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Are electrified? Split? We rescue hair!

the Time of cold weather will be long. At this time hair require special attention: they split, electrified, become dry and fragile. How to add to ringlets durability, gloss, to fill with vital energy, beauty and health?

the Task difficult and for its decision is not enough only shampoo, even the best. During the winter period at hair there are a lot of “enemies“ - wind, a frost, a sleet, gas-polluted air on the street, electric heaters in rooms. On the street moisture at hair is selected by cold, and indoors - too dry air.

Even usual water from - under the crane (with bleaching powder and other harmful connections) harms a condition of hair. What to tell about drying by the hair dryer, coloring, a chemical wave, a stress and unbalanced food.

as a result hair look dim and weak, split on the ends, stick out in different directions, “rear“ from a touch of a hairbrush or crackle when the head passes through a sweater collar... Our hair generally know that it is necessary to them for life in all splendor, and from roots to tips wait for the help from us.

the Cap - it not only valuable fur

the Cold narrows vessels, breaks blood circulation of head skin and weakens food of hair. When on them snow or a rain gets, scales of hair under the influence of moisture reveal and absorb harmful substances with which air is saturated.

If you and go in the fall without cap in the winter, your hair very much suffer, overcool, and it is pernicious for their state and appearance - from here dimness and a lifeless look. You do not harm the hair. Going to the street, put on a cap. It you protect them from wind, a sleet, a frost!

to Untangle

the Fine hair quite often sputyvatsya, and their combing turns into torture, even the hairbrush with rare teeth sometimes does not rescue. How to make hair more obedient?

the confusion Reason often damage of a blanket of a hair happens. The damaged scales puff up in different directions, clinging the friend to the friend, hair are confused, it is difficult to comb them.

Helps to cope with the confused curls, to strengthen hair a house mask. Mix on 1 tablespoon of dry herbs of a sage, a plantain, a nettle and a marjoram, fill in mix with liter of abrupt boiled water and insist hour

Filter, add the mashed black bread to infusion and mix that gruel turned out. Apply warm mix on head skin and hair, cover with a plastic bag and a cotton towel.

In 2 hours wash away a mask warm water, but do not wash the head with shampoo. Repeat procedure once a month.

to Remove stress!

Often the dried hair can exasperate us one enough - unpleasant property - crackling during combing, sticking to hands. It demonstrates that hair are loaded with electricity. Not to be nervous in vain, it is necessary to wash them with warm water, and to rinse with water of room temperature.

Can use modern skins and gels, they contain antistatic components. These life-savers are distributed a thin layer on all length of hair, then ringlets are combed, and gel is applied on dry hair.

If you do not comb wet hair, put a skin and gel with the massing movements. It is not necessary to wash away them.

it is possible to Apply skins and gels daily, but if you do not wish to resort so often to their help, it is enough to smooth after washing hair wet hands.

Quality of your crest matters too. It is recommended to comb locks a wooden massage brush or a hairbrush, a brush from a natural bristle, but not plastic.

Council: that hair were not electrified, before combing apply several drops of rose or lavender attar which not only add to hair beautiful gloss on a brush, but also are excellent natural antistatic.

Why they split?

It occurs not only from - for excessive dryness and loss of moisture: perhaps, you grow hair long ago and very seldom shear tips. Some experts recommend a hairstyle hot scissors which solder tips of hair. But this way has opponents who consider any manipulations with hot objects harmful to ringlets.

If you incline to such conclusion too, actively moisten hair, monthly cut tips, and as a temporary measure use means for “pasting“ of the splitting ends - apply the special conditioner for the damaged tips on damp locks, and after drying walk on tips of hair the iron with a ceramic or teflon covering.

Though “pasting“ of the stratified tips by means of special means - the help temporary, it it is worth using too. For example, the famous brand of Kerastase offers Serum Nutri product - Sculpt - it for 90% consists of the concentrated silicone which strengthens each hair from a root to the tip. The effect of pasting of tips lasts two months, silicone does not make heavier hair. Try to use the hair dryer only in exceptional cases. Modern means for laying quite allow to create a hairdress without intervention of hot air.


As, having removed a headdress, throughout the day to keep a hairdress which creation was given a good part of morning time? How to look after hair that they invitingly shone, held volume, looked silky and strong? Features of care of hair in cold time are not so difficult.


to add gloss to hair, rinse them after washing and drawing the conditioner cool water - the conditioner will better be fixed on hair, they will shine and it is easier to keep within.

supergloss will help to Give to hair a small secret: when rinsing leave a little conditioner on hair, apply gel or an emulsion for the weakened or injured hair on moist hair, massage locks fingers better to distribute means, and let`s dry to hair in the natural way.

you apply

of Funds for laying only on hair, but not on head skin, otherwise they will look grease. Modern gels, varnishes, skins are useful to hair. They contain vitamins, feed, humidify, strengthen hair, stimulate their growth, improve structure, remove static electricity, allow to increase volume, contain the substances protecting hair from influence of environment, rainfall. So use them, but be not overzealous. Be beautiful and cheerful. Council: that hair became stronger and healthier, support them “from within“. And biological substance, important for an organism, biotin will help with it.

This vitamin is also necessary for

for formation of the keratin which is a part of skin, nails and hair. Vitamin B nuts, an egg yolk, beef liver, pork kidneys, cottage cheese, cheese, soybeans, bananas contains. In drugstores the medicine is sold in the form of a food additive.


Needs a break


Hair grow dull not only from cold, but also from continuous use of means for laying. Give to the hair rest, refuse for a week all means, except shampoo with effect of deep clarification.

further arrange with

I to hair “unloading“ day of times a week. Use time of a break with advantage, feed hair with masks, rinse with grass mixes.

the Weakened hair indulge

with beauty elixir which was known to ancient doctors of South America. Mix 2 tablespoons of juice of an aloe with 1 h a spoon of castor oil and for 20 - 30 minutes before washing of the head rub mix in roots of hair.

of the Hairdress as at stars

Nicole Kidman`s

for giving of volume to hair uses special large hair curlers with a diameter not less than 10 cm and that ringlets kept the form longer before removing hair curlers it slightly sprinkles the wound hair a varnish of average fixing.

Charlize Theron`s

does not do a hair on just washed up hair: they will slide and be scattered, it is bad to give in to a pile, and the hairdress will quickly get out of a shape.

Liv Tyler`s

are applied by mousse for laying only on tips of hair, thanks to it they do not stick together and the whole day the hairdress of the actress holds volume.

the Lemon varnish

Excellent means for fixing of a hairdress - a lemon varnish. Train him so: cut a lemon on slices and you boil in a glass of water until the volume of liquid does not decrease twice. Filter, add several drops of alcohol or vodka.

Food by an “autumn“ additive

has an effect

a lack of food of hair Late fall. The problem can be liquidated when washing, having mixed a useful “autumn“ additive to shampoo. to shampoo spoons (depending on length of hair) add egg and 1 tablespoon of the dismissed gelatin to 1 - 2 of the Art. Shake up weight, rub in head skin and distribute on hair. Egg and gelatin contain a lot of protein and hair, having received such strengthened food, will become silky, brilliant and beautiful.

Harmful bleaching powder

to the Women visiting the pool should use

a special hat. The chlorinated pool water strongly dries up, weakens hair. If suddenly you appeared in the pool without hat, at once after bathing wash up hair fresh water and surely rinse with hair balm on a grass basis.