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Ideal forms

the Beautiful and high breast are not only genetics, but also the correct leaving. However even in our educated woman`s century still use grandmother`s recipes and trust popular myths.

Myth 1. The young breast does not need leaving

Actually: in youth there is no need to apply the anti-aging means tightening and increasing elasticity. However it is necessary to moisten a breast and a zone of a decollete since early years. The skin in this area deprived of sebaceous glands is very vulnerable and easily loses moisture. To avoid peelings, unhealthy color, and, above all, premature withering, regularly use the moisturizing cream, for example, with vegetable oils, hitozany, extracts of rosemary and an aloe belief. At any age it is necessary to protect a breast from an ultraviolet. In the summer even in the city use means with UV - filters, and after holiday within a month do masks with seaweed and vitamin E.

Myth 2. Special exercises help to increase the breast size

Actually: a breast - not bicepses which mass increases power trainings. Even if to train daily till several hours, the first size will never become the third. However there is also pleasant news - a special set of exercises it is possible to keep beautiful shape of a breast, to make it more elastic and to prevent an obvisaniye.

Myth 3. Modern creams tighten the fallen bust and return it a youthful form

Actually: you should not overestimate possibilities of modern cosmetics. If the shape of a breast already seriously changed, it will be possible to correct it only in an office of the surgeon and that not always doctors guarantee desirable result. However, at insignificant deterioration in turgor of skin creams - just what is necessary. It is worth giving preference to products with collagen, elastin, plant extracts (a tsentella Asian, a ginkgo of a bilob, etc.) mineral complex. Well proved also the placentary means belonging to the class of cosmeceuticals. You should not wait for instant transformation - the corresponding cosmetics needs to be applied daily during few months.

Myth 4. Extensions on a breast are after the delivery inevitable

Actually: here everything depends on specific features of skin, your age and course of the pregnancy. Than you it is younger and healthier, that more strong collagenic fibers of epidermis, respectively, the probability of emergence of extensions decreases. However you should not neglect it anyway. In assortment it is presented many means preventing emergence of striya now. The best - what flavonoids, coenzyme Q10, proteins, essential oils (almonds, wheat germs, a geranium) contain. It is necessary to put means 2 times a day, softly rubbing in “risk zones“. It is important to begin a preventive course on the third month of pregnancy - only in this case you will do without extensions. If artful striya nevertheless appeared, use saloon procedures. Extensions are removed a median peeling trikhloruksusny acid, laser polishing, cryotherapy. Remember that similar procedures during pregnancy cannot be carried out!

of Exercise for a breast
  1. Get up directly, hands on a belt. time at the same time you allocate for 25 - 30 elbows back and come back to a starting position.
  2. Connect hands at the level of a breast and with effort press palms at each other. Through 10 - 15 seconds relax. Repeat exercise of 15 times.
  3. we Arm with
  4. with an expander. Sit down on a chair, straighten shoulders and pull an expander before yourself, parting hands widely aside. Raise hands up, then fall, for several seconds relax and repeat on new.
  5. Get up directly, in turn spin hands. It is possible to take small dumbbells. 10 - 15 approaches for each hand.
it is desirable for li to do This set of exercises at least, than once in two days. Besides, it is worth paying attention to push-ups and, certainly, to a classical method of straightening of a bearing - circulation on the room with the book on the head.

Myth 5. If during a diet to lean on cabbage, the breast will not lose in a size

Actually: the fact that from cabbage the breast grows was heard by each of us. However at adult women the number of consumption of cabbage will not influence the bra size in any way, and here the diet is just capable to change volumes not to the best. The breast, as well as any part of a body, grows thin at reduction of lump and increases at a weight set. You will be able to make nothing with it, only to keep a form and not to allow an obvisaniye and extension of skin. Rule № 1: to do without sharp fluctuations of weight. It is necessary to grow thin gradually, losing no more of 3 - 4 kg for a month. Rule № 2: to strenuously support a breast during a diet, generously supplying it with proteins, amino acids, peptides. Here the strengthening means, creams and serums against extensions, lifting products will be useful. It is possible to indulge himself and saloon procedures - in some Spa - the centers wrappings for a breast and a zone of a decollete offer now. They deeply nourish and moisten skin, restore the damaged collagenic fibers and even possess the easy modeling functions.

Comment of the expert
Oleg Leonidovich Nikitin, plastic surgeon of the highest category of clinic “Lantset“:“ The plastic surgery of mammary glands includes reconstructive (restoration of the lost or absent mammary gland) and an esthetic mammoplastika (a reconstruction of beauty of your breast). The esthetic mammoplastika is always directed to improvement of a shape of mammary glands, however in some cases assumes change of volume of a breast - increase or reduction. Lifting of mammary glands (mastopeksiya) can be carried out without change of volume, with increase in volume (implants are used) or with reduction of volume of mammary glands. Any surgical intervention is a certain risk. However, in my opinion, degree of risk of complications in esthetic surgery of mammary glands is not so high. It is connected with the fact that before appointing to the patient operation, we very carefully examine her, we weigh together with it all pros and cons and we make the decision, proceeding from a set of factors, including esthetic preferences of the patient, existence of contraindications, etc.
after a mammoplastika can distinguish the following From surgical complications: hematoma, suppuration of a postoperative wound, Seram, skin necrosis. Fortunately, it happens extremely seldom: the existing measures of prevention allow to reduce risk of unsatisfactory result.

Myth 6. If not to wear a bra, the breast will quickly droop

Actually: at the size 75A carrying linen - an esthetics question. It is unlikely without it to you it will be comfortable in a white t-shirt or a translucent blouse. And here at more expressed forms really not to do without bra - it supports a breast, gives it the beautiful form and creates a seductive depression in the ground. The most important - to pick up linen it is accurate by the size. Too close bodice breaks blood circulation and brings a lot of discomfort. Too free - in fact it is useless and inconvenient. Do not save on this subject of clothes! The ideal bra has to be made of natural materials (cotton, silk), to adjoin densely to a breast, but not to squeeze it. If you buy a bodice with stones, track that their edges were well stitched and did not stick into skin. Do not forget, the more you have a size, the more widely there have to be straps. You carry linen with porolonovy inserts less often - it is not really useful for skin.

the bra is necessary for

Irrespective of parameters during sports activities. Give preference to seamless linen - it does not allow a breast “to jump“ during exercises and at the same time does not injure gentle skin.

Myth 7. If the breast drooped, it does not matter! It is possible to bring up her by means of surgical intervention

Actually: lifting of a breast - the same operation which is performed under the general anesthesia and has the contraindications and side effects. During tightening the surgeon does a section and excises necessary amount of the fallen fabrics. Modern technologies allow to work through a small puncture, however the hem all the same will remain. In certain cases there is no opportunity to arrange it in an axillary hollow. Then the scar will decorate to a nipple aura, and it, you see, not really - that is beautiful. Besides, if in the future you grow thin, the breast can repeatedly droop, and it will be much more difficult to correct its form. Even loss of weight in 5 kg is fraught with considerable changes in a bust form. The same can occur and after the delivery therefore operation is recommended to be performed to women after 40, not planning repeated pregnancies.