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What is meant by the increased lymph nodes?

Ancient Greeks found out that in a human body except red liquid circulates also transparent, and called it a lymph that in translation from Greek is meant “by clear water, moisture“. The lymph flows on the lymphatic vessels penetrating as well as blood, all our organism. On the way of lymphatic vessels lymph nodes are located. For what they are necessary?

Filter it immediately

At each person in an organism from 400 to 1000 lymph nodes. They are in poles on bends of extremities, on a neck, under a jaw, in chest and belly cavities. In them immune cages ripen. Each knot for days without a break “collects“ a lymph from a certain site and filters it from harmful impurity. Pathogenic microorganisms, defective cages, alien proteins can be them.

What happens to the impurity which remained in a lymph node? They are attacked by immune cages - macrophages and in literal sense eat the enemy. However if load of knot is big (for example, in fabrics from which the lymph flows, there was an inflammation), for it it does not pass completely: the knot becomes more and can even inflame. When the illness passes, the lymph node will decrease, but now forever will remain to a little more dense, than earlier.

How many hearts at a frog
the Liquid part of blood filters from capillaries into intercellular spaces, forming a lymph. It washes fabrics, and then already gathers in lymphatic vessels which return it in veins. Some animals, for example, at fishes, amphibians, reptiles and birds, under skin have special structures which are called “lymphatic hearts“ - in them there are muscles which are reduced and push liquid in one direction. The person has no such “hearts“.

At small children who managed to have nothing in the life yet lymph nodes cannot be probed under skin, so they soft and tiny. But which of us, adults, is unfamiliar at least with cold? Therefore our lymph nodes can be found and touched on a neck and under a jaw. However, on bends of extremities these biological “filters“ remain same with most of people as at babies - to find them not easy if on this hand or a leg there was never an inflammation. Most difficult with the knots located deeply in an abdominal or chest cavity: not to touch them and not to see. There are cases when even skilled experts take an inflammation of a lymph node in a stomach for appendicitis.

About what the lymph node will tell

When the doctor probes lymph nodes, he pays attention to all their qualities: painful or not, as far as whether they are big, soldered among themselves and to surrounding fabrics. These characteristics can help to make the exact diagnosis.

  • Painless increase in lymph nodes is called a limfadenopatiya and says that the illness nests in the next fabrics.
  • Painful increase in a lymph node (lymphadenitis) says
  • that the inflammation occurs in him. In this case biological “filter“ does not cope with harmful bacteria (either immunity weakened, or an infection especially strong) and is exposed to attack from microbes. Sometimes business reaches suppuration that is very dangerous: pus can form phlegmon: to spread extensively between layers of fabrics (only the surgeon will be able to remove it).
  • If lymph nodes become very dense and merge in a uniform inactive complex, then the doctor can suspect a malignant tumor at the patient.

our cancer cells

U of each of us forms about 100 000 cancer cells in days - that is at what from - for genetic “breakages“ change properties - from proteins in a cover to ability to breed uncontrolledly. They have one more feature - they easily separate from the place of the origin and begin travel on an organism. First of all they get into lymphatic system and are right there neutralized in lymph nodes. At hereditary predisposition to cancer at the person it is formed as much defective cages as at any other, but ability of lymph nodes them is reduced to filter, as well as ability of immune cages to find them in fabrics and to destroy.

When reduced immunity


At quinsy there is a local limfadenopatiya in a neck, and at diseases, sexually transmitted - in inguinal area. However some diseases cause generalized (that is, universal) increase in lifamtichesky knots. So occurs, for example, at AIDS. On the one hand it is the good sign meaning that immunity actively struggles with a dangerous virus of an immunodeficiency, and on the other hand - one of symptoms of a dreadful disease. At AIDS as a result immunity weakens, and lymph nodes lose ability to fight against pathogenic bacteria and cancer cells. Patients with HIV can die, but not from the virus, and from the accompanying infections and tumors.


Only does not need panic: most often, if you find yourself the increased lymph node, is a testimony of the working immunity. For the same to find the reason of its activation, it is better to descend to the doctor. Casual cat`s scratch, rhinitis or simple caries happen the usual reason. Only the expert can correctly estimate all symptoms and understand whether your state is dangerous. Often at all no special treatment of lymphatic system is required - but only to cure tooth or a sore throat. During life lymph nodes at any person increase so many time, as it threatens not to count - and, as a rule, anything terrible.