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Britain for family rest of

Planning of travel to other country - business difficult, and with a family - especially. Too inconsistent desires arise at members of household: give one the museums and cultural values, to another - shopping and delicacies of ethnic cuisine, and younger family members demand something fantastic and mysterious. All these pleasures rolled into one can be found in Great Britain.

This country is not so often considered as tourist alternative to warm resorts or “nayezzhenny“ European routes. And in vain. There is an opinion that to receive the British visa - business dreary, accommodation and other tourist pleasures stand too expensive, and sights it is not visible from - for rains and fog.

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with the fact that it is possible to submit the application directly from the house on the website www. Visa4UK. fco. gov. uk. Then with the completed questionnaire and accompanying documents it is necessary to visit the Visa center. Already on the place biometric data are given (it is for this purpose not necessary to soil fingers in ink as in old detectives, and just to press them to a glass plate of the scanner). And the tourist visa from five working days (90% of statements) to one month is made out.

Weather in Britain hospitable: with soft winters and without suffocating summer heat. Temperatures are far from extreme, foggy Albion is more likely harmonious “golden mean“. And, every season in Britain it is unique in own way. In the spring when everything blossoms, in towns and settlements traditional festivals are held. During spring travel over the country it is possible to see such miracle as the boundless blossoming fields it is bright - yellow narcissuses on coast of the lake Alzuoter in the Lake-land.

Summer - time of beach entertainments, games in tennis and golf, and, of course, visits of the Pink garden of the lock Gever in Kent. In a garden about 3000 roses blossom, here once met and Henry VIII and Anna Boleyn fell in love with each other.

it is the best of all for p to visit the Scottish highlands in the Fall or to admire the majestic estate Chatsvort - one of the most beautiful country estates. Many parks in Great Britain are especially picturesque in the fall - for example, botanical park Uyestonbert Arboretum in the County of Gloucestershire.

in the Winter of entertainments have less

: festivities and a ceremony of “ignition of fires“ on Oxford Street, Christmas Carols on the Trafalgar Square or celebration of Christmas in Rochester in style of times of the Queen Victoria (locals dress up in suits of characters of Dickens and arrange parades with candles).

Well, and at last, about English “high cost“. It is possible to find entertainments and luxury services practically in any country, and here with favorable offers it is usually worse. But not in Great Britain. There will be both comfortable family hotels, and unique discounts. Visit of many historical monuments and theme parks is free at all. For example, park Dzhesmond Dean in New - Kasle with his charming rural landscapes, rocks and falls. In the same place the architectural monument Hadrian`s Wall is located - it is 2000 - summer the Roman military strengthening is included in the list of the world heritage. And from the hill “Artur`s Throne“ it is possible to admire fascinating views of Edinburgh and to meet sunrise. By the way, to learn more about discounts and favorable offers, about the most interesting places for visit in various British cities it is possible on the website www. yourbritain. ru.

In Great Britain can acquire the “family“ ticket which is the admission more than to 580 historical places, locks, national gardens and parks. The ticket works on big, to the Russian measures, a family - two adults and three children, and costs - as on one adult. You win not only in cost: tiresome expectation in turns in the popular museums will not be a problem now. With the “family“ ticket it is possible to visit the palace of the king Henry VIII on the Thames (in his labyrinths children adore playing at hide-and-seek), William the Conqueror`s lock or the well-known lock Alnik in whom “Harry Potter“ was removed.

Kids for certain will be delighted with the museum of toys of Pollock with an exhibition of teddy bears, dolls, toy theaters and scenery. And “The wax museum of Madame Tussauds“ or “Sherlock Holmes Museum“ will fascinate not only children, but also their parents. However, it belongs not only to the museums. Travel to this amazing country will leave nobody indifferent. There is a wish to come back again and again. And if you do not trust - check on own experience.