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Wanted to write the best gift of

at first absolutely about another, about the son who was born in birthday of the husband. Then about a toy which our kid when he was 11 months old, “ordered“ to himself for New year, having told “myf“. We thought that it is about the machine, and it appeared, he so called a mouse. It was necessary to run urgently to the husband in shop near the house and to look for “myf“. Found.

A memory suddenly threw out other episode from my childhood which, probably, accurately imprinted at me not only in memory, but also I about it write to heart, time.

. We with the grandmother went towards her house from the airport with a heavy bag. Flew through the half-countries. To me - 7 years, my mother suddenly seriously got sick, long-term treatment in a hospital was required, and from the immediate family I had only a grandmother, the father has other family and new children.

Ya sadly rearranged legs on snow porridge, sat down to tie a lace as suddenly heard miaow, and to me the wet shaggy kitten scrambled on knees, dexterously touching dirty pads.

Ya took a kitten in hand and desperately looked at the grandmother. It is necessary to tell, the grandmother at me treated the strict pedantic people avaricious on words, emotions on her face in general were difficult to be read, houses she had an ideal order and purity. As in the operating room. And of course, any pets!

I silently watched

A at it, pressing a warm lump to a breast. I do not know that she read in my opinion, probably, so much in them was nevyplakanny tears and children`s experiences that she nodded.

in our family the new inhabitant, directly in day of my birth So appeared, and was the best gift of my childhood. The cat the Bagel lived in our family 18 years. Was both an interlocutor, and the friend, a hot-water bottle and medicine. Had character and habits of the real aristocrat, despite a plebeian exterior. All loved it, even the strict grandmother. It was transferred to me as a dowry after a marriage. Served as a toy to the eldest son and the companion on games.

the Last year the Bagel already badly saw

and fell down much. It also left us quietly, in a dream. Just once did not wake up. We have no new cat yet, and do not know whether he will be able to take his place and to become that whom was for us this externally simple, but unusual cat the Bagel.

Here still I remember that birthday. I remember how I go on pools and involuntarily I smile, squeezing a small being who loudly purrs in palms. And I feel how its tiny heart very quickly knocks...