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You will become the father of

of the Girl soon, it would be desirable to share with you the reminiscence, experiences about a message of origin of new life.

We with the husband got married in 2005. Two happy years of family life past quickly. We understood that we are ready to become parents. It seemed to us that as soon as we want then we will become pregnant. But not here - that was.

One month passed

, another. Nothing occurred... Went, made tests, treated everything that it was necessary. The fourth month passed, the fifth came to an end, and there are no treasured two stripes and! The husband was sure that everything normally, simply it is not necessary to force events. And here I was captured by panic. “Something not that with me or with the husband!“ - this thought sat down at me at the head. About two months ago I tormented myself and the husband with these, believe, excess thoughts! Then read literature, communicated to people - and something in me turned over! I got a notebook where every day wrote down in the present: “I am pregnant! I am pregnant in May, 2007!“ Already every day! I began to feel the pregnant woman, behaved as the pregnant woman! And what my amazement when in January, 2008 I made the test was, and it was positive!! It was something!! Not to express in words that I felt! It was the finest and magic day in my life!

worked as

Ya on itself, the thoughts and achieved the most desired that is in the world! Of course, I did not exclude medicine - periodically appeared at the gynecologist, took the appointed pill, vitamins. But I am sure that my burning desire and work on itself helped me to conceive, takes out and to give birth to my beautiful daughter Veronichka!

I there came this long-awaited day when I told the husband such desired, gained words: “Darling, you will become a father soon!!“ Its person grew stout in a smile, I never in life saw it such happy.

Many thanks to my husband Alexander for his support and an optimistic spirit in life! With such person nothing is terrible! Many thanks and that at the time of delivery it was near: we perfectly coped, and our daughter was born on October 6, 2008! Thanks to the whole world, Universe thanks for all that it gave me!