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Carefully - English!

“Do not pose as the Englishman!“ - the teacher osekat a vtoroklashka who instead of just repeating after the teacher “here from yo neym“, showed a perfect pronunciation. The child puzzly blinks - at him and in thoughts was not to brag. Just it just arrived with parents from Cyprus where they spent holidays, and this phrase, as well as many others, settled at it in the head in the natural sounding.

In this small fragment the essence of the big, long ago imminent conflict called “a foreign language at school“ hides.

in one school subject this problem does not cost

as sharply, as in a foreign language. Certainly, willows to subject there are children who are advancing and lagging behind, but there is no such huge dispersion in the level of knowledge, probably, anywhere. One begin to learn language since three years, and others - with 5 - go a class, and sometimes that and others, for the lack of alternative, get to one group. Winged “Povtorenye is mother of the doctrine“ - cold comfort. It is unlikely the mathematician would consider it expedient to put the seventh-grader, besides well in time together with first graders for the purpose of repetition! Though in this case it is only about a difference in 6 years in one program. And in languages we deal also with basic distinction of programs. From a great number of those we will allocate two opposite:

Reflected though someone from psychologists what occurs in the child`s head? How these two approaches to studying of language in it yet not strengthened brain get on? School and out-of-school teachers the hidden fight of ideas, using the child`s brain as a battlefield. One force to do what others forbid, i.e. to translate, mint words and. etc. And USE is an analog of the Cambridge examination: the purpose one - ways different!

How to win against fear to be “not as all“? Tell the child that all of us - very different. The nature gives everyone something special, individual. Also it is not obligatory to straighten, for example, the iron curly hair at all. Or out of tune to sing if you have good hearing and a beautiful voice. On the other hand, the parent`s task - to extinguish possible sense of superiority over schoolmates. Just as the child who is engaged at music school performs for honor of a class at the concerts, accompanies others, our “Englishman“ brings the contribution in class life. It can be also outdoor games on changes, both statement of performances, and learning of songs, and is a lot of - a lot of another interesting.

the Beginning of the conflict - 90 - e years: falling of the Iron Curtain, changes in the country which caused new opportunities of development of language including with its carriers. One of consequences of a new era was also social stratification of society. Therefore in the phrase of the teacher also the offense (quite, by the way, fair) for the fact that it in Cyprus never was sounds. To her who worked 30 years on a pocket only holiday in the village. And still the offense on the fact that it, having devoted the life to English, seized huge knowledge base on language, but could not master language (we do not generalize at all, just we speak about the majority). Thousands of such teachers guilty though guiltless of all Russia continue to build to our children a language barrier which was built once him.

Honey and ped

the Pedagogics was always related to medicine. The basic principle - “Do not do much harm!“ Both there, and there with reorganization there were paid alternatives. But at physicians paid and free medicine found a way of coexistence therefore, probably, that the second of them is not obligatory. Imagine that the patient who bought an antibiotic of new generation receives in addition an injection of free penicillin only for what it occupies free a bed - the place. In a case with school a difference only that an injection this not intravenous or intramuscular, and... inside brain. And nobody thinks of “compatibility“ of these preparations in the child`s brain. Who is guilty, let us assume, clear. But what to do?

Be adjusted by

on a positive

First of all, it is necessary to approach a problem from a position of common sense. Certainly, we are concerned by health of the child, and nobody wants to do it by a target. Eventually, it does not cost that. It is better slowly as Raikin spoke, in a seredochka, in a seredinochka to learn with all words and rules, to receive the five... Well, and language? Eventually, it is not panacea and even not a profession, but only an accessory to it.

And if all - includes in your plans that the child knew language, try to solve this problem peacefully. At first convince yourself of the correctness. If you understand incompatibility of two “preparations“ (by analogy with medicine), then your confidence will be transferred to the teacher. Try, having changed traditions, to send the father who so does not like to concern school problems to school. You need not to demand something and even not to ask, and just to explain a situation, to consult, to reach mutual agreement. Adjust yourself very positively, at all you do not say about what could offend the teacher especially as he is really not guilty. You remember: it is much more good, sensitive people, than we imagine. And still: you have to realize absolutely accurately that the law on your party! It appears, problems of “the advancing children“, individual to the pupil - all this is provided by the Law “About Education“ which needs to be read only attentively and to interpret correctly. We knock at the open door, assure us of Minobre. If you managed to agree with the teacher and to transfer the child to the individual program of training (most likely, the child at a lesson will audit, those quietly to sit on the last school desk with a player), then let`s try to expect in advance and other problems of the psychological plan.

So, try! Also know that such precedents already are. And those children who managed to avoid a mash of two techniques achieved incomparably big results with much smaller expenses of time and forces. Reading not adapted literature already with 4 - go a class, taking the Cambridge examinations with a huge advancing in age, these children spend time for language much less, than peers. They study at mathematical schools, in musical, sports and art, and at the same time find time to breathe fresh air.