o`clock in the evening had a huge difference - 130 g and 50 g respectively from the same breast), wait until the kid himself ceases to wake up at 3 - 4 o`clock in the morning, and will sleep to 5 - 6 o`clock in the morning, and in these morning hours of milk comes more, than in the middle of the heavy day of work; so, I did not give dokorm at 12 o`clock in the morning, in the morning though temptation to throw to the kid a small bottle, without opening eyes is very big; besides, night and morning feedings well stimulate a lactation and, to tell the truth, not bad protect from pregnancy thanks to the increased level of hormones
  7. there is a mass of the means strengthening a lactation , but it is necessary to have a clear view that the mechanism of their action is very individual, and any of them is not able to create a miracle; molokogonny teas, in particular, of Heinz firm, or prepared manually from the same herbs (fennel, fennel, an anise, a nettle), nut milk are very useful (the simplest way of preparation - to fill in the crushed walnuts with boiled water, to add milk, to insist and drink in 20 minutes prior to feeding); I would advise to treat carefully green tea - at one it strengthens a lactation, caused her complete cessation for 3 days then the hungry child managed - to turn a situation back in my friend.
  8. Wonder
  9. why you and the child need baby`s dummies - that the child quietly fell asleep or compensated an unsatisfied sosatelny reflex; if it is possible, let`s the kid suck in pleasure - in - the first, the remains of milk are always richer, than the first milk, in - the second, the breast never happens empty - thanks to stimulation of a nipple formation of milk goes in the course of sucking, in - the third, the kid needs absolutely to calm down, and sucking also is the best way to relax and soon to fall asleep; of course, this is not about what to allow the child to play about with a nipple, to chew and bite it within an hour; it is better to use a baby`s dummy when it is really necessary - or not to use at all: our child himself refused this substitute at the age of 3 - 4 months.
  10. according to skilled doctors, and also mothers, the lactation depends on quantity of food and even on amount of liquid a little - certainly, during breastfeeding it is impossible to starve and keep to a diet or a dry ration, but on the other hand, not too will help you fat, plentiful food and liters of liquid - to these you only load with fats, carbohydrates a stomach, intestines and the removing system, quality of healthy food (if the child has no allergy - fermented milk products, vegetables, except causing gas generation, rich with protein, vitamins and rough cellulose of porridge, fruit, bread with bran or a rough grinding, sprouts of wheat, soy, hazelnuts, concerning meat is much more important, than fish and birds - prefer the boiled, stewed or baked products), and also “the correct drinks“ - fruit and vegetable juice, herbal teas; at such food you not only will not put on the weight what the feeding mothers usually are afraid of, you will be able even smoothly to grow thin within 10 - 12 months as your organism will have at the same time the accelerated metabolism “for two“.
  11. All this does not mean at all that you have to refuse to yourself everything - slowly try to eat with everything, but in the small portions - let the kid indirectly “masters“ different types of food, so, I fed the daughter till 1,5 years and during this rather long period tried everything that is possible - from seafood to chocolate, from orange to carrots on - Korean, in very moderate doses, certainly.
  12. during feeding by a breast, even at the correct applying, periodically unpleasant or painful feelings in a breast as a result of stagnation of milk in this or that channel happen, it is a normal working situation even at the lowered production of milk and can be caused by an individual structure of fabric of gland; the timely wrapping a cabbage leaf, flat cakes from honey and black bread, compresses from cold cottage cheese, however your main doctor - the kid helps with such cases, the active six-month-old child easily rassost your stagnation, without allowing it to pass into a premastitis state, only do not deprive of it this opportunity - my daughter helped me “according to the first requirement“ both in half a year, and in a year, and in one and a half.
  13. Remember that the peace of mind, comfort and harmony in a family is much more important than for long and correct breastfeeding therefore avoid too importunate relatives who are interested in an hourly and daily additional weight of the kid, too zealous pediatricians concentrating not on you and the kid, and on paid services in unit of time, trust yourself more and to the general health of the kid, you do not execute yourself if something is impossible; many cases when the lactation completely stopped as a result of a deep mental disorder are known, you sleep more, have a rest, walk (but only not with a great effort!) .
  14. Long breastfeeding is combined by
  15. almost with any work and active lifestyle , except long business trips (when to the daughter there was a year, I went for 3 days to other city where managed fresh cabbage sheets from stagnation of milk and 2 - mya decantations in day), you can feed in the morning and in the evening, and to be decanted in the afternoon in case at you too much milk comes, besides, over time the organism will be reconstructed and will cease to produce “unnecessary“ day milk, having postponed the main loading to morning and evening hours.
  16. you will see that your kid does not need a breast any more and that your relations are ready to enter a new phase - perhaps, he will refuse a breast, or gradually will begin to exhaust less and less, will not remember mother`s milk in certain hours; it is quite possible that your mammary gland itself will begin involution as was with one my friend feeding to 2 - ooh years, anyway, you should not be drawn by bandage and to risk health; if you decide to finish a lactation, use the schemes offered by consultants for breastfeeding - they are more humane, than pricks of hormonal means, camphor or bandaging.

Apparently, my councils are simple in performance, do not contain any serious “medical“ recommendations and are based on personal experience of our family and families of our friends. Our children who grew up as on the chest, and mixed feeding, almost did not know dysbacteriosis in the true sense of the word, seldom give allergic reactions, are almost not ill (a merit of the mother`s and own immunity supported with a hardening and healthy food since the childhood), at the same time mothers feel quite well. But, and about it it would be incorrect to keep silent, long breastfeeding has serious consequences though write about them in books and articles in glossy children`s magazines a little:

  • as if you ate, feeding exhausts calcium reserves in a bone tissue , in particular, in tooth fabric, often leads to a periodontal disease, does nails fragile and fragile, changes structure of hair; the matter is that the calcium coming from the outside in the form of vitamins or even food, is less available, than the calcium which is contained in an organism it is that and spend first of all;
  • breastfeeding inevitably leads
  • to deterioration in a shape of a breast - the breast which grew during pregnancy increases with milk arrival that causes sometimes emergence of extensions, after the termination of a lactation it involyutsionirut to the former size that often leads to deterioration in a tone of skin, change of a form or an obvisaniye, changes appearance of a breast and nipple, and all these changes happen by no means not to the best and therefore demand serious work on themselves after the termination of a lactation;
  • long breastfeeding can have consequences for your matrimonial life: many feeding mothers feel physical pleasure from feeding by a breast (stimulation of a nipple causes the release of hormones of pleasure conceived by the nature to make process attractive) that can postpone return to a full-fledged matrimony; possibly, the nature with an ulterior motive limited thus contacts in order to avoid new pregnancy, besides, long feeding with morning and night hours represents a natural way of protection, postpones return of monthly, creating other hormonal background in mother`s organism.

the Personal record of everyone - to solve

for itself and the family whether there is all this, combined, that price about which there was a speech. My modest purpose was in showing how it is possible to solve intelligently these or those practical problems with breastfeeding, without making a mad sacrifice and without undergoing unnecessary deprivations. The main thing as however, and everywhere to trust in own forces and reason, the rest - will be put.

of Health to you and your kids.