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And all - I am a mother!

Passed 4,5 years from the moment of my childbirth. A lot of things began to be forgotten, but the fact that I am a mother, still I consider as miracle.

we Got married spontaneously, met less than a year, but very much wanted the child. Therefore decided to celebrate a wedding since the husband did not want that the family thought that the marriage reason - my pregnancy.

we began “to work“ with

I. Without result there passed five months. Having decided not to be engaged in amateur performance any more, went on doctors. The result threw us in shock - for two we with the husband had 120% of infertility (each illness - 30%). Treatment was appointed from the next day shock doses of antibiotics. Who could think that in me at this time, some miracle new life already arose. The result is predictable - an abortion on the term of 5 weeks. To tell that we were upset - it is not to tell anything.

there Passed 6 months - minimum admissible term for pregnancy after an abortion. All sores are cured, health excellent, there was the last - ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity.

That diagnosis which to me was made after ultrasonography and ten more analyses threw me in shock - “a cancer of lymphatic system 3B of a stage“. I.e. it is a little more - and the fourth, inoperable stage.

The fact that I will not die for myself I solved

at once. Also long and very heavy treatment began. I do not know, I could sustain all this if not the husband. He did not allow me to despond, was with me almost on all droppers, cared better, than mother. Chemotherapy to me appointed 8 courses and 2 courses beam. The most terrible that radiation was carried out to areas of ovaries. On the end of treatment I understood what is a climax. “Inflow“ were constants. On ultrasonography the doctor told that in ovaries there were no more than 10 ova (it at norm about 300 pieces) . Appointed the Logistician and told that I can even not dream of pregnancy, mother to me not to be. And all of us equally dreamed. In youth foretold me two children - the boy and the girl, promised the same also to the husband.

there Passed one year. Horrors of treatment began to be forgotten, to grow hair (of course, to my cut-off meter braid it was still very far). At the end of October, 2004 I decided to take a break in reception of contraceptives. Wanted to look how ovaries will work. Why at the end of a cycle bought the test for pregnancy - I do not know. Without telling anything to the husband, made the test. Having seen mine scaredly - happy eyes, he understood everything at once.

But it was very difficult for p to believe in the happiness to us. Were afraid in total of an abortion, recurrence of a disease. The doctor was shocked, having heard that I am pregnant (after such illness allow to become pregnant only in five years, and at me there passed only a year). Parents were told only in nine weeks, presented an envelope with the test on New Year`s Eve. The father understood nothing, and mother began to cry.

Pregnancy at me was remarkable. On toxicosis there was no hint also, only strongly there was a wish to sleep. The tummy grew very quickly, the doctor even assumed that I have twins.

The fact that I will have a boy I knew

at once. In 23 weeks my confidence was supported with data of ultrasonography. The term of childbirth to me was delivered on July 31. In consultation channelized in maternity hospital for July 28, but, having examined me, the doctor told that a head still highly and a neck dense.

Following appearance on August 1. There are no changes, a neck unripe. The doctor gives two more days.

On the Third of August I lay down in maternity hospital all with the same unripe neck. Next day the decision was made that there is no place to pull more. By the evening told that I since morning on August 5 went on an enema, and then in prenatal where to me will open a bubble. I told that tomorrow I have childbirth only to the husband, there were no wish to concern parents.


After a puncture of a bubble of fight somewhere in forty minutes. Disclosure went at good speed, in five hours it was 6,5 cm. Fights became already heavy to be suffered. And here me delivered to KTG. On eyes of the doctor I understood that everything is rather bad. Heartbeat on fight almost stopped. In 10 minutes I was already in the operating room.

As it is terrible - to wake up after an anesthesia and not to know, eat at you the child or not. And it is even worse that in postoperative chamber there is nobody, to ask there is nobody. Disobedient hands I groped phone on a bedside table and called the husband. He - that also told me that we gave birth to the healthy boy, 3310 g, 50 cm and 8/9 across Apgar.

I there passed 4,5 years. Maksimka is the remarkable child, already absolutely big. The second year goes to a garden, almost learned to read, became very independent. Even more often pulls me in children`s shops to choose a carriage for the little sister. But it is absent yet, and I do not know whether will be. My pregnancy ended this summer on the term of 18 weeks. The diagnosis - the pregnancy which froze in 12 weeks.

But all of us equally believe

, now three together that there will be in our family also a girl.