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The man`s jealousy as the tool of a manipulation

“Is afraid of a tickling! Jealous, means“. Very popular stereotype which easily got accustomed in our society. Nothing supported and unreasonable, as a sign or a saying. The man`s jealousy reaching to the point of absurdity - the frequent phenomenon. Set of bans, misunderstanding, egoism, mistrust and, as a result, scandals and infinite insults. According to criminal statistics, 20% of household crimes are committed because of jealousy. How not to bring the matter to the sad end? We sort a situation!

the Initial stage

At the beginning we are inclined not to notice

, and sometimes and we do not want to notice shortcomings of the pleasant man. We close eyes, we find a justification, we answer the questions. During this period, under the influence of emotions, we want to see only positive sides.

his jealousy seems to us lovely manifestation of the arising feelings, line of its strong, courageous character. It is pleasant to women, and we allow this some kind of pass - control.

But, as we know, at the initial stage, the man constrains the emotions. Jealousy - the same emotion which he will not allow to escape outside in full.

Uncertainty in?

Recently psychologists assure that the jealousy is not connected with uncertainty of the man in itself in any way. The jealousy - a signal that the man himself changed, or allows thought of it.

as a result, judging by himself, he begins to suspect the partner, thereby avoiding to be deceived - “horned“. It is scientifically proved that physiological reactions of an organism at feeling of jealousy and feeling of fear are identical!

All this

forces your Othello to make any rash acts, to draw the conclusions deprived of any logic, to show emotions already “on full“, to turn gradually into the paranoid.


Everything in human life ever becomes boring to

and stops being new, novel. Also over time the jealousy of darling begins to nonplus, stopping being amusing. We begin to justify ourselves and look for the reason in ourselves, without finding answers to a set of questions. It seems, it will be easier to concede, agree, to make as he wants, than with foam at a mouth to prove the case. To make a compromise with hope to receive return - only makeshift. In verbal fight for the truth the victory is won by him, and you with freight of the muffled emotions remain in loss. Remember that each such victory gives it the power, strength for the following step, the following duel, more aggressive and claim! Such method of manipulation allows it to try to obtain the, to respectively raise a self-assessment and self-confidence.

the Last straw

Goes many stories about female patience, about heroic acts for love, a family, the relations. Many admire, some condemn.

But the end ever comes! It is usually called so: “It was the last straw!!“

That is a situation at which you objectively could estimate a state of affairs or your pride began to send mayday calls. Perhaps, someone from outside helped you to understand himself. At worst it was the danger proceeding from the jealous man - there is a lot of options.

the Essence - understanding that it is absolutely impossible to continue in such spirit. A result - a rupture of the relations, a dejectedness, a depression.

It is sad, but the fact: statistically, every fifth union breaks up because of jealousy.

Jealousy - dangerous feeling

Therefore you remember

that to build the relations with the jealous man all the same what to sit on a volcano and not to know when eruption approaches.

At the initial stage of the relations try to get accustomed to the man, estimate all his pluses and minuses. You let in the new person the life! Present that you employ the employee.

further stop all attempts of unreasonable domination and control! You the free person living in the free country and nobody not in the right of nothing to solve for you. To let know it to the man at an early stage it will be much easier and more correct - be not afraid to present it as a rule as an indispensable condition!