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How to make a time less noticeable?

Enlarged pores and acne rash - punishment of women and men of our time. Nearly 90% of people on all planet suffer either from one, or from another, or from everything at once.

Therefore more and more people want to know

how to make a time less noticeable. There is rather wide choice of methods. From elementary councils for everyday leaving before special procedures.

Why a time becomes more?

the same Reasons that cause acne rash. In particular, the genetics, skin type, insufficient leaving, etc. can be guilty. If genetics at anything, then you can quite try to improve a state of affairs.

How to make a time less noticeable?

we Will begin

with those rules which you should not neglect, about which know everything, but sometimes forget.

you Watch purity of skin. The more pollution on skin, the time is noticeable more.

Carefully clear skin twice a day the means suitable you.

Always wash away a make-up before going to bed. As if you were tired. Otherwise then you will spend much more time to bring skin to a normal state.

Peeling. It is important to carry out once a week deep cleaning of skin. It has to include, in particular, peeling. Particles of a srub delete the died-off cages and dirt from a skin surface. Now the means suitable for daily peeling of skin were available for sale. Choosing a srub, remember that the more small than a part, the less you injure skin.

Use masks. their choice is huge now, besides, you can safely try to prepare some mixes of the house. It is worth using masks not more often than 2 times a week, otherwise you will break protective functions of skin. Besides, skin can become very dry.

Try special strips for cleaning of a time. They well delete dirt in a nose. Before application study the instruction. It is necessary to take some strips about 10 minutes.

Means for reduction of a time. Yes, also it exists. I know precisely that such means is in a line of production Clinique: Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector Invisible Deep; Pore Minimizer T - Zone Shine Control. Avon have also “Mark. Need A Shrink? Pore Minimizer Lotion“ L “Oreal “Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Skin Re-Smoother“ and “Pore Minimizing Gel Cleanser“ Estee Lauder “Idealist Pore Minimizer“.

you Can try to prepare for

the means promoting narrowing of a time in house conditions. For example, for this purpose will approach tomatoes, protein of egg, a lemon. Mix a lemon and protein; slice tomato and put on the person or shake up tomato and natural yogurt (or sour cream) in the blender and put on a face.

Before applying foundation or powder, use a basis under a make-up.

have some

A now about procedures which can help with fight against enlarged pores.

Microdermabrasion. Does a time much less, deletes the died-off cages, levels a skin surface. This procedure stimulates production of collagen in skin so it becomes soft and silky.

Procedure about use an alpha - and a beta - oxyacids. In this case the died-off cages are also removed thanks to what pores are cleaned. You can pick up means and for house use. It is the best of all if they contain salicylic acid.

Tretinoin. Consult to the cosmetologist. If nothing helps you, perhaps, he will register tretinoin. This medicine helps with fight against black points. It accelerates cell renewal and does eels less resistant. The means containing tretinoin have to possess also the high moistening qualities.


It is clear that any procedures have certain contraindications. Therefore at first consult with the doctor.