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Whether why it does not go to the doctor of

you who such men Know? If briefly to tell, it beings who are badly protected from diseases and stresses and, in addition, reluctantly see doctors. What allows to carry this half of the human race to risk group.

Man`s diseases

He is proud of the endurance: “Yes I and with a temperature of 40 am capable to operate my firm!“ So in a western the seriously wounded the cowboy in five seconds jumps on legs and continues to scorch on the left and to the right or to jump from roofs.

It is unfair that in medicine expression “female diseases“ use much more often than “man`s diseases“. Women live in our country on average on 10 - 12 years longer. And you will not explain it with one military operations. Apparently, women`s hormone estrogen protects health from the most dangerous diseases better. And the man`s XY set of chromosomes is responsible also for predisposition to many diseases, and for risky behavior. So in respect of health it is the floor with limited opportunities needing special approach.

Protect men! They:
  • participate in acts of violence more often;
  • take tobacco and alcohol more often;
  • make the majority among bums, the HIV - infected of addicts, inhabitants of prisons;
  • are made less often by suicide attempts, but nevertheless perish three times more often from suicides as their attempts are “more successful“
  • four times more often than women are ill heart diseases, is twice more often - liver diseases;
  • three times more often suffer from a hyperactivity in the childhood;
  • at them the color blindness, hemophilia, leukemia, a dyslexia meets more often;
  • at last, for the unclear reasons of boys is conceived more often - but they more often and perish as a result of spontaneous abortion on early terms of pregnancy

Boys do not cry and are not ill

Should remembering that to the typical man to go to the doctor extremely difficult. Probably, it also makes a considerable contribution that the average man lives less. He is inclined to wait, intolerable pains or obvious symptoms will not develop yet:“ While I stand on the legs, I will not go there“. Why it occurs? it is a shame to p to be ill

  1. According to cultural man`s stereotypes, the illness is a sign of weakness. And if it is a shame to be ill, then it is a shame to ask someone for the help with an occasion of the weakness doubly. So for it visit to the doctor is equivalent to humiliation.
  2. the Man by the nature is suspicious
  3. : too trustful man seems silly whereas this quality quite often decorates the woman. His consciousness is rational, it is inclined to the analysis and constant scepticism. How he can entrust the precious health to some doctor?
  4. to
  5. Still to it is disturbed by fear of the unknown. Experience of communication of the woman with medicine, especially if she bore and gave birth to the child, it is much more.
  6. the Man in general is inclined to risk - in particular to risk by health:“ Perhaps as - nibud itself will pass“.
  7. At last, the passive role of the patient does not correspond to a male role: to wait, receive the recipe, to submit to unclear procedures. It deprives the man of feeling that “I am responsible for my life“, and causes fear as any uncontrollable situation.

the Big man`s secret

I Will open for you a big man`s secret (only never say to darling that you know about it!): behind all this bravado the scared child hides. Paradoxically, but the fact - secretly the man worries about the health more, than the woman who calls at once and registers in reception. He is afraid of physical pain more and secretly imagines the dangerous diseases more often. But, as “boys do not cry“, he is obliged to keep these experiences in himself - sometimes even out of the consciousness. And partly it does not go to the doctor because is afraid of the diagnosis. He feels:“ Until the diagnosis is made, I am healthy“, but this children`s flight from a problem. He endures all this pain secretly, silently, about himself - and therefore avoids thoughts of the doctor. The woman in this sphere is much more adult. Therefore you can help darling. Especially as the concern on his illnesses by all means becomes a problem of your health.

How to help it to see a doctor He tells


:“ Yes well, with me everything is all right, will pass“. But you are disturbed seriously by its health. The way to health of the man lies through the woman. You it is more competent here. Therefore help it:

do not forget

that visit in itself to the doctor for it - a severe stress though he does not admit that.

by What
the doctor is shown to the man
What qualities the doctor with whom it will be easier for the man possesses: It does not show to
  • the competence and superiority (that is does not challenge the man to secret competition:“ who here from us the cleverest“, that is does not add excess tension to a stress of the visit). Fortunately, the competence of the expert is higher, the it is less at him requirement it to show.
  • the Man cooperates more willingly with the doctor when he keeps feeling of control over the events. From this it follows that the optimum “man`s“ doctor has to explain all appointments and procedures in detail: that, why, as it works. Then the man feels intellectual control over the treatment.
  • For the same reason the good doctor for the man should not authoritatively order to the patient to make
  • - and se - but to include the patient in discussion of the plan of inspection and treatment. Sometimes suggesting the patient most to choose one of two - three alternatives.
  • He has to show
  • to the man that not the doctor, but the patient is responsible for the health. And the doctor is just his assistant and the necessary resource

First of all, give it the chance to talk about the alarms. “I am disturbed by your head. And what you think?“ If it is able to express the emotions, the stress will decrease, and it will be easier for it to make the rational decision.


that prevents it to see a doctor. It transfers conversation to the rational soil and puts a health problem in a row of other everyday problems. Perhaps, you will hear an excuse: “There is no time“. Show that time for it is. Use logic: if we find out that everything is all right, we will calm down; if the problem is, it should be solved.

At last, remains tactics:“ Descend only for the sake of me“. It is not the best tactics: it, perhaps, will go, but then with smaller hunting will follow the plan of treatment. Because it is not its own “project“. However, sometimes anything else does not remain, but it is better to leave this tactics as a last resort.

How to benefit at most from its visit to the doctor

To visit to the doctor talk about symptoms. Men speak about the body much less often and their dictionary is poor here. So, if he complains that “the stomach hurts“, specify where how and when. It will allow it to describe more precisely the state on reception at the doctor.

the Average woman during visit to the doctor asks

6 questions, the average man - 0 questions. In advance discuss that it is important to it to learn. It is possible to write down these problems on a leaflet. Be convinced that he talked about all important: male pride often forces it to hide or to underestimate the symptoms.


to it that conversation with the doctor should be begun with the most important subject of concern (men quite often begin with trifles, and then on the main thing there is no time left). In other words, to talk about 2 - 3 things, which it (and you) actually disturb. And to do it without saying goodbye to the doctor in the doorway, and from first seconds of conversation.

Nothing prevents you to accompany with

the man to the doctor and to talk to the doctor. In this environment you feel more surely: help to accustom to the new world to darling.

If an opportunity is, choose the doctor suitable on style.