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As we molded from the salty test

Secret of Successful Rest... The most interesting that everyone has it the. During week-end most of people want to sleep off, but for some reason children on the weekend wake up very much, very much early. On weekdays it is impossible to manage to wake up, and on days off rise at the crack of dawn. I want to tell about our first days off of this year because as always we promise that, say, here from this year everything will be in a different way: I will find more time for a family, to children etc.

there Passed only one days off, and at us so far everything turns out. Already very long the daughter asked me to bake cake, but at me on everything one thousand excuses, and is not here time in any way. I say that I will buy any cake which will be pleasant to it in shop, and the daughter me in reply: “the most tasty cake what is prepared by your hands, mummy!“ And here...

of Ur - a New Year`s miracle! Today all family we will bake cake! The most important - to involve the father in our occupation, and it appeared absolutely hardly! As soon as it had a designer for adult boys under the name “car“, all its free time is devoted to it. But for the sake of the forthcoming tea drinking ours the daddy was given and agreed to help us the presence! While I was engaged in preparation of cake, I carried away the members of household preparation of the cake - from the salty test! Kneaded dough according to such recipe:


Water to add gradually that dense dough turned out. We fill with the ready test molds from a sand set, accurately we get ready figures and we dry them in an oven. Still we mold flat cakes of which we will do cake for dolls. Figures dried - here and volume applications are ready.

I so far I in kitchen am engaged in further preparation of cake, my members of household already painted figures. That for a miracle - toys turned out, the lovely sight is simple! But also we do not forget to control preparation of cake! Everywhere it is necessary to be in time: let`s look how cake is done by mother, and we will make cake for dolls!

of Ur, cake is ready! In total together we sit down to a holiday table and we drink tea with cake! We had no such tasty cake yet!

the next morning I woke up from the fact that someone kisses my hands gently and whispers: “My favourite handles, thank you for a cake, for everything that you for me do, you were tired, have a rest, and I will go to help you!“ There came the suspicious silence, jump and I run on kitchen...

Process of a molding of the salty test repeated not once yet! Each time figures turn out better and better! To next weekends I bought the book on a molding of figures from plasticine, but it will be new days off and a modern history... Try also you. I think that everything, and especially children, will be delighted with such occupation!