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Means for a coquetry of

is difficult to believe that in a narrow flakonchik of ink real magic finds room. But its contents are capable to turn your eyelashes into smart “fans“, color “plumelets“ or sharp “arrows“. And all because today the whole scientific institutes work on creation of this cosmetics.

Before buying new ink, at first solve with what you want to see own eyelashes: long, fluffy or coquettishly curved? Of long eyelashes the woman usually dreams more, than of dense. If you have by nature short eyelashes, then it is possible “to increase“ them by means of the extending ink (Lash Enhancing, Lancaster; Soin Fortifiant, Payot, etc.) . Allowing to dry the previous layer of ink and putting following, it is possible to increase eyelashes considerably.

If you near at hand do not have

the extending ink, then you will be helped out here by such old kind method: earlier women of fashion for lengthening of eyelashes had to use ink in combination with powder. After the next layer of ink the ends of eyelashes were plentifully powdered, and then ink was again applied. And one more nuance - for eyelash extension is better to use not liquid, but classical solid ink.

the Only part of our body to which, as it is known from advertizing, additional volume will never prevent are eyelashes. And if they at you thin and rare, then to you God ordered to use “volume“ ink (Gorgeous Curling, Versace; E`Zup Silky Volume, DeBon and so forth) . This means with dense texture - is its part more wax and paraffin which covers each eyelash with rather thick “clothes“ at the expense of what the effect of dimensions and density is reached. Besides such structure allows ink to keep much longer on eyelashes and not to be showered for the least thing.

of the Eyelash have to be an effective frame of eyes. Therefore if you have direct eyelashes, then use the “bending“ ink (N - r, Wonder Curl, Maybelline). It so will tighten up your eyelashes that they will look naturally fluffy.

the Ink “dressing“ our eyelashes in so attractive dresses, unfortunately, creates to us certain inconveniences. At the most inappropriate moment it leaves slovenly marks on a face, and the rain and snow almost instantly put it out of action. Another matter, if ink resistant. To it these natural cataclysms at all. The only problem which arises at users of this ink - it is difficult to wash away it. But today and it is not a problem - by means of lotion for removal of a make-up for about a century you will easily cope with this inconvenience. Just you have to know accurately - whether your eyes will cope with such “violence“ over themselves or will answer with an unexpected allergy.

But if there is a wish also for that, and that, and it? To carry with itself the whole set of tubes with ink? Anything similar. Today the new flourishes published by the modern cosmetic companies are the real mnogostanochnitsa. They not only give volume (Pure Curl, Clarins), but also at the same time extend (Flextencils, Lancome) and twist eyelashes (Courbe Miroir, Givenchy). Some of them even contain medical ingredients.

“the concept of the movement of color“ fashionable now also extends To ink. The made-up eyelashes become damp and brilliant so even bright shades of ink - claret, violet, Xing - blue, it is gray - green - look dark and saturated, only casting color (Maximeyes, Christian Dior; Distinguish Mascara, Shiseido).

Today the traditional color scale of ink consisting from black, brown, gray, blue and green was replenished practically with all other flowers. For example, white ink creates effect of “hoarfrost“ on tips of eyelashes. Red or it is red - brown will be extravagant addition to a fashionable make-up. Lilac ink too strongly won female hearts: lilac and violet still remain the main flowers of a season - such “fog“ on eyelashes looks very romantically. Xing - blue ink looks extraordinary effectively, especially winter sunny day. Colourless ink perfectly will be suitable for young girls. After its drawing eyelashes become brilliant, and a look - coquettish.

If we exorcized

about color, it will be useful to remind that at all the color variety ink has to be in harmony with skin color, a hair and an eye of the hostess. For example, for the blonde with light skin blue and blue ink is recommended. Gray, brown or black ink perfectly will be suitable for swarty blondes with dark eyes. Brunettes with light eyes can advise darkly - blue, it is dark - green, violet or black ink. If you the dark-eyed brunette, then you need to get for yourself black, brown or it is dark - green ink. White-skinned brown-haired women with blue and gray eyes can use green, brown or violet ink. And here brown-haired women with dark eyes will suit black or brown ink.

such simple, but important cunnings in a make-up as Exist: color of eyes can be made brighter or more dark by means of color ink. For giving to a look of mystery choose ink more dark than color of eyes, and for an iskristost - is slightly lighter. Ink should not be lighter, than color of an eyeliner of a century, - differently an eye “will be lost“. Color ink, especially on light top eyelashes, it is necessary to put from two parties - external and internal. That color of eyes seemed brighter, use color ink - it is so possible to achieve fantastic shades (for example, green eyes with eyelashes of turquoise color will cast a sea wave; and from brown or it is dark - green will turn back olive).

Still remember such important points: eyelashes are painted from roots to tips and slightly extended to an external corner of an eye. Try to find mascara with a convenient brush for your eyes: rare or frequent, “screw“ or “brush“. And still, it is necessary to update ink each 3 - 4 months. Even if you forgot about it, she will remind you of herself: it will begin to be showered with eyelashes.

Of course, radiance of a look first of all depends on your internal state, but also the ink used skillfully is capable of a lot of things too. Depends on how ink is applied and where there passes the line of an eyeliner what will be all your image: natural or vanguard, day or evening.