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Links of intelligence

the Kid was born... Took the first steps... Told the first words... As time quickly flies! Here and school. How many hopes and disorders are connected with this word... Let`s make so that school impressions of the child were not saddened by fear, failures, offenses...

of What are wanted by parents?

It is natural, parents want that their child studied at school capable to give deep, broad education, to prepare for receipt in prestigious higher education institution where it will get the interesting, demanded by society profession, having ensured high quality of life.

of What is wanted by school?

Any school which cares for the prestige and the status, is interested, first of all, in the capable, intellectually developed children. These children are “the intellectual center of school“: it is interesting to work with them, they will organize interesting school life, win victories at the various Olympic Games.

the Weak child at strong school?

to Try to attach

in school with increased requirements of the child who will not be able to cope with intellectual loadings not only does not make sense, but also can put to the child a psychological trauma: he will feel dickey among children who with ease do that to it it is inaccessible. The guarantee of receipt will not make automatically your child the successful pupil.

Components of one chain

Components of intelligence are formed by

at preschool and younger school age. According to experts, “by six years intellectual development is carried out more than on a third, to eight - on a half, and by twelve years on three quarters“. (N. S. Leytes)

Exists dependence between progress in concrete objects and a level of development of separate types - “links“ of intelligence.

  1. the First link is the intelligence connected with ability to work with verbal information ( verbal intelligence ). This ability in many respects defines success of the child in studying of humanitarian disciplines, such as literature, history.
    And here both the lexicon of the child, and ability to allocate thought in parts of the text and in general, ability to state the thoughts orally and on the letter is important. By means of the speech the child not only obtains new information, but also acquires it.
  2. the Second link - spatial intelligence . Without development of this ability studying of geometry, geography, biology is impossible...
  3. the Third link is the intelligence connected with symbolical, graphic material ( is formal - symbolical intelligence ). From the first days of receipt in school from the former preschool children ability to use different znakovo - symbolical means (figures, letters, schemes etc.) is already required . In process of training at school, from the beginning studying of mathematics, and further chemistry, physics, algebra importance of these abilities increases.

the Binding thread of this chain is the developed thinking. It is necessary to teach the child to ability to allocate main and private both in a mathematical task, and in the educational text of the paragraph, to trace communications between the phenomena, to draw conclusions - without these skills it is possible “to be dug“ also in a mathematical task, and in any text, and the subject of the composition will, as a rule, not be opened. The thinking is possible and it is necessary to develop, and both to “technicians“, and humanists. It is universal skill.

Of these links the chain preserving the child against overloads and a stress consists. Training becomes a lung for the child, he can independently cope with the majority of intellectual tasks therefore he takes pride of the progress and derives pleasure from study.

What to do?

At the moment various techniques developing these links of intelligence - necessary qualities of successful study exist. These techniques are developed and are successfully applied in the Educational center “Aristotle“.

After preliminary interview with the child according to his specific features and personal qualities the individual program is selected. Training is conducted in the following directions.

  1. of “Russian literature“ - a complex of the programs aimed at the development of speech skills, abilities to work with text information, development of written language (including formation of a feeling for language).
  2. “Mathematical intelligence“ - a complex of the programs directed to formation of receptions of logical thinking, ability to work with symbolical material, development of spatial thinking.
All techniques applied in the center are registered by

in the Russian author`s society and with success fifteen years are applied in Moscow.