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The voice “under Vysotsky“

the Hoarse voice at the child is a serious symptom to which parents have to pay attention. Perhaps, the pathology demanding treatment or even surgical intervention became the reason.

the Recent patient of doctor Soldatsky was the boy whom doctors long treated, suspecting a false croup. But it turned out that he choked and rattled as the hoarse old man, from - for a sunflower seed of the sunflower which got stuck in a throat. Also it stayed the whole month there! At other child the voice from - sat down at pistachio shells in a throat. So if the doctor appointed inspection, do not refuse!

my conversation with Yury Soldatsky, the otorhinolaryngologist of the Moscow city children`s hospital of Sacred Vladimir, began quite unusually. The doctor asked:

- to you likes my voice?

- Fedor Shalyapin`s Monasteries, of course, do not threaten you... - I tried not to offend the interlocutor.

But Yury Lvovich tore off my diplomatic trick:

- And you know why I have such ugly voice? It is spoiled by soccer. I was “raised“ by Moscow “Dynamo“. The boy I did not miss any match, supported a favorite team to blue in the face and whisper. After stadium mother always gave to drink to me hot milk with honey. So I still got off light...

the Voice - the same charisma as sight. It is necessary to care for it. If the person cannot communicate by a normal voice, he feels defective.

Disturbing notes

quite often occur Among hoarse patients those who have congenital diseases of a throat - papillomatozy, cysts. Often hoarseness arises after an intubation - when when narrowing a throat or during operation for carrying out an anesthesia doctors are forced to enter a special tube through which it can breathe into a throat and the patient`s trachea...

to define

In many cases why at the child the normal voice disappeared, it is possible only by means of special inspection. But parents as soon as hear that it is surely carried out under the general anesthesia, instantly disappear together with the child. And later some time the father and mother can bitterly regret about it. The reason can be very serious, and it is good if manage to take the child to hospital.

Silence - gold

Sometimes chronic hoarseness is connected by

with violation of a psychoemotional condition of the child. The disease is explained by the fact that on voice folds from frequent cry which is let out by their owner mozolk appear. So-called “singing small knots“ (or “small knots of shouters“).

At first on vocal chords, tired of a shouting, tiny bubbles arise. If the child does not give to a throat of a peredykh, bubbles harden and turn into consolidations which very much disturb it. In a throat tickles, the throat speaks hoarsely, the child constantly wants to clear the throat. At quiet children of such problem does not arise. Therefore the little shouter needs to be shown to the neuropsychiatrist as for restoration of a ringing voice it is necessary to calm him, first of all.

A if the child has no visible anatomic changes in a throat, and there is no voice nevertheless? Then doctors make the diagnosis - a functional dysphonia. The child incorrectly uses the voice device: there is only an incomplete or insufficient smykaniye of voice folds.

Happens that the little patient once had sharp laryngitis at which any pronounced word was pledged to it with pain. And at the child the reflex was quickly created. Paresis of vocal chords - violation of their mobility which leads to changes of a voice - can be compared to paresis of a hand or leg., It seems, the person normally goes, but if to get accustomed - slightly - slightly limps. In order that the normal voice returned, laborious occupations with foniatry are necessary besides.

the Voice not of the boy, but husband

Parents have to be attentive

to teenagers who have a voice mutation. When the boy reaches manhood, the voice at him does not differ in beauty. The teenager does not own it - shouts a rooster or very strongly rattles therefore hesitates to open a mouth. Meanwhile age change of a voice happens at the child in 12 - 13 years and continues not so long - about 6 months.

A if the mutation drags on, the school student should be shown to the expert who will help the young man to create a beautiful voice. The vocal teachers worrying quite often send pupils to reception to the doctor that so inopportunely loses a voice the leading soloist of chorus. After classes with foniatry young men leave clinic not with the squeaky broken treble any more, and with a pleasant baritone. to Young fans it is optional to p to show to

at the top of the voice feelings to favorite school team.

the Adult - especially if he is a singer, the actor or the teacher - protects the sheaves. In cold covers a neck with a scarf, does not go in the winter wide open, will not come to its mind large handfuls to eat snow in the yard or to shout just like that on the street, giving a great lot of decibels. And children in games, mischief for the sake of, shout sometimes as a trumpet of Jericho, trying to muffle not less loud companion. Parents need to explain to them that the voice needs to be protected.

I still: convince the teenager what to tell “under Vysotsky“ if on that there is no natural baritone with hoarseness, is not necessary. Forcing the voice at young age, the fellow can earn small knots from sheaves. By the way, Vysotsky that had only a singing manner, in life so did not rattle - from a theatrical scene spoke by a normal voice.