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Bodifleks - respiratory gymnastics for weight loss of

the Idea of respiratory gymnastics for weight loss was born not today. People long since used diaphragm breath to improve the health and to correct health. The correct breath oxygenates an organism cage, the volume of lungs increases, improves a metabolism and immunity becomes stronger.

American Greer Childers picked up this idea and developed system of exercises thanks to which it is possible to get rid of extra kilos, it is essential to reduce volumes of a body and to replace with the smaller size of the clothes.

of Bodifleks - such name was received by this technique of exercises. bodifleks deep diaphragm breath which is combined with an extension and static poses is the cornerstone of a technique. As a result the correct deep breath leads to combustion of fat in an organism. The body during performance of a static pose strains and needs the strengthened blood inflow. Thanks to deep breath oxygen actively comes to blood and burns fat, the lymph flow amplifies, internals are massed, the metabolism accelerates. Besides, exercises help to tighten muscles.

Knows that newborn children “breathe a stomach“, at the same time the breast remains almost motionless. With age diaphragm muscles strain more and more, the person gradually begins to breathe only the top part of a breast. It turns out that lungs are used for only 20%, and breath stops somewhere in the middle of a breast. Bodifleks deep diaphragm breath learns to do, that is to breathe a stomach. Such breath enriches blood with oxygen and improves the general health of the person.

Besides weight loss systematic occupations bodifleksy have a number of advantages:

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Thanks to regular trainings bodifleksy restores work of respiratory system, this good means for prevention of asthma, bronchitis, viral infections, allergic reactions. Bodifleks can become the reliable assistant for persons interested to leave off smoking. The respiratory gymnastics serves as prevention of a myocardial infarction and oncological diseases. During occupations bodifleksy oxygen burns in the natural way fats that helps to struggle with cellulitis and extra kilos.

Deep breath - an excellent way of fight against stresses and with a depression. After classes bodifleksy people feel inflow of cheerfulness and energy, the mood improves. It is noticed that as a result of occupations by respiratory gymnastics the vitality and resistance to stress raises, there are hidden forces and activity increases.

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of Age restrictions for occupations. Every day it is necessary to be engaged for 15 minutes, exercises can be carried out sitting or standing. A regularity of occupations - the main condition. At application of a bodifleks additional exercises are not necessary as well as diets. Positive results can achieve during the first week of performance of exercises. For example, in several days the volume of a waist can already decrease from 10 to 30 cm, and in a month of occupations it is necessary to change clothes as clothing sizes will significantly change.

reception of some drugs can affect results of occupations bodifleksy, it should be considered, starting regular performance of exercises. Women who take a contraceptive pill, some forms of antidepressants or preparations for treatment of a thyroid gland will feel effect of occupations bodifleksy later, than the others. The matter is that the listed preparations slow down a metabolism. You should not stop occupations and to worry, it is necessary to have patience and to continue to carry out regularly exercises. People who have by nature slowed down metabolism will also feel results a bit later, than other beginners who are engaged bodifleksy.