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What is necessary for psychological vampires of

Thanks to fashionable books and movies - about ordinary vampires, ghouls and vampires we know practically everything. Fortunately, so far they meet only there where they were placed by authors and directors. But there are still other kinds of evil spirits - power and psychological vampires. How to be with them? Especially as they - that just wander among us...


Faces and masks of psychological vampires


It is similar to the insatiable Romanian count - the blood-sucker, psychological vampires constantly are engaged in exhaustion of mental juice at people around: relatives, colleagues, friends, casual acquaintances, at all unfamiliar, first comers... They do it absolutely unconsciously, any vampires of, certainly, do not consider, but “blood spoil“ can much. Not to fall into clutches artful psychological vampires and to avoid a fate of the donor, first of all it is necessary to learn to distinguish villains from respectable citizens. Than we now will also be engaged.

On a legend vampires are able to turn perfectly into bats, wolves, foxes, birds and even a cloudlet of steam, easily can bewitch so by voice and hypnotize a look, as itself will not notice how you will hold up a neck for a sting. Their psychological relatives are great masters of transformation and masking too. No, there are, of course, those who “vampirit“ in opened, but often come across such whom you will not suspect of blood-thirsty bents at all.

Aggressive Tirana

These monsters do not even mask. Humiliating, teaching, criticizing, offending others, trying to touch more feasibly and more painfully to prick, they in every possible way provoke people around to the open conflict. Their purpose - to discompose the person, to spoil mood, and then “to drink its krovushka“, to be loaded with vital energy. Then the tyrant some time feels very much even not bad.

to Torment with

people around - their vital need, requirement which they constantly seek to realize, only humiliating others, such people tower, feel strong and significant, great and powerful. In a word - live.

such people get

From where they undertake

the abilities, as a rule, in the childhood. All know that any child needs parental attention and heat: the fairy tales told for the night and lullabies of a song, joint walks, interesting occupations and games. Receiving less attention of mother and the father, testing an acute shortage of warm feelings from their party, hearing constantly “To me there is no time!“ and “Leave alone!“ the little person is simply forced to provoke the conflicts with parents that though in such a way to capture their attention. Also leaves that, having only turned at breakfast a plate with porridge or having given all stock of “bad“ words acquired in kindergarten in the presence of guests, he receives wholly what he wanted - parents begin on it though somehow to react. Mother with the father break and fly into a rage, and the child, strangely enough, calms down - he was recharged.

from such, deprived of attention children, our today`s heroes - aggressive vampires - the tyrants who since the childhood acquired grow up:“ That to achieve something, it is necessary to provoke scandal“. The conflict environment is for them a power source.

“Sufferers“ to

If Aggressive Tirana it is visible to

far off, then these “bloodsuckers“ carefully mask.

They can be to us in an image of the eternal “patients“ who are in great need in our active participation; lovely, but very unhappy employees - lovers to be cried in a vest;“ the poor“ relatives, helpless and uncomfortable (not to do them without you in any way), and other “humiliated“ and “offended“.

These psychological vampires do the dirty deed stealthily, pull vital energy quietly and imperceptibly. Far not at once in the poor, timid loser it is possible to make out the blood-thirsty descendant of the count Dracula.

of Special words are deserved by the imaginary invalids savouring details of the of “heavy and long illnesses“ with sadistic refinement. They try to obtain everything that it is necessary for them, “getting sick“, manipulating human compassion. Very often occur among already elderly parents who, without wishing to release the overage children in “free floating“, in adulthood, represent, if something happens, heart attack or affect fatally sick.

From where they undertake

As well as in a case with Aggressive Tyrants, lifestyle of “Sufferers“ arose in their childhood. Someone, having realized what pleasant benefits are given them by an illness (and control it is possible to avoid, and at home it is surrounded with special attention), such way of leaving from problems and achievement of the objectives as speculation in the illness adopts.

A someone thinks that, having pretended to be poor and unfortunate, needing foreign council and participation, it is possible to shift easily the solution of the problems (so and responsibility) to other person. People around should complain only more of the bitter destiny, and then more often to loom at them before eyes, glancing with a mute reproach. When the victim which was full of sympathy and sense of guilt sharply and violently reacts to their “misfortunes“, vampires - “Sufferers“ eat its energy.


“Wooden stake“ for the psychological vampire


As it was already told, any psychological vampire that does not recognize himself as he acts unconsciously. Therefore attempts to convict him of parasitizing and “to expose“ - are not effective. To re-educate him too it will hardly turn out, and here to change to him the relation - is possible and it is necessary.

it is the best of all for p to avoid, of course, such people or, whenever possible, to minimize communication with them. If it is absolutely unreal, then it is necessary to remember that:

If you faced rudeness Aggressive Tirana, do not forget that actually its attacks are directed not personally against you. Just you deal with the person very unfortunate in own way who at heart is feeling the inferiority, and who is not able to ego-trip any in a different way except as at the expense of others.

Treat him quietly and ironically, as the patient. Do not forget about the law of Murphy which says:“ Never argue with the fool - people can not notice differences between you“.

Remember that, having reacted to provocations of the vampire - an aggressor and having entered with it the conflict, you give it the chance to be recharged, having enjoyed your vital juice, - and only it and it is necessary for it.

without having achieved from you the expected reaction and having understood that here to it to profit there is nothing, the Aggressive Tyrant himself will lose to you interest, having switched to other victim.

If you is pursued by the bore - “Sufferer“, demanding continuous participation in its destiny, reflect: and whether yours is identical with it a contribution to the relations? And whether friends each other equally of attention, cares, the help and participation have to give? Whether it seems to you that the friend if he values friendship, will ask you for the help when it is really necessary? Unlike the professional sufferer with habits of the vampire “loading“ the problems constantly?

from itself the vampire - “Sufferer“ it is possible for

of Otvadit, having learned to say firmly “No!“ and adhering to a distance in the relations with it.

do not go into details of its private life, turn to its complaints a deaf ear. And the imaginary invalid it is better to send for medical examination - there to it the place. Leave the vital energy at yourself, it still is useful to you.

P. S.

Generally, between us telling, psychological vampirism is inherent, anyway, in all people.

Which of us never ego-tripped at the expense of another or did not act as the whiner terrorizing relatives? So “all of us vampirit gradually, somebody and as - nibud“. It is all about degree. If you noticed that recently acquaintances, having hardly caught sight of you, pass to the other side of the street, and colleagues run up on offices at your emergence, - be looked in a mirror. And suddenly you do not cast a shadow?