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We draw a relief. Work for deep muscles of

you are engaged three times a week, you have a normal weight, but a beautiful relief still only dream? Such situation is unsurprising if you use only standard power complexes consisting of twisting for a press, stanovy draft, squats and attacks for buttocks etc. All these exercises study large muscles, and small internal stay idle.

can Create a visible graceful relief, only having forced them to work by means of static exercises. Such exercises well load muscles - stabilizers and do not demand additional shells and exercise machines (an exception the balancing board makes, but only the advanced fans of fitness have a need for it).

can be found

of Exercise on deduction of a certain pose in such types of fitness as Pilates, yoga, kalanetik and similar.

of Exercise No. 1. Swallow

Starting position: standing on the right leg, to put the left sock behind the right heel. To cross hands on a breast, a back direct, the belt is tightened and intense. Important! The supporting leg is slightly bent in a knee.

exercise Performance: to straighten the left leg so that a trunk with this leg formed the straight line parallel to a floor.

Hold situation some time. To execute similarly for other leg.

to execute

During training on ten repetitions for each leg.

can Strengthen exercise action as follows: after straightening of a leg to extend hands forward, completing a straight line from a trunk and a leg.


during this exercise kvadritsepets, gluteuses, a press and razgibatel of a back work.

Exercise No. 2. Twisting from a lateral emphasis

the Starting position: to accept an emphasis sideways. Support on the lower hand and feet of legs. The top foot on half-feet forward, lower on half-feet back, before formation of an easy recross of legs.

It is important! A support on both feet at the same time!

to raise the Top hand up, before formation of a uniform straight line with a basic hand. The back is straightened, the press is intense, the belt is tightened.

exercise Performance: slowly with an exhalation to execute twisting towards a basic hand, at the same time to bend the second hand in an elbow joint and to lower. The press during effort strains even more.

to Execute

from ten to twenty repetitions for one party and as much for another.

For strengthening of effect can lean a hand against a balancing board.

Exercise strengthens press muscles, an internal surface of a hip, a back, buttocks and a breast.

Exercise No. 3. The bridge with the raised leg

the Starting position: lying on a back, to bend legs in knees. Feet are parallel each other, hands lie quietly along the case. To raise one of legs and to straighten it perpendicular to a floor.

exercise Performance: by means of muscles of a press and buttocks with an exhalation slowly to lift a basin. To inhale. With an exhalation smoothly and slowly to take away a leg which above, aside, opening a basin. To execute ten - fifteen repetitions and to change a supporting leg.

the Complicated option of this exercise: with the hands crossed on a breast.

the Main work during exercise is the share

of muscles of buttocks, hips, a press and a back.

Exercise No. 4. Lifting of one leg sitting.

Starting position: sitting, to bend knees, to extend straight arms before itself at shoulder length. The case is a little rejected back, a back a straight line, the press is intense, the stomach is pulled in.

exercise Performance: with an exhalation slowly to raise one leg, without straightening up to the end in a knee joint. With a breath to lower.

Ten - fifteen repetitions for one leg and as much for the second.

For complication of this exercise use a balancing board.

In this exercise the press and a back become stronger.

Before performance of a complex needs to do the small warm-up including walking at fast speed, the circular warming movements for all joints and a backbone.

at the end of occupation is recommended to execute hitch in the form of a stretiching for muscles on which loading fell.

recommends to Carry out this complex two times a week, supplementing with one more cardiotraining to three weekly trainings.

do not forget

about deep muscles, and they will tell you thanks.