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What your furniture is made of?

a Variety of furniture blow the mind. And if breeds of a tree somehow it is possible to understand, then other materials from which produce furniture now, it is difficult to orient. And it is necessary to know all pluses and minuses of the attracted furniture. Both its durability, and ways of leaving, and even health depends on it.

of DVP - fiber board

many of us know

of DVP how a hardboard of which back walls of the majority of cases and the bottom of drawers are made. DVP is made of wood dust in the way of wet pressing. Though DVP has high durability and low price, it has a small scope: in spite of the fact that DVP is irreplaceable at production of furniture, a complete set from it not to make, of course.

of a chipboard - a wood chipboard

of a chipboard - the most widespread material for production of cabinet furniture, registration of interiors, construction. For example, do roofs of it, partitions, etc. the chipboard is made of the wood sawdust and shavings impregnated with formaldehyde pitches. For kitchens and bathrooms the special type of a chipboard - with the increased moisture resistance is used.

This material differs in the good water resistance, durability and ease in processing, at the same time has low price. From - for this chipboard use for production of furniture the house-keeper - a class and the most part of office furniture.

But the chipboard have also minuses. So, this material allocates a certain amount of formaldehyde in air, and it is not really useful for health. But you should not be frightened at once! Now two types of a chipboard are developed: E1 and E2. E1 differs in bigger ecological purity, the indicator of “emission“ of formaldehyde at it is much lower. And here E2 is forbidden to be used in production of children`s furniture. Chipboards of the Austrian and German production are considered as the most environmentally friendly. Therefore upon purchase of furniture take an interest to what type of a chipboard material of which the furnishings which were pleasant to you are made belongs.

of a chipboard - the laminated wood chipboard

is a chipboard, revetted with a film which is produced from usual paper and impregnate with melamine pitch. Thanks to such processing, the chipboard gets variety of flowers and invoices, for example, there is an imitation of the invoice of a natural tree. Besides, laminated by a chipboard has resistance to mechanical damages and resistance to thermal influence (in other words - to hot coffee pots and frying pans). But there is also minus - impossibility of thin processing therefore products from this material of quite simple form.

of MDF (MDF) - the plate of average density

is made by

of MDF of very small wood sawdust which is fastened among themselves with a lignin (natural material) and paraffin. So MDF - environmentally friendly material. This material gives in to thin processing that gives great opportunities in production of effective details at furniture, for example, carved lockers of kitchens, florid backs of beds - all this MDF. MDF has all advantages of a tree, but costs much cheaper and serves longer. But, unfortunately, MDF - all the same quite expensive material because its production in Russia obviously does not satisfy demand.

At the choice of furniture pay attention to that the edge of any furniture plate has to be processed by a protective edge. Most often PVC - or ABS - edgings are for this purpose used. They improve appearance of furniture, besides, about such edges it is impossible to be wounded. As for a difference between PVC and AV5 - an edge, experts consider the last more eco-friendly and steady against mechanical influences.

of the Rule of care of furniture from various materials