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In captivity at time of

it is difficult for Young mother to find time for itself. It would be advisable to put a mask on a face or to make a pedicure, at last to be engaged in aerobics under the cartridge presented by the husband with a hint on postnatal dimensions. “We lack for it time at all!“ - girlfriends by “misfortune“ complain.

As in vanity of feedings, swaddlings, festivities, cooking, washing, an ironing and cleaning to find

though half-hour in day on itself - darling? As they say, help yourself.

Let`s “scroll“

mentally in the head last day. What it is spent for? On shoveling of the household chores which fell down our head. Actually we just rushed about from kitchen to the room and back, trying to embrace immensity.

For a start we will make the list and we will scatter all the not daily affairs on days of week: for example, on Monday we follow products.

Advantage at mother with a carriage that it should not drag heavy purchases in hands. But everything is better - not to take the kid with itself on the market - you never know. And here if to write sensible list of what needs to be bought the spouse and to send it to day off to the wholesale market, be sure - on the third time it will get what you asked. You praise. You praise long and loudly. So, dealt with products.

we erase

On Tuesday, on Wednesday - we iron what was washed on Tuesday, on Thursday - generalno we clean up, on Friday - … fathers, here and our global household chores ended. Means, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we do only what needs to be done daily, - we prepare.

It is occupation too we will try to simplify: in parallel with morning porridge we cook broth for first course and a garnish for the second, its meat part is already defrozen to be ready to suppression or roasting for lunch or a dinner. And salads during week-end let will be crumbled by other family members, they also will wash the dishes.

Other trifles we distribute

by the territorial principle. For example, if policlinic and savings bank not in the different ends of the city, then it is possible to do in one day and vaccination, and for the apartment to pay. Walking with the kid, we buy what has to be fresh: bread, milk, greens. It is better not to sit on a shop, growing dull from a fiction, and to walk down the street, shaking extra kilos and comprehending a foreign language via earphones. Rocking to sleep the baby of the house, at the same time we keep legs in a basin with water and aromatic salt when the child falls asleep, we do a pedicure. By the way, and the varnish will dry while the kid has a nap after dinner: this dream, as a rule, the strongest. And it is better to smear hands for the night - so cream will have a chance to be absorbed. Night face creams are very effective too.

we take

A in a weekend the list of affairs and with pleasure we delete what is made, without being tired to praise ourselves - the young mother who managed to find time and for the child and as a hobby and for a body.