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Role of the man in the partner sorts

  1. Joint with the woman transformation of process of childbirth into harmonious, joyful, natural process.
  2. the Man covers in general all childbirth, knows what occurs at every moment what to do during the different periods of childbirth to it and the woman: what type of breath to use to what to make massage. If the woman is too keen on process of childbirth and does not pay attention to the breath: breathes, and the face, lips, a humeral belt strain, or is surprised with the new feelings, states, the man helps, reminds, prompts that needs to be done.
  3. If childbirth is carried out by
  4. together, then all receptions are twice more effective, quicker, easier, more joyfully. It is more interesting to sing a duet at the time of fights, than one.

That is done by the man

  1. Breathes during fights and attempts together with the woman, considers (during attempts) aloud for control of duration of a breath, an exhalation. Shows, prompts how to breathe if the woman forgot, strained etc.
  2. Improves oratorical abilities: talks, distracts, makes laugh, entertains, tells jokes, one sings popular songs or a duet with the wife, thinks out the images promoting disclosure of a neck of a uterus (the revealing flower bud, etc.).
  3. Makes with the wife the physical exercises promoting faster and harmonious course of process of childbirth (walking by a goose step, on all fours, with highly raised knees, a pose of “wisdom“, etc.) . On the husband, besides, it is possible to hang for a while and relax.
  4. is Done to the woman by massage:
    • weakening if the woman has clips or tension;
    • of rodostimuliruyushchiya;
    • soothing;
    • pounds
    • , strokes a waist and a stomach.
  5. Skilfully contacts to doctors. Traces all their recommendations, medicamentous interventions during childbirth. Accurately feels all process of childbirth, solves whether medical interventions are necessary in general.

during fights

When not really strong contractions begin li, the woman breathes evenly: into 4 - 5 accounts and a breath, also exhaled. The man considers and breathes together with it. Breath with a delay is also possible: into 4 accounts a breath, on 2 - a delay, on 4 - an exhalation. The man controls this process and watches that the woman had no hyperventilation.

during fights can apply various poses to the best relaxation: a pose of “wisdom“, on all fours, on cards; standing one leg on a chair; it is simple to go; to go, highly raising knees. It is possible to do massage of a stomach, a sacrum, a back, shoulders, necks...

Still can use singing and figurative representations. For example, to represent a gold tunnel on which the kid leaves in life and to sing a mantra “Aum“. Singing of vowels “and“, “about“, “at“ helps face muscles to relax that is positively reflected in the general psychophysical state. Singing of lyrical songs with the lasting vowels is also useful:“ In the field the birch stood “, “ oh, a frost, a frost“, etc.

Massage of rodostimuliruyushchy points:

When fights amplify, “dog breath“ of 10 - 12 times, then a deep breath - an exhalation is applied.

Along with breath can practice a pose of “cow“ or a pose of “child“.

At peak of fights it is good to p to sing mid-flight and patriotic songs “Rise Fires“, etc. The fights are stronger, the songs are more rhythmical.

during attempts breath according to the scheme: 1 - 2 - 3 (breath) 4 - 5 (delay) 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 (to make an effort). During fight to make an effort 3 times, and then to have a rest. The man needs to watch that the woman did not strain a face muscle, a neck and shoulders, and made an effort a press.