Rus Articles Journal

Clouds of


Float on the sky of a cloud,
Slide silently over the earth.
Flows the heavenly river,
Merging with a haze blue.

Over the horizon a way is far,
the Scope from edge and to edge. cloud
A to themselves float
Forward, without knowing fatigue.

are So weightless and easy,
Are changeable, changeable.
Fancy clouds
Sometimes are very strange.

attentively look At them.
Suddenly there you will see unusual
For a look an image... There, in the distance
Is the whole world, it is boundless.

Come into that world though for an instant...
Tam disturbs nothing.
Forget terrestrial vanity.
As in the childhood, the fairy tale a door will open...

the Stream

Talkative runs a streamlet.
its Way, is visible, is very far.
He runs, hurrying and wriggling,
Through the wood and home fields.

Pure - pure as though the tear,
As on leaves happens dew,
Coiling, he runs forward
I sings the murmuring song.

This song about a strange dawn,
About a decline, about the lived day,
About the beginning of a big way
I about from what not to leave...

is Reflected by it, what was beheld,
That heard and what he learned.
But is short... Will roll in
water, was... Will settle at the bottom.

A a stream, pure as if the child,
will rush off Again, ringing and joking,
On the tormented guilty earth,
Having drowned all bad in itself.

the Breeze


are Quietly whispered by leaves
of Poplars, birches.
the Breeze frolics
Among green braids.

Rustles with foliage,
A on a slope of day
Calms down silently,
At midnight leaving.

in the Morning, at dawn,
will Only thaw dreams,
It swings gently
of the Dewdrop.

A quietly
Awakes then the sleepy wood,
Rushes through the field
To pines to heaven.

I in the wood where krone
Drive a round dance,
Responding an echo,
the Song will start singing.

Easy and free
Breeze crazy...
Is a pity, me not to keep up
After you!

was Swept up New year by winter of a path
From doors and to gate.
Hour after an hour, safely, soon of
Comes New year.

I on fires of the stiffened
windows Beat hours twelve times.
Father Frost hurries to congratulate rather
this night us.

the Blizzard howls behind a threshold,
winter sings the Song.
A of a snowflake have fun,
Start a round dance.

Winter`s Tale comes,
Opens doors for us.
B is a night everything as if children,
trust miracles Again.