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As we chose kindergarten.

“My child go to kindergarten with pleasure“ - admit, you often hear such phrase?

In my opinion, much more often we hear the return: “Morning is just a nightmare! The child is broken off from crying, I all “on nerves“, all day the fingers are all thumbs! And next day again too most!“

Familiar situation, whether lie?

Reflect whether you are guilty of it?

As you treated the child`s device in preschool institution - can be excessively self-confident?

A the first experience of communication in collective often postpones a print for all further life. Someone`s kid is ready to a kindergarten in 1,5 years, and someone should wait also to 4 - x years.

Usually children is tried to be determined in a garden in 2,5 - 3 when the child gains minimum sufficient skills of independence. But, I will repeat, it very individually and only parents have the right to resolve this issue.

Ya, fortunately, I belong to that category of parents whose child attends kindergarten with pleasure.

I Will tell

how we chose kindergarten, can be to someone it will help to avoid mistakes.

When my kid spent the most part of the time in a carriage, it seemed to me that to kindergarten as far, as to school. Well, can be slightly - slightly closer.

it Turned out p that in good kindergarten it is necessary to register from baby age that to 2,5 - 3 - to summer age room in group was made. (I wrote down Vova on turn from 7 months, and we went to a garden in 3 years).

At the choice of kindergarten needs to follow a number of rules:

  1. Talk to parents at playgrounds, in sandboxes, at an entrance whose children visit nearby gardens. The opinion of parents is very important. I, for example, found out that in one of them in the winter heating often breaks and children go on group in winter footwear, and in another - badly feed, in the third - there are no occupations.
  2. When you will come to a garden, learn from the manager or from the methodologist what classes are given with children what they are taught to what improving events with them are held. Ask to look at the program of occupations. Do not hesitate, it is about your child. In our kindergarten, for example, there are classes in the speech, natural study, painting, application. Besides, do to children “solar bathtubs“ and go in with them for physical culture. I pay attention that it is a usual municipal garden, not paid and the cost of visit makes 83 rubles a month.
  3. Find out working hours of institution - some gardens work till 16 o`clock, but is also such which work to 19 - 30. (In our kindergarten all take away children in 17 - 17. 30)
  4. Ask to acquaint you and the child with future group and the teacher. Look round whether the personnel, furniture in group are pleasant to you, whether there are a lot of toys, houseplants. The comfort in group and goodwill of personnel is a basis of tranquility and you and your child.
  5. It is important as well distance before establishment. Do you have an opportunity to carry the child by car? In the winter air temperature happens so low after night in the mornings that long walk is inappropriate, besides usually in the mornings all hurry for work.
  6. Pay attention to the kindergarten territory: whether as it should be sandboxes, a swing whether the garbage is cleaned. It is important and says about as far as personnel and the manager watch the economy. Besides the broken children`s constructions can become the reason of serious children`s injuries. And you want to work quietly, isn`t that so, without worrying about safety of your child?

to Children with any violations in development pediatricians and other experts are obliged to give to

the directions in specialized gardens:

Now such gardens is a lot of

  • and I heard many positive reviews from parents about improvement of children in such establishments. Except the developing occupations in such gardens with children experts are engaged and constantly the doctor observes.

    besides kindergartens with departure (so-called sanatorium type) exist in which the child is 5 days, and for the weekend parents take away it home. Most often such gardens are in the green space and are intended for treatment of children with respiratory diseases.

    Here in brief and all.

    “What whimsical mother!“ - somebody will tell. But on me it is better to arrange the child in a garden with normal conditions, than then to transfer it to another and to be nervous most.

    I Am afraid to maleficiate

    , but in my opinion I managed it. For 2 years of visits he had no infectious disease, learned much and got many friends.