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What the doctor registered... We give medicine to the baby of

So far as concerns use of medicines for children, parents have to be very attentive. Especially it concerns kids of the first year of life by which medicine is written out for the first time. What rules should be followed at treatment of the baby?

needs to be remembered that undesirable (and sometimes even toxic) the effect of drugs amplify at their wrong application, non-compliance with dosages and frequency rate of reception. Therefore, of course, only the doctor can pick up a preparation, considering its need, age of the kid and shipping of medicine. It is important to parents to follow all instructions of the doctor precisely. Besides, the child it is hard (and children of the first months of life - it is just impossible) to force to open a mouth and to drink medicine. About how it is correct to give the medicine appointed by the doctor, we also will tell in this article. At first we will try to formulate some general rules which should be observed, giving medicine to the baby.

Important rules

Rule first and basic: medicine to the child of early age has to be appointed only by the doctor. This rule is indisputable and obvious, but, unfortunately, it is not always carried out. On any medicine, even the most, apparently, harmless vitamin, there can be undesirable (so-called “side effects“, for example an allergy) also toxic reactions - for example, at excess of an admissible dose. Besides, some medicines can “mask“ an illness.

Rule second: before giving to the child medicine, attentively get acquainted with what is written on a label and a leaf - an insert. Read an inscription on the preparation, pay attention to the term of its validity, appearance, and also to a combination of this preparation to meal and other drugs, possible undesirable reactions and contraindications. It is inadmissible to use preparations expired, incorrectly stored, with damage traces, with the erased and illegible inscription.

Rule third: observe the dose appointed by the doctor, time, a way of reception, frequency rate and duration of application of medicine.


Rule fourth: if the kid refuses drug intake, use simple receptions:

Fifth rule: do not allow the baby to play with drugs at all: it is dangerous. You store them in the place, inaccessible for children. And now - in more detail about different ways of drug intake.

Drug intake through a mouth

Reception of medicines inside - the most widespread way of prescription of medicines in house conditions. The majority of preparations for babies is issued in the liquid state (solutions, syrups, emulsions, suspensions) with measured devices (spoons, beakers, pipettes, syringes, etc.) . Before application medicine in a liquid form needs to be stirred up carefully.

of Feature of procedure. the Kid till 6 months at drug intake is held the same as when feeding that its head was slightly raised. If the child is already able to sit, then it is more convenient to put him to himself on knees, having recorded his legs between knees and holding handles. Smile and with tender words slightly touch cheeks by fingers (at children till 3 months the search reflex did not die away yet) or accurately squeeze cheeks fingers: the mouth of the kid will open, and you will be able to direct medicine directly to destination. If the baby does not open companies and shows resistance, it is possible to try to press a finger on his chin to take away down the lower jaw. If this maneuver does not work well, it is necessary to enter a spoon between teeth or gums (from a cheek) and to carefully turn it an edge - when the mouth of the child opens, enter medicinal solution. Do not hold a nose of the kid at all in order that it opened a mouth: the baby easily can choke. After the child swallowed medicine, let`s wash down it with boiled water of room temperature.

Use of various dosage forms. For house preparation of suspension (most often in such look antibiotics are issued) needs to be added to a bottle with powder the cooled boiled water to the specified tag. Before the use surely stir up ready suspension, otherwise medicine will remain at the bottom of a bottle, and the kid will not receive a medical dose.

Powders also get divorced in water according to the enclosed instruction.

a Number of drugs is produced by

in capsules (for example, some biological products). In this case capsules should be opened, and to dissolve their contents in boiled water.


If to your kid appointed medicine in a tablet , it needs to be pounded in powder between two spoons and to dissolve in a small amount of water. Tablets with one name can be issued in different dosages (for children of different age) therefore upon their purchase in a drugstore ask to pick up the most suitable (that there was no need to divide a tablet). If such need nevertheless is, then divide a tablet very precisely sharp knife. For more exact dosage it is possible to use the disposable syringe without needle. For example, the child needs to give 1/8 tablets: gain exactly 8 ml of boiled water in the syringe, let out in a cup, then pound the whole tablet and dissolve it there, after that gain in the syringe from a cup only 1 ml of solution and let`s drink to the kid. The solution prepared from the pounded tablet can be used only at once after its preparation - it is not subject to storage and is used once; for the following dose of a preparation solution prepares anew.

Only the doctor can pick up a preparation, considering its need.

Important details. If the child srygnut or spat out medicine at once or during 10 - 15 minutes after its reception, then this preparation needs to be given repeatedly in the same dose (an exception means which can be easily overdosed, for example represent warm glycosides, hormones: their application in such cases needs to be coordinated with the doctor). If at the kid vomiting through of 30 - 45 minutes began, does not have need to give it medicine repeatedly as the preparation during this time was already soaked up in intestines.

Never mix medicine with all single volume of dairy mix, and also with those products which the child has to eat constantly (porridge, vegetable or meat mash, cottage cheese, etc.) : the child can not eat up food (so, will not receive a full dose of medicine), and can refuse it at all. The most correct - to use for cultivation of drugs boiled water as other drinks can enter chemical interaction with the components which are a part of medicine that leads to undesirable consequences (reduction of medical action or deterioration in absorption of a preparation). If the child has no allergy, it is possible to dissolve medicine in the sweetened water or the home-made not concentrated compote. In cases when reception of medicine is appointed during food, whenever possible try to give it only when the kid ate at least a half of a usual portion. If medicine very bitter, then the child into whose diet fruit purees are already entered can “disguise“ a preparation in 1 teaspoon of mashed potatoes; the tablet surely should be pounded previously. It is not recommended to give to the child at the same time through a mouth 3 - 4 and more medicines - are desirable to do it with a break in of 10 - 15 minutes. Drugs which are entered in the different ways (for example, a tablet and drops in a nose, etc.) also do not cause in the kid of negative reactions, it is possible to give at the same time (one behind another without interruption).

Efficiency of some drugs which need to be given through a mouth changes depending on meal time: one medicines should be accepted on “an empty stomach“ (in 1 hour prior to food or later 1 - 2 hour after food) as their interaction with food is undesirable or the fast medical effect is necessary; on the contrary, it is desirable to accept other preparations in time or at once after meal from - for their strong irritant action on a mucous membrane of a stomach or a small intestine. The doctor, and also special instructions in the summary to a preparation warns about it.

Exists a number of drugs which are issued in a protective acid resisting cover (for example, Mezim - forte, Pancreatinum), is better not to break their integrity as in a stomach such preparation with the destroyed cover will lose part of medicinal properties, and the dose will be insufficient. In this case it is necessary to specify a dose at the pediatrician or to ask to appoint more convenient dosage form (for example, Kreon in minimicrospheres - microballs with a diameter of of 1,2 - 1,7 mm, the covered acid resisting cover maintaining influence of gastric juice within 45 minutes - 2 hours, depending on rn Wednesdays, and split in the alkaline environment of a duodenum where there is their absorption). About whether it is allowed to divide a tablet, a dragee or a capsule, it is possible to read in the instruction.

Rectal application of drugs

Sometimes for faster occurrence of medical effect or in cases of impossibility of use of medicines through a mouth (vomiting, refusal of the child) are used by candles or medicinal enemas. Introduction of drugs through a rectum is called rectal.

Introduction of candles to

This way of introduction of medicines is especially convenient to

for treatment of children of chest age. Before introduction of a candle it should be warmed at the room temperature (candles store in the refrigerator). The kid needs to be laid on a back, to press the child`s knees to a tummy, to part with two fingers of one hand buttocks and other hand to insert a candle into back pass by the pointed end forward. The candle has to “disappear“ in an anus completely. After its introduction close buttocks and take them in such situation about 1 minute that the candle did not slip out.

it is desirable for kid to enter

of the Candle after a chair. If the defekation occurred within the first 5 minutes after introduction of a candle, then its repeated introduction is necessary. If there passed more time, then contents of a candle managed to be soaked up in a rectum, and this procedure does not need to be repeated.

Statement of enemas

Medicinal (an enema with introduction of medicine) needs to give an enema to

through 15 - 20 minutes after a chair of the kid or after a cleaning enema.


For a cleaning enema (as well as for medicinal) use rubber cylinders (pears) with the soft tip oiled vegetable or vaseline. The volume of the entered liquid for newborns - 25 ml; for children 1 - 2 months - of 30 - 40 ml; 2 - 4 month - 60 ml; 6 - 9 months - of 100 - 150 ml; 9 - 12 months - of 120 - 180 ml; temperature of the entered water - 28 - 30 ° C. It is impossible to give an enema cleaning to the child of early age at sharp belly-aches at all: it can worsen a condition of the kid at sharp surgical pathology (such as sharp intestinal impassability, acute appendicitis, peritonitis, etc.) .


the child on the oilcloth covered from above with a diaper (position of the kid at statement of an enema same, as when using candles). From a cylinder with water let out the air, carefully completely (on of 2 - 3 cm) enter a pear tip a rotary motion into a rectum. Slowly squeezing a cylinder, gradually enter water into intestines. After that the left hand clamp buttocks of the kid and take a tip, without unclenching a cylinder. Some time (2 - 3 minutes) take buttocks in close situation that water poured out from intestines not at once. After the end of procedure of the child it is necessary to wash away.

Introduction of medicine by means of an enema is carried out by

similarly, but in the smaller volume (it the doctor specifies), temperature of the entered solution makes 37 - 38 ° With for the best absorption. After extraction of a tip of a buttock of the child it is necessary to hold closed about 10 minutes that medicine managed to be soaked up.


Local treatment

Outwardly apply various creams, ointments, powders, talkers, water and spirit solutions, etc. They need to be put with clean hands, a gauze tampon or Q-tips.


If the doctor appointed by

to the kid a compress, then it becomes thus: medicine is applied on a gauze tampon, from above the tampon is covered with a wax paper or a tracing-paper (polyethylene films are not used as under them the air-tight space is created and there can be an irritation or a burn of gentle children`s skin). The cotton pad and from above - a gauze napkin of the big size or a piece of fabric is put on paper. For fixing of a compress it is possible to use bandage or an adhesive plaster. The place of a compress has to be in heat constantly.

of the Drop in a nose

Before medicine introduction a nose of the kid needs to be cleared of the accumulated slime and crusts. It becomes by means of a wadded turundochka (the piece of cotton wool twisted in a long strip). In the presence of dense crusts the nose follows previously promat salt solution (Akvamaris, Akvalor, Fiziomer Marimer, etc.; it is possible to use the usual 0,9% physiological solution bought in a drugstore or prepared independently - 1/2 teaspoon of table salt on a glass of boiled water).

of the Drop (it is desirable room temperature) is dug in by means of a pipette or a special tip with which this preparation is issued (for children till 2 years nasal sprays are not used - possibly application of preparations only in drops as the kid can choke). Ointment is applied previously on a wadded turunda, and then is brought by rotary motions in nasal passes. The child should be taken on hands, holding his handles and a head, or to put on a back on a pelenalny little table. Without touching with a pipette a nose, drops enter at first into one nostril and at once turn the child`s head towards this half of a nose. Then the same amount of solution is entered into the second nostril. After this kid it is necessary to take a little on hands in lying situation.

Ear drops

Before an instillation of drops in an ear needs to warm up medicinal solution up to the temperature of 37 ° With, having put a bottle in warm water. Lay the kid on a little table for swaddling or take it on hands, sideways a sore ear up. In the presence of pus very accurately clear external acoustical pass by a wadded turundochka. Delay the left hand an auricle for a lobe a little from top to bottom, dig a preparation and take the child in such situation several minutes. It is possible on 5 - 10 minutes to close an ear a cotton wool piece.

Drug intake has to be regular and occur in due time

Introduction of medicinal substances by means of the turunda impregnated with them to children till 1 year perhaps only after training in this equipment at the ENT SPECIALIST - the doctor as children of this age have a short external acoustical pass and wide that increases risk of injury of an eardrum.

the Compress on an ear becomes the same as on usual skin; feature of this procedure is only that the gauze tampon with medicinal a preparation, adjacent to skin, is cut vertically and is put on a sick ear, and the ear is covered with dry fabric. The following layer of a compress - a wax paper, then a cotton pad (in case of the warming compress), from above - a big gauze napkin or a piece of fabric. It is the best of all to fix a compress by means of bandage. Over a compress the hat is put on.

Eye drops

the Instillation should be carried out by

to eyes while the child does not cry. Put the baby on a back on a little table for swaddling or take on hands; surely record a forehead of the kid. If on eyes of the child there is a slime, pus or crusts, they need to be removed previously (for each eye separate cotton wool or the wadded disk moistened in boiled water, the direction of the movement - from an external corner of an eye to internal is used). Then it is necessary to delay a little a lower eyelid and to dig medicine between a lower eyelid and an eyeball. It is not necessary to drip medicine directly approximately because it is very unpleasant and ineffective (the child blinks, and all medicine follows). Try to drip for a lower eyelid where the necessary quantity of a preparation will get to the tank for tears (a conjunctival bag), it will be absorbed and will begin to work. Try that the pipette did not touch an eye. Blot with a wadded tampon the remains of drops at an internal corner of an eye. If your kid began to cry after drops, at the same time plentiful dacryagogue was noted, then this procedure should be repeated. it is the best of all for p to use

For a mortgaging of eye ointment a pure glass rake as at ointment expression directly from a tube it is possible to wound an eye of the kid incidentally. Ointment is put for a lower eyelid.

of Inhalation to children of early age are carried out by

of Inhalation by means of special devices - inhalers or nebulizers (so call ultrasonic and compressor inhalers). To children till 1 year of inhalation over steam without inhaler are not carried out as danger to burn the child is high. For inhalations special children`s nozzles are used (masks, nasal tips etc.) . The child is held opposite to a spray, and he just inhales the sprayed liquid. Shout of the kid does not prevent carrying out inhalations as he continues to breathe the sprayed medicine through an open mouth. Inhalations can be carried out and when the baby sleeps.

Remember that the child (especially in the first months of life) thinly feels your mood, and to it your confidence in need of the treatment appointed by the doctor is very important

. If you had any questions and doubts, surely consult to the pediatrician. Be attentive, patient, tender and careful!