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How to pick up to itself new clothes and at the same time to save?

we Will consider in detail procedure of selection of new clothes from analysis of the available clothes and before purchase new at small financial expenses.

Step 1. Audit of old clothes

What to do if the clothes, once very fashionable, ceased to be pleasing to the eye if there is a strong wish to update the worldly-wise clothes, and as always is not enough available funds? We offer you a way as at small expenses to make impression of new extensive clothes.

the First step to emergence of new models of clothes in your clothes. First of all take from cases, dressers, wardrobes all the things, including underwear, tights, jewelry, female accessories etc. - well as, big the heap turned out?

Divide everything that took from cases on three separate groups:

As for underwear, it needs also to be subjected to the careful analysis and fitting and to leave only if:

All underwear which is not conforming to these requirements ruthlessly throw out

! You should not spoil yourself!

Sorting the tights, send to a basket:

Return to your groups

All your clothes from Group 1 has to return back to a case as to get rid of it will be the most severe stress for an organism, besides, most likely, to you is convenient and comfortable in these clothes, and it still rather new and fashionable.

Most likely, in Group 2 various festive, evening clothes for different actions (a wedding, issue, holiday) are. You return it on the place too, but surely buy something brand new to all things - give them new life.

Reached by

Group 3. Here show ruthlessness and throw out everything: as they say, out of sight, out of mind. It is not necessary to look that in this group perhaps, most of all clothes - the whole mountain. It is necessary to get rid of it! Most likely, it is for a long time not new, not fashionable and not stylish clothes which do not suit your type of a figure, on a silhouette and your tsvetotip, at last, she can remind of that life which remained for you in the past.

deal with jewelry Now

to you are not necessary to



it is Similarly sorted the footwear, bags and belts, we get rid of all old, unfashionable, not suitable to type of a figure, not corresponding to your color palette.

Room in a case was made by

? Then, having taken into consideration some rules, we go to fill up the clothes.

Step 2. Economy secrets at selection of clothes

you carried out by

full audit of the clothes and got rid from improper to you on a figure and a tsvetotip of appearance, clothes models, now it is possible to start search of new clothes.

But before to go to shop behind purchases of new models of clothes, think what option is closer to you?

  1. the Full case of various women`s clothing, but at the same time constantly torments you the question “What to Put on?“
  2. , at first sight, have not enough
  3. of Things, but all of them are perfectly combined among themselves, and your dresses do not have the end.
the First situation happens to

generally for the following reasons:

All your models of clothes was are acquired:

Of course, the reasonable woman will make the choice for the second option. In this case it is necessary to remember several basic rules:

  1. Make the clothes only of the mutually combined things which will supplement each other. How to make it? Is two basic of a condition for this purpose: the simplicity of styles and uniform color scale which is most suitable your tsvetotip of appearance.
  2. Without stylish, with taste of the picked-up female accessories to your models of clothes it will not be possible to create the interesting, attractive, memorable shape.
  3. do not buy clothes spontaneously. Carefully plan the purchases. Show rational approach. First of all, create a basis of the clothes, that minimum which will allow to feel quietly in the majority of situations.
  4. you will be able to dare to buy by
  5. extravagant, decorative women`s clothing only after you create basic clothes from simple things.
  6. the Excellent option is clothes in classical style. Classical style differs in simplicity of styles, nobility of silhouettes and grace of lines. The classical clothes are actual always, approach almost for all occasions. Good, qualitative, classical things will serve the owner for many years and will never get out of fashion.

What first of all belongs to clothes of classical style? These are the things which are not overloaded with details and having a usual, simple, classical cut. Treat such clothes:

But that your clothes did not look simple and boring with such classical things, use the following ideas:

the Basic rules of purchases of fashionable women`s clothing acquired. We go further.

Step 3.

we will answer of clothes model for economic clothes a specific question Now - from what to begin to select clothes models for new clothes?

In - the first , it is good to pick up, so-called, “primary color“ of your future clothes. Here each woman has, of course, priorities, but it is necessary that color suited, would treat neutral or okoloneytralny shades as it will be present practically at all combinations of your clothes. Also will not prevent to remember the tsvetotip. Carry to neutral flowers black, white, beige, sand, etc. To okoloneytralny it is possible to carry gray, brown, it is dark - blue, cherry, etc.

In - the second , we choose to ourselves a direct convenient monophonic dress, a suitable shade. Flax, cotton, wool can be material for a dress - everything depends on local weather conditions. The dress style is selected taking into account features of a figure too. As much as possible we emphasize advantages and we hide shortcomings. At once, on the place, we choose a jacket or a cardigan to a dress, precisely knowing that we will carry it and with other things too. Means, length of a jacket should not be higher than a waistline.

B - the third , we buy to ourselves a monophonic suit - the two of the same neutral color. The basic rule that the top and a bottom of a suit were sewed from identical fabric. Besides we select a style of a skirt and blouse taking into account features of a figure.

B of the fourth , we buy one more suit - the two, but already multi-colored. Here we adhere to the next moments:

B - the fifth , time to choose the second primary color which has to be combined with the first that is if the first color was black then the second came will be, for example, - gray. We select to ourselves a sweater (blazer), and also a skirt or trousers of this color. These things have to be combined well with each other, but do not aspire that they were identical. It is possible to vary with texture of fabric.

Further, we select to ourselves two - three tops of one of flowers of our multi-color suit, but absolutely different fabrics and styles. There can be buttons, lightnings, collars, shoulder-straps. Anyway, all this will be combined with already chosen things. We add to everything couple more of skirts or trousers, again using one of flowers of a multi-color suit.

Thus, we receive

All this can be combined with interesting structure with each other, giving a set of options, especially if to pick up suitable female accessories and jewelry. Or to add with new things of other neutral flowers or multi-colored.

Step 4. Clothes models for economic clothes. Option second

First option of selection of models of clothes here.

Having limited quantity of money, it is possible to make impression of very extensive clothes. For this purpose everything is necessary, to maintain the bought models of clothes in one color scheme consisting their two tones.

What it will give you?

In - the first , absolutely vseya your models clothes will be mutually combined. Thus, having shown the small imagination, you will always be stylishly and is unique to look, and people around will have an impression that you have just huge clothes.

In - the second , selecting simple, classical models of clothes without excessive details, you will create clothes which will be actual within several seasons, having saved many means.

B - the third , you will cease to doubt - whether it is worth dressing together these or those things or are not necessary as you will have completely combined clothes.

That the clothes sustained in only two flowers did not turn out

boring and ordinary-looking, follow the following rules:

  1. you Will choose two colors (the main and additional) which, in - the first, suit your type of appearance or a tsvetotip, in - the second, are fashionable and actual.
  2. In accuracy adhere to the shades chosen by you, it is not necessary to choose things of “almost same tone“ or “close to chosen“ - differently your clothes will not be completely a vzaimosochetayema.
  3. by
  4. Choosing clothes models, pay attention not only to monophonic fabrics, but also fabrics in a strip, peas, a cage, flower ornaments - everything that suits your appearance, but adhere, the chosen two tones.
  5. Experiment with structures and types of fabrics. If you suit knitted or knitted things - safely take. Suede, skin, a tweed, a boucle, velveteen etc. - thanks to them, clothes will become even more various.
  6. do not forget
  7. about a big variety of various female accessories. Scarves, belts, bags, footwear, jewelry and many other things will help to make a female image interesting, unique and memorable.

It is offered several options of safe color combinations, choose color couple which is most suitable your tsvetotip of appearance, or think up the.

Thus, I thank to such approach to selection of models of clothes for the new clothes, you will create the unique style, will spend less means and, besides, all your things perfectly will be combined among themselves!

Step 5. The effective evening dress without excess expenses

Practically each woman, irrespective of the age and the social status, comes up against situations when it is just necessary to look especially elegantly and attractively. At one women such situations happen very often, another the possibility of “issue“ drops out extremely seldom, however and the first and second will feel especially confidently in well picked up evening dress.

When at the woman quite great financial opportunities, as a rule, to it does not make special work to choose to itself an evening dress. She is able to afford to choose dresses for each case. But how to be that who has financial opportunities more modest or priorities in a family are placed in a different way, (perhaps, the most part of means goes for training of children, or support of the parents, etc.) .

If you belong to the second category of women, then it will be most reasonable to adhere for you to the following councils:

Council 1. Instead of purchase of an evening dress, give preferences to two - three elements of a dress suit which can be combined among themselves subsequently. For a start buy, for example, an elegant evening velvet skirt or velvet trousers.

Council 2. Add this skirt or trousers with a beautiful, brilliant, low-necked top, and the evening dress is ready.

Council 3. For other case it is possible to get to the same skirt or trousers an effective blouse from the atlas or guipure - here to you absolutely new option of evening clothes.

Council 4. And to a new blouse if necessary can be bought, for example, chiffon trousers.

Council 5. Buying evening clothes, you as if conduct a uniform chain and besides save means as the skirt or a blouse cost much cheaper than an evening dress.

Council 6. That your things were perfectly combined among themselves, choose classics without superfluous addtelny details. Simplicity and elegance your loyal friend.

Council 7. It is no secret that evening colors are generally dark colors. First of all, of course, black color - color of nobility and refinement and elegance. Red color - the most sexual color is not less effective. Are very good for evening: darkly - blue, it is dark - green, is dark - cherry, claret. But the choice of primary color for evening clothes from a palette of the shades which are most suitable your appearance will be the best decision.

Council 8. Pay special attention to accessories, they will perfectly add your dress and will add to you irresistibility.

All know that to the woman very often happens to curvy shapes not easy to find to themselves a suitable evening dress for a solemn occasion. It was almost impossible to find a beautiful, effective and inexpensive evening dress, especially full earlier. It is good that today the situation radically changed. However, it will be simpler to you to choose an evening dress if you consider several recommendations.

Several councils for selection of an evening dress for the stout woman:

  1. the First stage of selection of a stunning evening dress is a removal of the measures. It is better to entrust such business to the professional - for example, with the same shop for full at the small price you will be helped surely. But, if you prefer to do measurement independently, then use vinyl or meter made of cloth for measurements better and surely measure over underwear. Measure a grasp of a waist, hips, breasts and write down the received measurements in inches (1 inch = 2,5 cm) and centimeters.
  2. by
  3. Choosing an evening dress, you remember that perfectly hide excess weight in a stomach, hips and legs ball dresses. If you have a magnificent breast, pay attention to V - figurative cuts if you want to look more slender - select a dress A - a figurative silhouette. Use various accents for drawing attention to advantages of your figure, for example, frills, ruches, etc.
  4. Remember that evening clothes usually on one - two sizes are less daily therefore at the choice of an evening dress, be guided not by the size, and by parameters of the figure.
  5. be not upset if from the first you do not find for yourself anything suitable, continue searches. Let you will spend some time for searches of an evening dress, but as a result will find such dress in which you will be irresistible and to feel perfectly.

we Hope, now you will have more no thought:“ there is nothing to put on“! You can be invited safely in theater, in restaurant or just on a visit to anniversary. And you will choose still what evening dress will be the most suitable for this concrete case.

Having taken this simple advice, you will provide yourself with effective evening clothes, will save the means and will every time is unique and tremendous to look.