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I like to shake!

All children adore shaking! On a horse - a rocking chair, a suspended swing in the yard, on parental knees... The main thing - to feel again absolutely small and to remember how it was good to rock slightly in a stomach at mother.

“Above, above!“ - with delight the kid shouts, having seized hands ropes on which a swing is suspended. He is only three years old, and he is not able to be shaken independently yet, but already knows how it is exciting - to fly up in the sky when you are helped by reliable father`s hands. The sweet horror gives to this occupation special sharpness. Once a swing reduces speed, the child begins to poor-mouth: “Still, well, father, above, still!“ He wants to be carried away up and easier to feel air - for it it is unforgettable minutes of the real happiness.

of Reminiscence of life to life

From the first days of life the newborn feels incomparable pleasure when mother takes it on hands and quietly shakes. Custom to rock to sleep children originates in an extreme antiquity and meets in all cultural communities of the world. And not without the bases: its advantages cannot be overestimated.“ It is known that a motion sickness helps the child to calm down, - the expert in the field of psychomotility of Alexandria explains to Saint`s de - Castes. - In - the first, for the physiological reasons: it influences polukruzhny canals at the level of ears, causing drowsiness. However the main thing nevertheless is that it is one of the first types of contact of the kid with world around. A motion sickness unites mother and the child: they together, they are connected by the general feeling. Between them the deep interrelation which cannot be expressed in words is created“.

of by
of the Motion sickness unites mother and the child: they together, they are connected by the general feeling.

It no wonder that all children want to feel these feelings again and again!“ When my eldest son was absolutely small, he cried, demanding that it was taken on handles and shook, - Natalya remembers. - And I optional had to do it, both the father, and the grandmother could replace me. By the way, soon enough we noticed that to the kid not all the same on what side to lie, - he calmed down only when it was put a head to the left side of a breast, opposite to heart“. It is quite possible that the familiar sound in combination with rocking caused in the boy of reminiscence of its former existence in a mother`s stomach when it moved with mother in one rhythm.

New pleasures

the Kid grows at

, and a motion sickness on hands is gradually replaced by other entertainments. The adult helps it to rise, carefully tightening for handles. What surprising impressions! The child attentively looks to you in the face and greedy examines everything around - he began to see the world under other, new corner.

Later when the kid learns to sit independently, there will come the turn of the real games with rocking. Sitting astride knees at the adult and feeling itself protected from troubles, he likes to lean back forward, back, again forward... And it is any more not those old movements which turned out at the child when he nestled all the little body on the adult! Now their rhythm is set by words of the simple poteshka passing from generation to generation: “On an equal path, on an equal path, hillocks, hillocks, a pole - boom!“ “Both of my daughters were crazy from “a pole - boom“, - Tatyana remembers. - They laughed loudly as mentally ill people and were ready “to jump on hummocks“ for days on end without a break!“

Incentive of development


and rocking teach the kid to find

pleasure in the movement and a rhythm, but - help to understand the most important that such parting. At the end of the game steadily comes “Boom!“ when the kid falls, but he is picked up right there by reliable and strong hands. Some psychologists consider that this game serves as a prototype of loss and new finding. The fright is replaced by pleasure from tender embraces, the kid calms down and becomes surer: he knows that the big and strong adult will always manage to catch it...

Growing up, the child studies new games. It with pleasure is shaken on a horse, on a wooden board - a swing, and by two and a half years uncontrollably pulls it to sweep on the swing suspended on a crossbeam... Any physical activity, and especially rocking, brings it original pleasure.“ And the most wonderfully is the fact that these movements play an important role in psychomotor development of children, - notices Alexandria Saint`s de - Castes. - When the little athlete is shaken on a swing, he gradually acquires ideas of a rhythm, space, increases muscular force, learns to keep balance. And it is not terrible if at it the head begins to be turned! It allows it to perceive in a new way own body“.

the Dizziness caused by strong rocking shows

of Border of opportunities to the child that possibilities of his body are not boundless, and he begins to learn to count the forces. If you want that the child did not get into difficult and dangerous situations, give him freedom of movements and allow to accumulate experience.“ It is known that danger threatens more those children at whom skills of physical activity are insufficiently developed. They are not able to estimate correctly a situation, but also, feel huge need to splash out the collected energy. Such children can unexpectedly put for all themselves at risk“, - explains to Alexandria Saint`s de - Castes. Therefore if you never differed in special aspiration to sport, allow the father to be engaged in physical training of the child.“ It is absolutely quite good when the father plays with the kid outdoor games, men always behave in a different way, than women, - marks out Alexandria Saint`s de - Castes. - Usually fathers are more vigorous and dynamic, and the child has an opportunity to get acquainted with other type of physical contact“.

of Danger threatens with of
more to those children at whom skills of physical activity are insufficiently developed.

By the way, sometimes it is possible to play and three together, having taken the kid by hands and shaking it in air: “Time, two, three - op - a pas!“ It is an excellent opportunity to stay all together and to help the child to mature. In fact, rocking symbolizes a slow and gradual way to independence. At first mother swings the child who cannot independently move yet. Then the child is supported for handles that he felt this pleasure, feeling a reliable support. And, at last, it begins to shake without assistance... Your task is in that from the very first days to specify to it this way. Swinging the kid on hands, you will give him joy which will be replaced by pleasure from independent flight in due time...

of From the birth before half a year
  • Small does not hold the head yet. You can rock to sleep him on hands, strong pressing to yourself, or to swing in a bed until he falls asleep.
  • the Kid learned to hold the head. Put it on a back and, having quietly tightened for handles, bring into a sitting position, then slowly lower back.
Of half a year about one year
  • the Child learns to sit. He likes to bend forward, then to become straight and again to bend. Its movements remind a toy - a tumbler toy.
  • the Kid is able to sit independently. Put him on knees facing yourself, supporting by both hands a back. Carefully shake and allow it to lean back back and to come back to a starting position.
Of a year to two
  • the Child is able to stand. Sit down, cross the legs and seat the kid astride to yourself on a leg. Strong holding it by hands, slowly lift and lower a leg.
  • the Kid surely goes. Sit down on a swing, take the kid on hands, strong clasp him for a belt and teach to hold ropes. Rock together.
After two years
  • the Kid keeps balance. He learned to get on a board - a swing. Stand nearby and you watch that it kept.
  • the Child holds
  • ropes. Gradually you teach it to shake independently, but stand nearby. whether


needs to rock to sleep the child? Some modern mothers do not do to
it, being afraid to spoil the kid. However many experts consider that the child should be rocked to sleep. It will calm him, will inspire confidence and... will make stronger. “From a motion sickness children mature and better learn the world, - emphasizes Alexandria with Saint`s de - Castes. - At little inhabitants of Africa who are carried on hands all the time and rock to sleep, movement skills develop quicker. In Europe children began to be swung too little, and it is worthy regrets!“
By the way, at all it is not necessary to wait that the child began to cry. During the day it should be held more often on hands, even when you are busy with affairs (backpacks - a kangaroo are for this purpose very convenient). In the first months of life the kid cannot independently move: it lies all the time, and he so wants to move. But the most important - it needs continuous contact with parents. An opportunity to feel their proximity during the day provides it necessary tranquility, and at night he with pleasure falls asleep, having saved up a stock so necessary to it physical activity and having derived pleasure from communication with parents.