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The gift chosen by the little boy of

If New Year is first of all magic expectation, and the fairy tale will be magic.

the Measured rumble of the switched-on computer, the monitor dazzles with multi-colored icons of pop-up windows which advertizing slogans in eager rivalry suggest to stop on them the choice. Ahead - New year, and in competitive fight for the buyer producers try to show to the goods to the most best advantage. Here both the trapezoid jars of coffee touched by a gold thread, and colourful wall-paper, self-adhesive on windows, with florid Christmas congratulations... Here and there tempting offers for purchases flash. It is possible to get everything that numerous users of the RuNet will only wish - beginning from the children`s pot combining the direct functions with ability to acquaint the kid with the alphabet, music and a color rainbow and finishing with a linking of the chimney firewood which is providently delivered “to 50 km from MKAD“ to the Muscovites planning to celebrate a holiday at the dacha. 21st century! A progress miracle - sitting on a chair it is possible to solve everyone and everything, having spent on it not enough time.

In a flickering kaleidoscope of signs the offer to buy the huge semi-lock - the semi-house on Dmitrovka on the bank of a reservoir situated near Moscow spoils mood a little. As if derisively over the society shipped in a subsoil of the New Year`s Eve Internet, apartments are decorated by the bright red inscription “Only Today - 3% a Discount“ following figure with the magnificent number of zero. It, like a road sign of “feet“ as if is in a hurry botched by highly paid PR managers on tightly the closed shutters of an unapproachable entrance door of the palace. But today nobody pays attention to this favorable offer. Bewitches all, Christmas vanity - ahead takes and twists New year!


it is still small to penetrate into an events essence on the monitor, but possesses which - what skills of control of car as sometimes, having got permission of the father, gets up to it on knees and becomes the assistant in numerous Sunday father`s game battles. Using that parents did not wake up yet, Vanya gets the worldly-wise shabby “Big Soviet encyclopedia“ of 1926 of release from library. The rarity which is carefully stored by a family in honor whether to the great-grandmother`s mother-in-law, whether to her sister was solemnly presented to a couple of newlyweds in the person of the great-grandmother and the great-grandfather in day of their wedding.

Accurately having put the book on a chair, Vanechka as if the pyramid cube, gets up on the encyclopedia and his look it is captivated directs in the flickering screen. Click - click - Vanechka presses the mouse button, chaotically moving the cursor on windows. The attention of the child is drawn by advertizing of Christmas tree decorations among which the huge, filled with magic of the sparkling paints Christmas ball. Having looked narrowly, Vanya with delight of surprise notices that a sphere - only a cover behind which the whole world of miracles. The tiny little man - the gnome sits in the sledge harnessed by dwarfish horses. They nod as though inviting the kid to sweep. Snowflakes fall on their dense manes, Vanya tries to hold at least one pressing of the button, twists, plunges some unknown hand into circulation of a blizzard, the serpentine of a New Year`s rain flashes around, paints are stirred, and with joyful squeal Ivan appears on that side of the screen and is included in the fairy tale, having flopped in fantastic sledge of the gnome.

without having managed to realize an event, the boy plunged into noble heat of the fur coat combining black strips with a red color. Its gold buttons were right there clasped by the dexterous proteins which appeared in time to the wonderful vehicle.

- Protect a fur coat - squirrels squalled, wrapping up the boy. - Its three buttons are made of a hat of acorns of a magic oak and sewn by threads - neotryvayka who lame Fedora weaved for you out of a marsh sedge! Only the owner of a fur coat can tear off a button! If you get to trouble, tear off one of them and be afraid of the fact that the fur coat will fall into evil hands! Do not lose it, only it can help you to grant your treasured desire.

Having waved silvery wings, proteins hid behind the crystal mountain, and the horses driven by whistle of the little gnome, rushed forward. Bright stars traces of their hoofs left a golden footpath, a snake trying to keep step with a team.

by Wan`s

it is captivated stared on the parties.

- As beautifully around, - the boy thought. Small snowflakes from a computer window became now much more, their multi-colored kristallik turned inimitable patterns around travelers, stuck together with a round dance in various forms and softly covered the road.

the Ridiculous hedgehog was rolled out by

from - under silvery ate and, having got up on hinder legs, yawned and stretched. The neck of a hedgehog was decorated by a nacreous tie, and the conductor of the boy explained that it prickly prepares for a New Year`s celebration to which all residents of the fantastic country are invited. A hedgehog - the leader of New Year`s show.

From nowhere on the road the one-legged cow, and the coachman - the gnome presented to Vanya by “Ded Greuze“ jumped out, the dexterous movement braked horses, swearing, splashed on a camomile, a green spot decorating a back of the frightened animal, severely threatened it with a finger and wrote out the penal receipt on deprivation of the right of visit of a New Year`s holiday in the wood. Having fastened on the only horn of a silly animal the brochure with rules of the New Year`s Eve zalessky movement, it punished Ivana more strong to keep and, hooting, drove horses longer.

the umbrella, Flying towards pink in blue peas, hung over the vehicle, and Vanya saw a pig under an umbrella hat. The animal color differed in nothing from color of an umbrella and therefore Ivan did not notice it at once. Piglet stretched to the boy brightly yellow ticket. It was a New Year`s celebration invitation. Vanya gave a hand, but Ded Greuze stopped him and, having apologized, reported to a pig about refusal.

- Why we did not take a ticket? - the child was surprised. And where we go? - Vanya asked the little wizard.

- Well as, - having scratched big, colors of ripe plum a nose, the Gnome was surprised, - we hurry in a kingdom of the Fiery Tiger who will grant your most treasured desire. You, I hope, did not forget that thought on the eve of Christmas? Of course, the boy remembered. He remembered that terrible day from seeming now, in this circulation of kind magic, such far and severe Moscow life. Remembered the newspaper which fell from mother`s hands and its face which is filled in with tears, her unclear adult words about the law, about cruelty of people. That the father, trying to calm her, only kept saying that it occurs every day there is and much the worst that it is impossible to be upset so... And there are a lot more any calming words. The news column of one of the newspapers which are carelessly stuffed by numerous couriers on mailboxes of residents of the capital won the next laurels of popularity among readers and huge printing letters reported about the woman hit to death crossing the crosswalk on green light of the traffic light. The woman carried a carriage with little twins. Then article caused a huge resonance among readers. There was it roofing felts for the reason that suddenly two kids remained orphans, roofing felts because the price of the car which hit the poor creature was equated to the cost of the Moscow five-storey apartment block. Roofing felts because the aspiration of mother trying to rescue the one-year-old children in a death agony only helped to keep their life, having left forever disabled people... Or perhaps it occurred thanks to skill of a feather of the journalist who described the tragedy... But the fact remained the fact - the public was indignant. Life took its course, soft gait 2010 of a noble Tiger came New. The case was forgotten, loud invocations to the authorities were not heard any more to bring order to this history, indignations about ridicule of punishment of responsible for accident, offers on fund raisings for treatment of the hit babies disappeared, people looked for new interests for chatter, newspapers pursued the svezhachok moving right there with a heat - to a heat to the hungry reader. And only mother`s such short, hopeless so the whisper seeming loud and verbose “as so“ did not allow to fall asleep to Ivan still long time. And here then the boy knowing that in New year all dreams come true passionately wished that the terrifying story never was. That the aunt from the newspaper peacefully dokatit a baby carriage to the house that there was a culture of driving and mutual respect mentioned by the father that earned unclear to the boy some non-working law and it, Vanya, mother any more would never cry.

- Of course, I remember the desire, the child answered Ded Greuze, having seriously looked at it with cornflower-blue eyes.

in reply he met by

a damp look of the conductor and with surprise asked:

- What is it? Tears? Really wizards cry too?

- Yes, the old Gnome answered, - sometimes to us there is sadly too, a kid.

I as if having regained consciousness, started and shouted:

- it is time for us, time presses, and we have to manage to get to a kingdom Saber-toothed before hours punch midnight. Then, exactly at midnight when hands show 12, your desire will come true. Ours let is long and difficult. To get to the bewitched lock, it is necessary to cross the awful valley Bumokratov, to cross the river of oblivion to Uteryayn and on the tunnel Blatogon driven by underground miners in the Vedminy mountain, to leave to doors of the Wise Tiger. But also it is yet not the end of a way as doors are tightly locked and protect them Zvonapusta with silly persons. But be afraid to be deceived - they smile and with ease pass inside only those who give them the fur coat. I will help you to reach them. In exchange for pass to the Tiger lock you will have to give them the fur coat. It - an arrangement sign to you Saber-toothed, your ticket through passage in a kingdom of an animal. Everyone dreams to possess such. Otherwise Zvonapusta turn into the terrible watchmen enveloping the wanderer networks of talk, and he loses feeling of time. It is impossible to stop at all nearby and to listen to their speeches.

the Road became more dark than

, it was not visible the bears who are cheerfully chewing pink cotton candy any more, green rabbits were not turned on skates around travelers, fluffy badgers did not battle silver twigs... Ahead the infinite wall of the jungle seemed.“ The valley Bumakratov“, - Vanya guessed. Trunks of trees were bound by predatory lianas which rhizomes spiders stuck out from crevices of the dried-up earth. Once white paper karakatitseobrazny leaves of trees were scrawled and used up by ink and splodgy with huge blots now, kroner merged in uniform arachnoid black weight. Having goggled colourless circles, from - for a tree the echidna jumped out. Her head was decorated by the bare chignon which is vainly trying to hide a huge bald spot.


- It is closed! - she bellowed.

- But to us needs very to get to the Tiger lock, - her old Gnome tried to get fat.

- We have to rescue little kids, - Ivan added. Pass us!

- do not Even dream! - was heard in reply.

- Oh that to do to us, - the boy could not find the answer to a question. - As so! What will be if we do not pass!

- Sanitary day! - having waved webby sklizky paws, the echidna cut off and with scope struck a dry branch of a tree.

With a loud crash the branch broke, and a grumbling animal, without having kept balance, departed down, publishing damnations, and bryaknutsya in the fallen-down klyaksovy heap of the dried-up leaves.

- we run Rather! - Ded Greuze to Ivan shouted. - Hands inevitably reduce our time!

Having jumped over

through the echidna, the wanderers absorbed by a dark mouth of the jungle hurried forward. They did not begin to regret for the thrown wonderful vehicle which in the jungle all the same it would be useless.

Unexpectedly men of courage appeared

in a hollow tree trunk which walls were utykana the old rusted doors. Travelers ran from one door to another, tried to open them and to get out, but it appeared it is impossible. The trunk became isolated from all directions and everywhere where look, Ivan and his satellite rested against impassability of silent barriers.

Having grown weak, Ivan sat down for a moment and felt how his clothes stretched in different directions. He saw how the terrible, crooked feelers creep out of doors, reach for him and try to take off from him an invaluable fur coat.

- Ded Greuze, - shouted the boy, - help me!

Suddenly Vanya saw

how the Gnome running to it falls, having stumbled about a snag, and feelers are twisted around the old man. Vanya tried to give to him a hand, but it appeared in captivity too.“ It is a little more, and we will die“, - with horror the boy thought and suddenly remembered councils of the squirrels sending it to a way. Fast breakthrough Ivan tore off a miracle - a button, and at the same moment everything lit up with light.

of the Rope - feelers with squeal departed in different directions, disappearing in dry crevices of an oak, doors opened, and travelers ran out outside. They ran on the narrow gorge, and at the edges huge mountains tons of the used-up paper towered.

Suddenly the cave ahead seemed to

, and heroes curtailed there. They saw a long dark corridor. Its amber walls were lit by dim light of icon lamps which accompanied travelers up to the huge massive table standing at the end of a corridor. At a table, having dug by a pointed nose in a pile of papers, the fox sat. Cunning gloss of her eyes was hidden by round glasses in a gold frame.

- And, - she spoke, - welcome! I wait for you for a long time!

It approached

the stone sarcophagus which appeared the safe and, having hardly removed a heavy bolt, pulled out the huge Talmud from there. Its cover, like the ancient manuscript, was covered with jewels. Having opened the book, the fox pulled out from there a pergament leaf on which huge black letters widely wrote “Permission to visit of the lock of a noble Tiger“, the Valley Bumokratov“ and the wide signature “Silver fox“ set to it the seal “. Having looked at a fur coat on Vanina, the knowing fellow licked lips and made a purring sound:

“Here, I got a piece of paper...
Oh, worked, oh, you were tired
strong it hold,
do not yawn and hurry up!
you will turn Kohl on the left,
a short way you will find that,
at the Tiger remember me
the word about the Fox say!“

Having put off Vanya permission, the Fox hasty got up, letting know that the audience is finished, and, having turned out from a cave of guests, hung up at an entrance the plate with the inscription “Lunch“.

remained to

of Time less, and Vanechka with the Gnome hurried to continue the way.

Having got to a twisting labyrinth which confused ways ran up in different directions, travelers, following instructions of a fox, turned left and, having been issued ahead, hurried to it towards.

majestic snow mountains heaved In sight. Their tops directed in the sky and, penetrating purple clouds, were behind them. It seemed, mountains are infinite. Murmur of the small river of Uteryayna was heard. Its inimitable bends spread fancy patterns along the foot of mountains. Behind the river the tunnel to which Ivan and Ded of dreams had to get was seen.

the Seemed golden-haired Mermaid lifted a lilac tail a column of splashes and captivatingly started singing. Having been lost in contemplation, Vanya approached the small river closer and closer. Beautifully the harp played, around the Mermaid dolphins froliced, noses pushing to each other small ships. Ships were made of the pergament leaves by the form reminding the permission given by the Fox. Once they were used up by ink, and now, washed away by water, mixed up in untidily - the gray weight reminding itself the got beaten squadron. Some ships rather their parts cast ashore right there were exposed to attack of horned brown bugs. Bugs ate remains and crept further in search of production.


Keen travelers, having listened with delight to wonderful singing, approached the coast closer and closer. Ashore they saw small the boat which is carefully moored to the coast. It as if inviting men of courage in swimming, peacefully rocked on waves. The old Gnome took the wings of a dragonfly serving as oars in hand. The further travelers sailed from the coast, the harp, the Mermaid with the differently sounded more beautifullycolor girlfriends a round dance turned around the boat. Vanya was under the influence of magic sounds, and did not notice at all how he to him for a bosom imperceptibly sliped water. Undines sang the songs, the old man was sleepy, the boy was broken by a dream.

Suddenly silence was pierced by loud shout. This is a huge poisonous toad, having got hungry, rushed after a bug - korableedy. Having started, Ivan tried to grasp slipping out from - by bosoms already. With horror the boy saw that the tail of a snake a strong ring holds its roll. A moment, and disappeared under water. Gnom and Ivan dived afterwards.

- Only not it! - Vanya thought.

Having come up

, the boy inhaled more air and again rushed to Uteryayna`s depth. He dived again and again, and suddenly noticed a light spot of paper at the bottom. The boy dived more deeply and saw how four snails, creeping on a leaflet, pinch the treasured press. Having grabbed paper, Ivan, choking, jerked upward. The clothes became wet and, having become very heavy, pulled the boy down. His fur coat was hooked for a snag, and the little hero felt how it moves down from his shoulders. The boy groped the remained two buttons. Vanya thought that he happens to kids if he drowns or will lose valuable clothes. Also jerked a button. At the very same time some unknown force pushed out the kid upward, and the man of courage was seized by someone`s strong hands. The Gnome pulled out the boy aboard the boat. Having looked at the document, Vanya unhooked gluttonous snails and breathed sigh of relief. The press was whole, water did not manage to wet a pergament leaf.

Got dark with

. Dark waters of the river dim patches of light reminded of approach of half of the night. Travelers reached the coast, and Vanya, having looked at the fur coat withheld by the last magic button ran to a three-headed height. It was Vedmin Gore which it is dark - a green spot was seen among snow-white fellows.


looked back to the Gnome who, limping, tried to keep up with the boy. The old man looked emaciated, and even his nose turned pale, having lost the fervent plum color. The boy understood that further he should go to one. Having strong shaken hands with Ded Greuze, Ivan thanked him and said:“ Remain, further I will go. It is my way. And I have to overcome it“.

Ahead Xing - red fires the tunnel Blatogon sparkled.

Having entered a tunnel, the boy came across the fat dog polishing the skin to gloss. His neck was decorated by a brilliant chain to which each ring the gold lace was attached. From the opposite side laces decorated diamond stars, the dog was rolled up in a red cloak, his paw was decorated by a huge ring with a ruby, all this magnificence the Little Red Riding Hood tense on a triangular ear crowned.

- Well - well told, - it to Ivan. - One more adventurer. Welcome to the game world, - the dog continued, bringing Vanya to the closed door near which the huge automatic machine in the form of a glass sphere settled down.

the Automatic machine shone multi-colored fires which, blinking, had something in common with stereo sounds - signals.

- Generally gamblings are forbidden, but for owners of gold buttons an exception, - the dog stuck with a ruby paw into an opening with the inscription “throw a button“ and left. Hands over a door approached half of the night, and Vanya, having broken the last button from a fur coat, lowered it in a dark opening. The iridescent ring was heard, and the glass sphere twirled, sparkling shooters of lightnings. The appeared faces of magic elves a tongue twister were uttered rapidly:

“Kohl charades you will guess

, the lord of the wood you will become,
you will head seven years
magical you witches a den.“

saw Wan`s

how color pictures were scattered by pieces.“ Puzzles,“ - the boy guessed. He remembered how he collected by hours with parents various fragments from animated films and fairy tales in a uniform plot. Here everything was simple! Having recognized Alice in curve mirrors, he sent her to a world behind the looking-glass, handed to the Little Red Riding Hood the lost basket and collected the spread-out Mary Poppins`s umbrella.

should answer the boy with

Robin Hood`s questions Further, to gather Winnie`s team - Down and to solve riddles of masters and Harry Potter.


easily coped with automatic machine problems. But here the car built in a row before the boy some unclear faces which are looking like muzzles of goblins. The boy was faced by a task to define which of them is worthy the academician`s ranks.“ Nothing to himself, - Ivan thought, is beyond my powers“.

Hours inevitably caught up with

midnight. Vanya remembered how mother always praised the son for sharpness. Having once again looked at a board, the kid guessed: the quantity of medals equaled to persons, persons interested to receive them. Means, everything is simple - everyone is entitled the academician. Clinging on last among a tolstenky neck of the goblin a brilliant kruglyashka, the boy shuddered - hours began to beat off midnight! At the very same time the sphere hooted, reporting about the end of game, the door behind it slowly spread aside. Vanya rushed to the opened corridor and ran towards to the security guards getting before the last barrier in the way to Saber-toothed.

of “Zvonapusta“ - flew at Vanya in the head. Without stopping, the boy took off on the run a fur coat. Vanya threw it into obligingly given hands. Opening halls of a wise Tiger, they smiled and something chattered, trying to outvoice a ring of a chiming clock, but the boy did not hear - he ran towards to the Tiger. The owner of shining it is red - black, in color of a fur coat of Ivan, skins met the boy, sparkling yellowness of eyes. He terribly roared and said: “Was in time“. At the very same time the boy felt the heavy freight of fatigue which pulled hard on it, the head began to spin, walls shook, and Vanya began to fall...

“The sonny, wake up,“ - Vanya heard a gentle voice of mother and felt a tender touch of her hands. Mother helped Vanechke to return the encyclopedia on the top shelf of a bookcase and turned on the TV. She smiled. In New Year`s Eve air the results of the expiring year, and in series of messages on achievements of the city the announcer were summed up, having raised the voice and, focusing attention of listeners, accurately said:“ Dear Muscovites! The moving bridge built this year over crossing of roads around Storino at Red congress are only a feeler, a novelty which showed the efficiency. This year it was not recorded any accident on these roads, and now such bridges will be stretched on all city roads. Important was also the fact that during construction of the bridge drivers and pedestrians, showing mutual respect, were attentive and precautionary“. For a minute the image of the announcer was replaced by the shot which imprinted the huge bridge which escalator lifted the smiling woman with a carriage. In it twins sat, joyfully swinging multi-colored balls. “Friends, - the announcer who appeared on the screen said, - I congratulate you, take care also relatives, happy New Year!“

the Soft, stolen gait was come into the own by a noble Tiger...