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11 man`s brands to which it is worth paying attention of

In Moscow appeared many good and rare man`s design brands about which very few people know.

the Man`s fashion is so various

now that it is optional to limit itself checked by Tom Ford or Zegna. Every season any good shop tries to find new curious brands. Earlier with aspiration spoke about the Belgian and Japanese wave, quite recently - about Scandinavian, speak about everything today at once and love eternal values. Italians, as usual, the best in skin and cashmere (Giorgio Brato and Annapurna). Japanese still slightly mentally ill people (Lumen et Umbra and Julius) also adore black. And the most sensible jeans turn out at Americans (P. R. P. S.)

1. Lumen et Umbra

the Brand based by the Japanese designer Issey Fujita who lives the last 10 years in Italy. Fujita was engaged in the photo much - creating clothes, he often uses different visual effects: for example, in the last autumn Lumen et Umbra collection there were t-shirts with prints of shadows of trees which very much remind a negative. In the whole Lumen et Umbra - it is the Japanese vanguard, but careful. There are parks and trousers from rough cotton, soft jackets with a hood and undershirts of unusual textures. To us the brand only - was only brought.

of Leform, Dmitrovsky Lane, 7, (495) 660 02 80, 660 02 81, pn. - vs. 11. 00 - 22. 00, www. leform. ru

2. Adam Kimmel

of New - the York architect Adam Kimmel began with clothes for companions - musicians. About it people from French heard a concept - a stor of Colette and suggested to create for them a capsular collection (the collection of the invited designer released limited circulation). Soon there was an Adam Kimmel brand which registered in the well-known multibrand shops - Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue in New - York, the London Dover Street Market and Milan 10 Corso Como. Kimmel wears big glasses in a horn frame, is on friendly terms with a nu - York musical bohemia, at the same time its things is very good casual clothes. Woolen coats, jackets and trousers in a scar, velveteen jackets, cozy cardigans, plaid shirts (from 15 000 rubles).

of Magazin, Kuznetsky Bridge St., 20, (495) 623 78 88

3. Damir Doma

Damir Doma is the Croat who grew up in Germany and perekhavshiya to Antwerp where worked for the Raf Simmons and Dirk Schoenberger companies. In 2006 Doma based own brand - something on a joint of the Japanese esthetics and futurism: the volume raincoats intercepted by a belt and trousers - wide trousers. Less artistically long Tolstoyans on a lightning (about 20 000 rubles) look, for example, slightly asymmetric jackets are also good.

of Podium Concept Store, Kuznetsky Bridge St., 14, (495) 926 15 35

4. Christian Peau

the Christian Peau Footwear, despite the French name, is from Japan. It is made on samples of the European shoemakers 19 - go centuries, but with application of modern Japanese technologies. As a result turn out it is sensible the made old men`s boots (about 27 000 rubles) of a curious form. They approach both jeans, and suits, and from socks look only better. Christian Peau in a new collection have also bright gym shoes, but boots nevertheless it is more unusual.

of Leform, Dmitrovsky Lane, 7, (495) 660 02 80, 660 02 81, pn. - vs. 11. 00 - 22. 00, www. leform. ru

5. Annapurna

is made by

Under the Italian Annapurna brand (called in honor of the Himalaya mountain of Annapurn where the Kashmir goats are found) excellent clothes from cashmere. The foundress of the company Barney`s Aida received the award “For Merits in Work“ from the president of Italy, she is called the queen of cashmere. The main merit of Barney is that it thought up new technology - things of Annapurna match from the double twisted thread that allows them to hold a form better. For men Annapurna have sweaters and caps (30 000 and 7000 rubles respectively) from “impressive“ cashmere in a braid. And always the good choice of flowers - quiet gray or blue.

Central Department Store, Petrovka St., 2, (495) 933 33 99, pn. - sb. 10. 00 - 22. 00, vs. 11. 00 - 22. 00, www. tsum. ru

6. Boris Bidjan Saberi

Boris Bidyan Saberi is the favourite fashion - bloggers, half the German, half the Iranian from Munich. Lets out collections since 2006 also it is considered that works at a joint of street culture and a gothic style - balakhonisty cardigans, difficult cut out jackets, trousers and jackets, by all means with hoods. From less radical things - scarfs and caps (about 8000 rubles) from gentle jersey which are very beautifully draped.

of Podium Concept Store, Kuznetsky Bridge St., 14, (495) 926 15 35

7. Yves Salomon

of Yves Salomon is generally smart female furs, with flagman shop on Parisian Saint - Honore and collaborations with different fashionable houses like Sonia Rykiel. The brand is based by the French hereditary furrier Yves Solomon and is extremely authoritative fur enterprise. But the main thing that should be known about this brand to men, - for them at Yves Salomon is the Army Furs line: jackets, furred, for example rabbit and fox. Jackets extremely courageously, and at the expense of fur they also very warm look. Stand near € 1500, we have about 70 000 rubles.

of Leform, Dmitrovsky Lane, 7, (495) 660 02 80, 660 02 81, pn. - vs. 11. 00 - 22. 00, www. leform. ru

8. Giorgio Brato

of Giorgio Brato - brand of Italian Giorgio Brasha. These are jackets from the thin skin painted and sometimes cunning washed, from - for what it is from far away similar to a dzhinsa. Surprising finishing, an unusual cut, mass of fine details, a beautiful lining, pleasant colors - a Giorgio Brato jacket does not turn to call language an ordinary leather jacket. The long leather jacket - park on a woolen lining costs 70 000 rubles, thin leather - are cheaper. Giorgio Brato also have a sports line - WLG: cozy knitted Tolstoyans, undershirts and trousers.

of Podium Concept Store, st. Kuznetsky Bridge, 14, (495) 926 15 35

9. P. R. P. S.

Jeans brand P. R. P. S. American Donvan Harell - the former designer of Nike based. On a label - the chubby cupid on crutches and with a bandage. To untwist a brand, Donovan dispatched boxes with the jeans (sewed from the African cotton on the Japanese technologies) to families Bekhemov, Kruzov, Pittov, and we designate to Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves. Parcels accepted. Beckham, Cruz, Pitt and Willis began to walk in jeans P. R. P. S. - their admirers wanted such jeans too. In America they cost about $500, we have about 18 000 rubles.

of Podium Concept Store, Kuznetsky Bridge St., 14, (495) 926 15 35

10. Julius

of Julius was based by Japanese Tatsuro Horikava, about brand it is accepted to say that it is “Rick Owens meets 22nd century Tokyo“ - rough boots, tight “wrinkled“ leather jackets, soft jackets from a combination of cashmere and the area, the dismissed knitted scarfs. But at the same time brand quite accurate: uneven seams and attritions moderately. It is visible that the designer unusual, but creates things wearable, not only for creative persons.

of James, Tverskaya St., 28, (495) 937 94 47, pn. - vs. 11. 00 - 22. 00, www. jamesproject. ru

11. Carol Christian Poell

Carol Christian Poyeel is the Austrian living in Milan. To brand 15 years, recently the designer was in creative thought and let out only on one collection a year - experts wait for everyone with a sinking heart. Poel does generally very beautiful leather things. In “Podium“, for example, the jacket from fat skin which as if dipped half into the boiling pitch - and it stiffened is on sale. There are still easy leather jackets which somehow are so cunning processed that it is necessary to guess that they with them did: cooked? rolled up in asphalt? At the same time they do not look as things for an art - performances - they want to be carried. The “pitch“ jacket costs 227 000 rubles, thin jackets - about 50 000 rubles.

of Podium Concept Store, Kuznetsky Bridge St., 14, (495) 926 15 35