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How to cease to freeze and to begin to live

in the Winter cold all. But there are people at whom from the slightest cold hands and legs, especially fingers freeze. To pain, to tears, to desire to fall asleep and not to wake up till spring. Why?

It is the phenomenon has the medical name - Reynaud`s illness. However, “illness“ - too serious term: it is rather, the problem, not so deadly, but as it is capable to exhaust for long winter! Such people as a result begin to hate the Russian climate in general and winter in particular. They do not go to a skating rink, do not derive pleasure from campaigns on a winter forest, even walk with a dog for them torture. Whether it is possible to make something? Fortunately and!

Frivolous, but painful

of the Hand and a leg, of course, I can strongly freeze at any. Only one for this purpose needs to storm Everest or at least to rinse linen in an ice-hole, and people with Reynaud`s illness have enough in - 2 ° to go outside in thin gloves. Fingers grow white and even accept a bluish shade. Getting warm, become red and swell up. Blood circulation restoration often is followed by pain which at strong cooling can be long and almost intolerable.

the Reason at all not in excessive delicacy. Reynaud`s illness can be a consequence of excessive activity of vegetative nervous system, malfunctions with connecting fabric and even emotional problems. What was the reason, feelings are very unpleasant. And therefore you should not be reconciled obediently with them, including them features of the constitution.

And on the constitution the justice

is Reynaud`s Illness usually does not demand medical intervention. However in serious cases fingers can weaken and lose sensitivity therefore it is worth seeing a doctor if it seems to you that the situation changes to the worst.

A now good news: in your forces to change everything to the best.

Move. the Movement disperses blood and expands peripheral vessels. Do several vigorous exercises before coming to cold, - it is much more effective, than to try to warm already frozen extremities.

Train vessels. Life indoors at a constant temperature weakens our mechanisms of thermal control. Alternation of heat and cold trains them. The bath and a sauna, contrast souls, walking barefoot - everything will do good. If cold procedures frighten you, begin with hot. Hot trays for hands and legs before an exit from the house will much longer help to stay on cold, without feeling discomfort.


iron. body surface Temperature at women in general is lower, than at men. Cold hands and legs also more often happen at them because ladies often suffer from deficiency of iron. Its shortcoming influences work of a thyroid gland which regulates heating system of an organism. The elementary blood test on hemoglobin will show, whether a root of your problem not here. If hemoglobin low, try “to pump up“ the iron to norm: eat products rich with it, accept polyvitamins.


fat sea fish. In a cold season needs to be eaten more often fat sea fish. Herring in a fur coat and without, and also the mackerel, a salmon, a mackerel and other fat fish will reduce painful angiospasms of hands and legs and in general will improve blood circulation.


More. Dehydration reduces the volume of the blood circulating in an organism. A big cup of hot broth - the best option before an exit from the house. At any time drink herbal tea with honey, infusion of a dogrose or home-made lemonade. Till spring minimize consumption of the coffee and other drinks containing caffeine: they narrow vessels.

Down with a tobacco smoke. Even others smoke is harmful. The tobacco smoke very badly influences blood circulation even if not you smoke, and people around.

Put on correctly

Implementing all recommendations, you can considerably solve a problem over time. For now, without waiting for result, begin to put on correctly already tomorrow to feel more comfortably during evening walk.

you do not go bare-headed. you lose at the same time more heat, than it seems, and precisely it is more, than are able to afford. Shaggy earphones or a bandage - it is better, than nothing, and ideal option - a woolen hat.

Replace gloves with mittens. to Fingers is much warmer when they together and in addition use heat which allocates a palm. Put on two pairs of socks, it is desirable from different materials. Cotton absorb and hold moisture why legs freeze. Mix of cotton, wool, polyester or polypropylene will help to keep legs dry and warm, especially if socks thick.

Put on layers. the Heavy fur coat or a sheepskin coat constrains the movements while the multilayered clothes can be easy and warm at the same time. Till summer forget about purely cotton linen - choose a layered clothing from special materials. On it the fleece layer is good, and over fleece it is already possible to put on also a woolen sweater. However, it can not be necessary if you have a qualitative modern down-padded coat.

If hands and legs in heat, and the head is covered with a hat, you will be surprised how not enough clothes are necessary to feel comfortable. And having exempted from heavy clothes, you will feel desire to move, and it just the fact that it is the most necessary to you. One small jog in the morning and vigorous walk in the evening plus active recreation during week-end - and here people around already envy your warm hands and a hot flush.