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My childbirth in Denmark of

News about my pregnancy was unexpected, but, undoubtedly, joyful. I was observed in Denmark, but 4 months in the middle of pregnancy I was in Russia so it was very interesting to compare as pregnant women in such different countries are observed.

of childbirth was dated for the end of January, 2009, but since I did not know exact date of the last periods, date was inexact. And in 33 weeks we with the husband went to three-dimensional ultrasonography where we were told that I will give rise on January 27. I gave rise to 26 - oho at 22:42!


observed me infrequently, a blood test was taken only at the beginning of pregnancy (and I have a negative Rhesus factor), plus analyses of urine. While was in Russia, on inclusion in consultation ran only this way, and tests needed to be made in two different places of the city. I would tell that between Denmark and Russia there has to be somewhere that golden mean, the truth I do not know where. And that in Denmark well very “naturally“ treat pregnancy, and in Russia - as some pathology. And for what these “unnecessary“ “preservations“ in many cases - give birth at us to a thicket at young age while there is enough health (we will not take separate cases).

On Sunday 25 - oho in the morning I went to a toilet, and at me the stopper (slime) departed. I was delighted, but then read information on the Internet, and it turned out that still nothing means. I, of course, was upset. And 26 at 3 o`clock in the morning I went to a toilet (I very often ran at night), and at me, probably, the stopper remains departed. And here fights began. Before approximately within 2 weeks I had false contractions. And as soon as these began is I almost did not doubt. I told the husband that fights began, but that I will try to have a sleep. But it at me did not turn out - probably, most of all from - for the fact that worried. So I got up and began to be going to hospital. And the husband mistrustfully looked at me - as if I in general until the end of life should not have given rise.

We called

hospital, asked me as well as that we, and told to wait for the house to 8 - 9 mornings and again to call. Well, or, of course, to call earlier, “if that“... We waited for the 9th morning, called the doctor and agreed that we will arrive soon (to hospital to go minutes 45).

When we arrived, examined me, there was a disclosure of 3 cm. We were told that “you can “take a walk“ so far“, and we with the husband went to local shops (you imagine it in Russia?) . Then we came again, examined me, but since advances were not, I was told that we took a walk still, but then if nothing changes, will send us home. I, of course, was upset - to and fro there were a wish to be wound not strongly, childbirth - that already began. We went to navorachivat circles around hospital. About 14 hours came back.


We were allocated in separate prenatal chamber. There I was examined again, at the same time waters departed. Now already home nobody was going to send us, thank God. We so were delighted!

But as soon as waters departed, very painful contractions began. Simply well very painful! Here then I stopped being naive also understood what is it! To me made an enema. Anything special - why all so do not love it? Or at us in hospitals it is done somehow in a different way? Cool water in a bottom, also go to a toilet. Suggested to go to a shower. A shower, I consider, helped me most of all! And then I with the husband was transferred to patrimonial at once. There I met already other midwife since change ended.

U me, but it did not prevent me to be hungry, and asked to eat. Brought me yogurt and still something. I and spoons could not eat! Did not understand why... Then there are a lot of hours of awful fights, vomiting (me in life almost never feels sick). I was seated in a bathtub, some anesthetics in a back gave injections. I very much regretted about it (awful pain!) ... Epiduralny did not do since disclosure was already too big. Then hours in 19 me there was a wish to make an effort. I told it to the doctor. Since opening was full, she told me it to do.

the Most awful was that fights at me everything did not become regular in any way, it complicated process of childbirth. To me inserted a dropper, but even it did not help. Forces were on an outcome. My husband was near always me, simply, but to me had frankly no time for him. But morally it, nevertheless, very much helped me.

the Midwife called the doctor, and they do it only in extreme cases. It helped to pull out our girl by means of a sucker - by sight awful piece, but to me already was all the same. I remember the husband`s eyes - in them shock, shock... Since the sucker is a risk for the child, my girl was examined at first, and an umbilical cord to the father did not allow to cut, probably, it dangerously any more. And then to me it was put on a stomach... It is hard to say what feelings I had, probably, most of all pleasure that all already behind. And, of course, happiness. But it, most likely, comes later. The afterbirth was born without problems.

Turned off the light and brought to me food on a little table on castors, there, I remember, still the tag Danish was: they have a tradition - on birthday to put a flag. I was hungry so the husband fed me, and I ate everything for myself and for him too.

After one and a half rest-hours (time just flies) we called the nurse and asked to bring me to chamber. The chamber was remarkable - for two, with the bathroom and the TV. There we spent about a week and then were written out. Our daughter was with us all the time. By the way, I gave birth to her under music - there radio was, and I included it, nobody objected. And in woolen socks - me it was for some reason so more comfortable.

did not pass

also years as I wanted still the same little sweet man. Told the husband, he was delighted! Now we wait for the second by July, 2010.

Children are happiness! Surprisingly, through what torments the woman should pass. And pain is so quickly forgotten! Also you do not manage to look back as there is a wish to become pregnant and give birth still, still, still!


of Good luck to all women - we can do everything! We are strong!