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G point: a long way to an orgasm of

the Female orgasm in something is similar to the highest forces. In the sense that very few people about are mute for certain something knows, even less - believe, but all consider it necessary to talk. And still, because female orgasms, as well as divine revelations, at everyone the.

One is considered that the main thing in this case - a clitoris, others - that a vagina. The third trust, as that, and another. Also it is desirable at once. On condition of presence of the hardy partner. Or two - three. For the one-stage use inside. The fourth, fifth and the woman Masha on a bench at an entrance believe that the female orgasm is the myth invented by “these prostitutes“ to take away foreign man. And in general “lead sex life not for pleasure, and for conscience“. For a reproduction and courageous execution by the woman of a conjugal duty.

all it is simpler than

With a man`s orgasm - as a result more - less long “friction“ the man “flares up“, slightly writhes, muffledly lows, sighs, squeals - voila! - the result is available, forgive for an ambiguity. From it the certain substance testifying to a celebration of materialistic philosophy over idealistic streams. There is no god, “from a spark the flame will flare up“ if, of course, in time not to attend to contraceptive actions.

to Find

that, I do not know that

So it is a female orgasm? As in theoretical physics - it is possible to make a hypothesis and, being based on allegedly right algebra, to have a ball harmony checkings. But not to feel, not to smell, not to bite. Rummage all dictionaries from philosophical and medical to the Big Soviet encyclopedia, you will not find anything distinct and kondovo clear poskonno. You will be attacked by phrases “difficult sequence of actions“, “the highest degree of voluptuous feeling“, “neurophysiological reactions“, “feeling of deep sexual satisfaction“ and so on.

Is not present

, of course, “scientists - orgazmolog“ will even provide classification. Like, the female orgasm happens vaginal, klitoralny and uterine. That to the last - in one glossy edition (not I will neither advertize, nor to dishonor) read terrible:“ The uterine orgasm arises when the member reaches a uterus“. My dear female journalists and adjoined! The member cannot reach a uterus at the woman with undisturbed anatomy. Uterus necks - yes, it is just closer to the back arch of a vagina normal. But in any way not a uterus.

By the way, vaginal orgasm delivered by the skillful member of the worthy sizes with a worthy erection, multiplied by stimulation of a clitoris and anal, I`m sorry, area also is the most voluptuous, according to tested. It lasts at most a minute though can seem that eternity. Perhaps, it is meant by “orgazmolog“ under “a uterine orgasm“?

of Esoterics from “orgazmologiya“ go on about some orgasm of “all body“ which it is possible to test couple of days in a row. That, however, considering the fact that at an orgasm and heartbeat and frequency of breath become frequent, it is possible to fall into a collapse and a giperkapniya even for a two-three of hours not that days. But at such abundance of information and misinformation, in one grant you will not meet accurate and clear definition, for example:“ molecule of water are two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen“. And books on female sexuality mountains are written. However their scientific character is very doubtful.

to Take

, for example, the talk of the town - “G point“.


the Point of G is the certain congestion of mysterious cages (is similar to pro-static fabric) between an urethra and a forward wall of a vagina found in 1950 by Ernest Grafenberg (Ernst Grafenberg). Then he told to the world of a so-called “female ejaculation“ which can, allegedly, achieve if to stimulate this point called in honor of the first letter of a surname of “pioneer“.

to scientific community Grafenberg reported on

In the report literally the following: if to implant into a vagina two fingers small pillows up and to crawl them to and fro or to bend simply, then a little more rough, in comparison with surrounding fabric, G - a zone is poured by blood, bulks up and during “ejaculation“ gets rid of liquid, again becoming just rough surface. And here supposedly then at the woman there comes the orgasm.

the Scientific organization giggled

in a cam and forgot. Scientists are big sceptics and men of little faith. Unlike a yellow press and the general public, submit them protocols of researches where there will be a group of supervision, group of comparison, control group, data of statistical processing, at last. And these groups have to be, frankly speaking, rather numerous. The person on hundred in everyone at least. And - criteria, criterion. Reliable evaluation criteria. What can be counted how quantity of erythrocytes. To see how an epithelium structure, under a microscope. You can count and see an orgasm? I - am not present. Unfortunately, I have no access to archives where, perhaps, primary scientific documentation of dear Grafenberg where all is counted and seen is stored. May be, it, without feeling sorry for the fingers, worked as damned, on disclosure of great secret of a female orgasm. But scientists did not take it seriously.

I here, nearly sixty years later, certain Emmanuel Giannini from university L of “Achilla“ unknown to me in small experiment proved“ (experiment “small“, and she already “proved“ what?) that owners of a point of G can be “taught“ a vaginal orgasm. Thirty women took part in research, according to the press. The point of G was found in eight. And, by means of ultrasonic research. Here is how the science since the time of Grafenberg evolved dramatically.

Ya personally strongly I doubt that it was the mysterious point of G. A thickening of a forward wall of a vagina - yes. Whether the point is G? I am afraid that is not present. Perhaps, growth of connecting fabric from - for the previous inflammatory processes. The ultrasound, ladies, is less reliable, than histology. But we will leave my doubts, we will go further. From eight happy owners of a thickening only five tested a vaginal orgasm. Three others - so... Were content with klitoralny. Therefore kind Emmanuel showed to poor fellows of BONDS - pictures not points, not fabric thickenings, explained its Tantric value and consulted on stimulation for the purpose of “building“. Soon after that, if to trust materials of the foreign press, two of “trained“, began to test a vaginal orgasm.

It is possible, nothing will seem to not caustic readers strange. But at me as the homo sapiens, besides, soiled itself scientific work, has an obvious question at once: and other twenty two women - they that? At all any orgasm was never tested? Why, having carefully described the horizons of sexual joys which opened for three lucky women, Emmanuel held back routine sexual affairs of other participants of research? From thirty frigidna twenty two? The planet should be rescued from a female anorgazmiya! It is urgent to all to replace a point of G and to open trainings on its building (by the way, the quite good idea for business during the crisis period - all the same nothing to do to people, and we all edition for food will “advise“ regarding free of charge available joy).

“Now we can define

whether this woman is capable to test a vaginal orgasm, by means of simple and inexpensive procedure“, - the author of research, that Emmanuel Giannini notes further. Ah, well! The small chest just opened, as always. Advertizing ultrasonography - researches, for certain paid. One business pregnancy or myoma on an insurance, and another matter - G point. Well, thank God. Harm any. However, stop! There is a chilling phrase further:“ The vaginal orgasm is inaccessible to women at whom visible signs of a point of G are absent“. Here and so, kind doctor Emmanuel of hope for paradise deprived twenty two femina from everyone thirty living on this planet - 73, 33%. Give up hope, girls! Finger a clitoris further!

Ridiculous research. Ridiculous and doubtful. On small group of examinees, with an unaccounted huge number of individual parameters - from the anatomist - functional to nervously - mental.

of the Lady, do not think of “a red monkey“. Do not look for in night in the dark damp place G point, especially, if it is not there. Sexual life, it as physical culture - practice on the first place. It is possible to re-read hundreds of grants on fitness, but you will not take a dumbbell in hand yet, you will not begin to swing muscles of an abdominal tension - bicepses, tricepses and the tightened belt will not arise. So look for the points of G, and also - A, V, S, D and F experimentally.

K female uniform and not divisible on klitoralny, vaginal and - it is sacred - is sacred - is sacred - uterine to an orgasm as to God, come in the different ways. Everyone - the. And ultrasonic research of existence of a point of G with the subsequent its stimulation and building - here not the main path. And even not a footpath. You will get cystitis at such especially mechanistic approach where as garantirovanny, than an orgasm.