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Sex after Caesarian

Some women want to renew quicker the sexual relations, some - want to delay as long as possible this moment, and some - feel pain and discomfort. Sexual activity at all different therefore there is no ideal answer which would suit all at once. Nevertheless, there are several councils which can help you.

When it is already safe to em to begin with

the sexual relations?

Most of doctors and experts will tell

to you that it is necessary to wait near 4 - 6 weeks after Cesarean section before renewing the sexual relations. An explanation for it is that it is better to wait when your body comes to its normal, healthy state. This period of restoration just borrows near of 4 - 6 weeks. Though are doctors who do not advise to have sex earlier, than there will pass not less than 8 weeks after Cesarean section, and there are doctors who say that you can begin the sexual relations at once as soon as want it. Nevertheless, the reasonable option would be to wait for the termination of bleeding and the beginning of restoration of an organism.

of Opinion disperse. How to learn that it is acceptable for you?

many factors which the doctor will take into account in your individual case Are. Nevertheless, there are concerns from - for developing of an infection and postnatal bleedings. There are they sometimes from - for the fact that people hurry to begin postnatal sex or do not follow recommendations of the doctor.

When the placenta separates from a uterus, she creates a wound which is one of the reasons of postnatal bleeding. Therefore, sex or use of a tampon, without having waited for the corresponding healing of this wound, can provoke an infection.

really you So have to wait for several weeks? Many women so do not do though it is very much recommended that waited. If you want to minimize risk of developing of an infection, wait for that moment when allocation of lokhiya stops. This reasonable decision.

to you can seem to

At renewal of the sexual relations as if you in it again the beginner. There can be pain, you, most likely, will fluctuate or be very cautious for the first time. But it is normal. It is not dependent on when you renewed the sexual relations, it will want to you that it was slowly and very carefully.


Pain at sex after Cesarean section

Sometimes is said that renewal of the sexual relations is as though to be again a virgin. It is useful to remember that your connecting fabrics, muscles and ligaments have to be a little stretched before all is as before.

It is possible, you had no sex several weeks, and your bodies as though “stiffened“ a little. It is normal therefore it is necessary to work slowly, without breakthroughs.

Happens that pain does not pass even 12 weeks later or more after Caesarian. The best that you can make is to consult to the doctor, to listen to the body and to do as is the most comfortable to you until pain leaves. If your doctor told that sex can already have and everything is all right, then just cope with pain persistence. Do all slowly, accurately, and soon at you everything will be adjusted.